This work by Jason Burns is focusing on the shipwrecking events and on the history as well as the archaeology of a single vessel. The publication provides readers with the information on the international shipping and struggle for dominance in the maritime shipping in the XIX century.

The author has successfully used a wealth of the historical information and data together with the results obtained in the course of the numerous archaeological surveys to shed the light on the wreck of a XIX-century merchant ship off Pensacola, Florida, US, offering readers a very interesting story, well-written and researched... Stroll along the white sands of Santa Rosa Island on Florida's Panhandle, gaze out to the clear emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico, then close your eyes and imagine this scene: at daybreak the storm has abated, but heavy seas still pound the beach...



In his book the author, Jason Burns, used the very wide assortment of historical data along with the results of various archaeological surveys in order to tell the readers the fascinating story of the shipwreck happened to a XIX-century merchant vessel "Catharine" not far from Pensacola, Florida. He offers a very interesting reading, well written and researched.



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The author of this volume has presented the results of detailed examination of the British action that took place in the Southern hemisphere in the eighteenth century. In fact, he goes well beyond the descriptive analysis of the shipwrecks by considering the ships and cargoes as embodiments of the social relations of that historical period. The content of the publication is challenging the traditional approaches to the subject and provides a respective emphasizing the diversity and richness of the British action also focusing on its complexity.

The volume presents the edited version of the doctoral thesis of its author. The readers appreciated the well researched and perfectly structured materials making this book a very good reference source for all interested people. The book has joined together numerous recent works in the field of maritime archaeology and gives valuable contribution to the historical archaeology.



According to the reviews by the experts in this area, the present volume is a remarkable piece of scholarship and shall be recommended as a must-read to all people with deep professional interest in the naval history and maritime archaeology; however, the general readers will also find the content interesting.



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This “History…” is a truly excellent book that will be found very interesting not only for the people living in London but of course to all those having deep interest both in the history of London, naval history, human development and so many other areas. The author of the volume has perfectly charted the foundation, further growth and development of the London port and provided good explanation of its importance to the prosperity of the Great Britain.

The readers from all around the planet have found this book really fascinating. The writing style of the author is amazing and it engages readers throughout the book; the photos chosen to accompany the text are brilliant. In addition to the text and photographs, there are so many of the navigation charts included in the book as the supplementary material. In short we can say that the publication is a solid and thoroughly researched story presented in a way accessible to any reader including the very beginners.

It contains the close view of maybe the most famous and historically important sea port in the history of mankind and international shipping and that is the reason why we say it will be interesting to anyone and not only to the Londoners.

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Throughout the history of the mankind, the slaves travelled across the oceans, same as the unfree immigrants and convicts. However, it shall be noted that the people's understanding of the modernity has been significantly narrowed by the conventional historical paradigm relating to the Atlantic World. This volume presents the brilliant study fully contrasting with the common and regular understanding of the relationships that used to exist in the Indian Ocean back in the nineteenth century.

This work is demonstrating that the nations that used to struggle against the slavery in the distant past did accept the limits on the labour freedom. According to the reviews performed by the major experts in the field, the content of this publication has perfectly brought together numerous historical debates; the author has successfully challenged many of the ideas related to the sea-bound labour deriving from the pretty exaggerated attention to the Atlantic ocean.

This book will be recommended to anyone with the interest in the naval history and the problems addressed by the author in his work who will find the information not readily available in most of the other documents on this topic.

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The stories of marine disasters always fire people’s imaginations. There were so many of them including the very famous Roman triremes and Spanish Main, huge transatlantic liners and others. Remember Titanic and Lusitania, and up to the recent disaster of Costa Concordia. The publication presented to your attention is intended to provide the interested readers with a good study making for a completely new and unique understanding of the history not limited to the maritime history; we are talking about everything here.

The author of the book is exploring the process of moving humans across the oceans and this process has been ongoing, romantic and hazardous. In the pages of his work, the author is drawing a number of quite provocative conclusions originating from the content of the study.

In short, his book is expected to demonstrate the developments making the oceans more familiar to the people and enabling humans to undertake safer travels across seven seas. This is a truly perfect and easy reading for anyone with the interest in the naval history and past times. And, as the people directly related to the maritime industry, we shall all be aware of the most famous shipwrecks in the history.

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Obviously, water is the most fundamental resource considered the basis of all life on our planet, and this resource is becoming increasingly important issue and potential source of conflict in today's world. The present fascinating volume setting out numerous ingenious methods used by the ancient human societies to gather, transport and store water, is a very timely book taking into account a profligacy and overextraction threatening the existence of the watercourses and aquifers that for millennia have been supplying people's needs for the water.

The book is intended to provide readers with a general overview of the water technologies established by some of the ancient human civilizations. No publication on water technologies of the ancient times might be considered complete without discussions of the engineering developments of the Greeks and Romans, and these have been covered in the present volume together with the examination of how American societies of that historical period accommodated their water requests.

The text of the book is really wide-ranging and offering some practical and effective technical solutions to the crisis taking place in today's water supply. Readers will find valuable insights made by the author into the ancient water technologies which underpin most of the contemporary practices of water engineering and management.

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This collection will be greatly appreciated by the people with the interest in naval history and famous ships of the past. In contains absolutely all releases of the world famous Seaways magazine of maritime history and research for the ten years. The original idea of the publishers of this popular journal was to encourage the historical accuracy of the maritime researches and ship modeling.

Each of the publications included in this huge set of books contains very informative and interesting stories, ship plans, drawings and sketches. There are numerous historical photographs supplementing the text part. The authors provide the details of historic shipping covering both steam and sail vessels. The Seaways magazines will be of great interest not only to the naval historians and enthusiasts but also to the ship modelers who will definitely benefit from the technical information contained in the pages of these journals.

This information will for sure help them when used for making the models of the ships belonging to different historic periods and will add to the accuracy. Even if you are not making ship models, we still recommend you to have a look in the magazines and you will find something interesting there.я

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The book tells readers a story of the MV Wilhelm Gustloff called Hitler's Titanic. The crush of Wilhelm Gustloff is deservedly treated as one of the most secret and deadliest naval catastrophes in the whole maritime history. The vessel was sunk by the submarine of the Soviet fleet and nearly ten thousand human lives were lost, it happened in 1945. Not only this fact is remarkable, the whole story and service history of this vessel deserves attention.

The original name of the vessel was Adolf Hitler, she was intended to be christened upon delivery back in 1937; however, the plans changed and the decision was made to name her after the Swiss leader Gustloff, and the vessel became the true proud of the Nazi Labor Movement under this name.

The book is a great one for the people interested in the naval history, famous warships of the past times and history in general. They will like the information and facts compiled by the author that made this volume so popular among the naval history enthusiasts; however, the book will also be appreciated by the general reader. Take some time reading this work prepared by the recognized expert in the field of naval history, Roger Moorhouse, and you will not be disappointed.

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