Throughout the history of the mankind, the slaves travelled across the oceans, same as the unfree immigrants and convicts. However, it shall be noted that the people's understanding of the modernity has been significantly narrowed by the conventional historical paradigm relating to the Atlantic World. This volume presents the brilliant study fully contrasting with the common and regular understanding of the relationships that used to exist in the Indian Ocean back in the nineteenth century.

This work is demonstrating that the nations that used to struggle against the slavery in the distant past did accept the limits on the labour freedom. According to the reviews performed by the major experts in the field, the content of this publication has perfectly brought together numerous historical debates; the author has successfully challenged many of the ideas related to the sea-bound labour deriving from the pretty exaggerated attention to the Atlantic ocean.

This book will be recommended to anyone with the interest in the naval history and the problems addressed by the author in his work who will find the information not readily available in most of the other documents on this topic.

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The stories of marine disasters always fire people’s imaginations. There were so many of them including the very famous Roman triremes and Spanish Main, huge transatlantic liners and others. Remember Titanic and Lusitania, and up to the recent disaster of Costa Concordia. The publication presented to your attention is intended to provide the interested readers with a good study making for a completely new and unique understanding of the history not limited to the maritime history; we are talking about everything here.

The author of the book is exploring the process of moving humans across the oceans and this process has been ongoing, romantic and hazardous. In the pages of his work, the author is drawing a number of quite provocative conclusions originating from the content of the study.

In short, his book is expected to demonstrate the developments making the oceans more familiar to the people and enabling humans to undertake safer travels across seven seas. This is a truly perfect and easy reading for anyone with the interest in the naval history and past times. And, as the people directly related to the maritime industry, we shall all be aware of the most famous shipwrecks in the history.

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Obviously, water is the most fundamental resource considered the basis of all life on our planet, and this resource is becoming increasingly important issue and potential source of conflict in today's world. The present fascinating volume setting out numerous ingenious methods used by the ancient human societies to gather, transport and store water, is a very timely book taking into account a profligacy and overextraction threatening the existence of the watercourses and aquifers that for millennia have been supplying people's needs for the water.

The book is intended to provide readers with a general overview of the water technologies established by some of the ancient human civilizations. No publication on water technologies of the ancient times might be considered complete without discussions of the engineering developments of the Greeks and Romans, and these have been covered in the present volume together with the examination of how American societies of that historical period accommodated their water requests.

The text of the book is really wide-ranging and offering some practical and effective technical solutions to the crisis taking place in today's water supply. Readers will find valuable insights made by the author into the ancient water technologies which underpin most of the contemporary practices of water engineering and management.

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This collection will be greatly appreciated by the people with the interest in naval history and famous ships of the past. In contains absolutely all releases of the world famous Seaways magazine of maritime history and research for the ten years. The original idea of the publishers of this popular journal was to encourage the historical accuracy of the maritime researches and ship modeling.

Each of the publications included in this huge set of books contains very informative and interesting stories, ship plans, drawings and sketches. There are numerous historical photographs supplementing the text part. The authors provide the details of historic shipping covering both steam and sail vessels. The Seaways magazines will be of great interest not only to the naval historians and enthusiasts but also to the ship modelers who will definitely benefit from the technical information contained in the pages of these journals.

This information will for sure help them when used for making the models of the ships belonging to different historic periods and will add to the accuracy. Even if you are not making ship models, we still recommend you to have a look in the magazines and you will find something interesting there.я

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The book tells readers a story of the MV Wilhelm Gustloff called Hitler's Titanic. The crush of Wilhelm Gustloff is deservedly treated as one of the most secret and deadliest naval catastrophes in the whole maritime history. The vessel was sunk by the submarine of the Soviet fleet and nearly ten thousand human lives were lost, it happened in 1945. Not only this fact is remarkable, the whole story and service history of this vessel deserves attention.

The original name of the vessel was Adolf Hitler, she was intended to be christened upon delivery back in 1937; however, the plans changed and the decision was made to name her after the Swiss leader Gustloff, and the vessel became the true proud of the Nazi Labor Movement under this name.

The book is a great one for the people interested in the naval history, famous warships of the past times and history in general. They will like the information and facts compiled by the author that made this volume so popular among the naval history enthusiasts; however, the book will also be appreciated by the general reader. Take some time reading this work prepared by the recognized expert in the field of naval history, Roger Moorhouse, and you will not be disappointed.

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The author of this interesting volume draws on both literary and archaeological evidence when performing his examination of the significant role played by the boat in Egyptian belief, ritual and in everyday life. The content of the book will interest both historians and naval enthusiasts. The text has been illustrated with numerous detailed and informative photographs of boat models as well as many paintings together with the line drawings of the boats.

The author has also provided description of the boat building process which used to be there in ancient Egypt on the basis of the boat models that were found in the tombs; he has also used some remains of the boats found during archaeological digs. There is also a good glossary of the terminology included in the book for easy reference. In fact one chapter of the volume is devoted solely to the sources of evidence used.

The section dealing with the boat building addresses the woodworking techniques commonly used at those times, harbors and boat construction yards, and all other aspects. Particular attention has been paid by the author to the boats in ritual and belief, and to ancient Egyptian boats from Old, Middle and New Kingdom, etc.

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According to the professional reviews, the major strength of this publication by Brian Rouleau is that the author has not limited the scope of his research to either Atlantic or Pacific. He rather sets out to perform the examination of the global maritime empire. This new volume forces the readers to reconsider the ways in which the foreign relations are working.

The author of the book has professionally crafted a truly impressive reimagining of the working-class seamen placing them at the centre of the American relationship with the other world in the early and mid-XIX century. The straightforward arguments and imaginative research conducted by the author has made this publication an uncommonly pleasant reading. The efforts made by Rouleau has eventually resulted in this groundbreaking study of the American sailors abroad; in this volume, he has rewritten the whole history of the foreign relations of the United States in the antebellum are.

One of the point revealed by the author was that the Manifest Density was the global process extending quite far beyond the terrestrial borders of America, and he has done this through a very keen analysis and impressively thorough research. The content of the volume is illustrating a very wide range of the inter-cultural encounters between the seafarers and the people who they met all around the globe.

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Here is the final volume of Admiral Morison's monumental work on the naval history. The book consists of three big chapters - Iwo Jima, Okinawa and Miscellaneous Operations. The text part is supplemented with numerous illustrations. Several useful and informative maps and charts have also been provided in the publication in order to help reader get some better understanding of the operations that took place in the course of the World War Two campaigns.

This nice title is expected to serve as a practical source of reference and knowledge. In his excellent work, Admiral Morrison has made an attempt to thoroughly examine two famous naval campaigns in which he did participate personally, namely Okinawa and Iwo Jima. He has described all consequences of the kamikaze attacks on the ships of the United States Navy fleet and discussed the strategy that did actually lead to the final campaigns of that war and to the dropping of the A-bombs.

The author has also addressed the logistical problems connected with supplying the armies and fleets far away from the bases, submarine attacks, and quite controversial loss of the famous USS Indianapolis, providing readers with the detailed account of the negotiations that resulted in the Japan's surrender.

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