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This is a truly brilliant publication and a real treasure for the people interested in the naval history, particularly in the destiny of the submarines belonging to United States fleet participating in the World War two. According to the hundreds of reviews submitted by the thankful readers, the title is a must-have one due to its content, where the author provided the detailed historical background and covered all relevant technical aspects in detail.

In addition to the attacks of the midget underwater boats of the Japanese fleet on Hawaii, the author also deals with the similar operations that took place in the other places, such as the Australia and Madagaskar. The style of presenting the material is excellent, making the reading fascinating, the text is informative and the coverage leaves no grey areas.

In fact, this is one of the best studies of the Japanese program of mini-submarines, with the main emphasis places on those six boats involved in the attack. We would encourage all fans of that war and actually all fans of the underwater vehicles to read this book carefully as it contains wealth of information not provided in any other books of its kind, and presents it in a nice reader-friendly way.

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The team of professionals, who prepared the subject publication, presents one of the most comprehensive works dedicated to the American maritime history of all those available today. The timeframe covered by the authors spans from the pre-Columbus times and includes all the periods up to now.

The text of the volume tells a story of the United States, affecting all of us in so many interesting and sometimes even surprising ways, and providing so many good explanations of the American people and nation as a whole. The work was thoroughly reviewed by the most prominent experts in the field, who have all appreciated the amount of the useful and perfectly structures information it contains, as well as the reader friendliness.

The authors presented a tale of the earliest fishermen and navy sailors, traders and explorers who together made the maritime history of America. The text is written beautifully and fascinating. In fact, the volume is considered essential publication fort any library. You will also like the numerous photographs and colored maps included to make the process of reading even more interesting. Make sure that you have a copy and go through if you are really interested in the history.

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The Ancient Mariners book was written by the famous authority of seafaring and ancient ships Lionel Casson; it is addressed foremost to the general reader and has served the needs of all people interested in the sea. Though there are so many books covering this field, Casson has tried to make this book useful for scholars and straddle the fence between them and professional seafarers.

The author of the present publication managed to put in a single volume the whole story of all that the ancient people accomplished on the sea - from the earliest times to the end of the Roman Empire - and explains how they perfected trading vessels from mere rowboats into really huge freighters that were able to carry over a thousand tons of cargo, and how they transformed their warships from quite simple oared transports into very complex rowing machines able to take hundreds of marines and even heavy artillery on board.

Every single person interested with history will find this volume to be a greatly valuable resource for getting a good understanding of the origins and evolution of the seafaring in the time period covered. In fact, people know so little about the seamanship activities of the ancient world and that is the reason why the publication providing such wealth of information are so popular.

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The maritime industry is a very tough one, and the profession of mariner traditionally required courage. As we all know, the sad truth is that there are more than thousand maritime disasters occurring every year only in the British waters. So, you can imagine the scale of the problem and understand that something shall be done to improve the situation and reduce the human losses to the absolute minimum.

Nicholas faith, who is the author of this nice title, has explored the maritime safety in the twentieth century trying to find out the real causes of the two disasters, that are on the list of the most tragic maritime disasters of the century, namely the sinking of the “Estonia” ferry in 1994, and the loss of the “Herald of Free Enterprise” which occurred eight years earlier. What happened that caused these tragedies and how could they be prevented?

Why the number of the human losses was so incredibly high in both cases? What were the main lessons learned? In his publication, Nicholas Faith made a good attempt to perform the thorough examination and analysis of the numerous evidences provided by the marine engineers, ship designers, rescuers, doctors, as well and other experts in order to understand the real causes of these accidents.

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This excellent historical book by the well-known Captain Joshua Slocum is devoted to the voyage of the world famous Liberdade ship. The author tells you a really impressive story of the adventure. The volume will be of great use and interest to all history enthusiasts. Moreover, any person who loves sea and adventures will benefit from the content of this title.

The text is remarkably easy to read and the way the story is told is truly fascinating, making the reading breathtaking. The author has made the voyage together with his family, on the boat constructed using the wrecks of the previous one. This is definitely something deserving your attention! The Captain managed to sail on the boat all the way across the Caribbean Sea, navigating up to America.

And, in fact, this adventure began when his vessel got trapped and destructed somewhere in Brazil. This is a story of a truly brave man and professional. The volume is presented in both pdf and epub formats so you can choose whichever suits your needs. We do recommend the title to you if you are really interested in the sea and people who made the history – as you can see, they are remembered and highly respected even after more than hundred year.

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This interesting volume has been highly appreciated by the enthusiasts of the naval history everywhere in the world. Written by the recognized expert in the field, the publication will provide wealth of valuable information to all people with the deep interest in naval history.

The author has collected and tons of materials obtained from the German archives and other sources of information, and also make dozens of interviewees with the real people. The efforts of the author have eventually resulted in the perfect reconstruction of the events of those times. There are so many illustrations supplementing the text part of the book. Note that the publication is presented in both pdf and epub formats, for more comfortable usage.

The book is deservedly considered the real treasure for anyone willing to get more information about those pages of the naval history, and the approach applied by the author in depicting the happenings and historical events has made the content of the volume very readable which, in turn, gained so much of popularity to his best title. In short, the volume is recommended to all people interested with the ships of the past times – they will not get disappointed.

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This is one of the most popular titles on the history of seafaring in the whole world, greatly appreciated by the enthusiasts. The author provides readers with the excellent understanding and knowledge of how the seafaring did develop through the years and centuries, covering moth military and trade shipping. The focus was made on the critical aspects of the seafaring that would be of particular interest to the specialists.

The volume is perfectly readable and the chapters are compact yet very informative and full of interesting information. The whole history of the seafaring has been covered, starting from the very first steps of development, to the modern times and issues, such as the piracy etc. Numerous illustrations and maps have been included to supplement the text. We can say that literally all important historical facts have been included and addressed in detail, appealing to the broader audience.

The volume will be a genuine treasure and a must-have one for the people trying not only to know, but also to understand the seafaring history, since they will be able to track the whole development process up to today, and considering the fact that the author managed to pack tons of information into a quite compact volume.

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The volume is a must read for literally all people with the deep interest in the history of the slavery at sea. The author has mainly focused on the slave ships, intending to significantly expand the readers’ understanding of the violence and real horror of the slavery.

The readers all around the world have already found this publication to be a truly perfect argument, fundamentally contributing to the slavery history in colonial America. The study and analysis performed by the author provides new insights into the intersection of the human health, gender, age with the violence. The efforts of the author have eventually resulted in the text that describes in detail the significance of the Middle Passage.

The research activities by the author and deep and thorough analysis of the obtained data have eventually resulted in this brilliant text telling readers the ugly truth. The style of writing is very engaging and the reading will be very interesting. The author has also placed an accent on the women, kids and old people… The volume is a good one to read for those with the interest in the history, as this is also one of the parts of the naval history, although one of the most tragic pages.

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