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The present manual was officially released by the world famous TTS Company to be used as a ready reference source when dealing with the technical maintenance of the shipboard hatch covers. It will give all necessary information about the installation of the subject equipment, routing maintenance and care, including ordering the spares and their subsequent installation.

Due to the huge dimensions and complicated design of the hatch covers, the personnel engaged in their maintenance, shall have sound knowledge and experience. The crew members should therefore ensure that the recommendations of this guidebook are followed at all times. The whole book is arranged in twelve sections, starting with the intro and warnings, followed with the specification of the equipment and maneuvering instructions.

Then, there are sections of the troubleshooting and emergencies, auxiliary operation, servicing and spares, and certification. There are also four sections devoted to the drawings, including the steelwork and fittings, hydraulic system, electric part and pneumatics. Although written for the TTS hatch covers, the content can be easily applied to any other covers, since the arrangement does not differ too much.

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A compilation of the technical documentation relating to the electrical safety equipment produced by Bender company. The documents included in this pack are arranged in four separate folders. The first folder contains paperwork covering the grounded and high-resistance grounded systems, including user manuals and datasheets, installation bulletins, reference guides, operating manuals etc.

The documents of the second folder are dealing with the healthcare facilities and critical care areas including dual system and dual voltage panels, isolated power panels, clock timers, ground power modules, line isolation monitors, isolation transformers and many other types of electrical equipment manufactured by the company.

The next pack will provide you will all documentation about the ungrounded, or floating systems, of different series, including insulation fault locators, ground fault detectors, etc. The last pack will give all required documents relating to the voltage, current and continuity monitoring equipment including but not limited to the settings checklists, operating manuals and technical datasheets, containing all necessary installation, setup and usage instructions for the equipment.

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Here is the officially released Service Manual for the bow tunnel thruster that are manufactured by Schottel company. There are three major sections in this volume. The opening section of the document contains technical specifications of the subject equipment together with the Hy-diagram.

The second section provides all necessary instructions for operation, mounting and maintenance - you will find the information required to place an order for the spare parts, get aware of the safety & environmental regulations, instructions for preservation, painting specifications, lubricant recommendations, mounting instructions, technical description of the design an working principles etc. The third section is the catalogue of the spares including transverse thruster and lower gear box, feedback unit and hub, filter and Hy-pump, valve unit etc.

The document will be of great practical use for the people involved in the operation, periodical maintenance and repair of the thrusters since they will find all necessary information in a single volume which is recommended to be readily available at all times. The volume will also be good when used for training and familiarization purposes.

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This is a full collection of the service bulletins officially released by FRAMO to provide crew members of the vessels with the information necessary for operating and periodical maintenance of the pumps manufactured by the company. More than thirty service bulletins included in this set will be very useful for their day to day work.

The bulletins cover the protection of the magnetic detector bearings, hydraulic piston pumps, operation of the cargo pumping system, manufactured by FRAMO, reconditioning of the mechanical seals, oil filtration and cleanliness, pump operation in general, high viscous molasses, air venting, recondition of different components of pumping systems, improved lifetime of the bearings, cargo sealing, planned maintenance system, battery replacement, oil monitoring and inspection, improved stripping, portable and submerged cargo pumps, service valves and local control valves, and other important aspects of using cargo pumping arrangements on board.

Note that the present compilation also includes the latest service bulletin released this year and covering the purging routine. In short, this is a must have collection for the machinery room personnel.

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The maritime shipping world of today makes remarkably extensive use of the shipboard cranes. It is very difficult to see how the work would be done on vessels without cranes. However, the use of the subject machinery is commonly associated with risk. The goal of the present document is to provide readers, and crane operators in the first turn, with the professional technical knowledge they will need to carry out their work is a safe and effective manner.

The content of the volume has been originally compiled by the SBW specialists and then extended to comply with the requirements of Jumbo. The book covers such important aspects of shipboard crane operations as types of most frequently used cranes and derricks, explains the main components of the cranes, touching the terminology involved. Then, the content of the book is dealing with the safety aspects covering all factors contributing in safety in any way.

The remaining chapters of the volume address the lifting tackle and equipment, lifting chains, steel wire ropes, fabric lifting slings, various specialized lifting equipment including lifting beams and clamps, work platforms and crane hooks, rope sheaves and drums, safe attachment of loads, etc. The procedures established for the lifting operations have also been addressed.

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Here is the instruction plus  operational manual released by Fuji Electric for their X Model microcontrollers. It includes chapters that are covering the installation of the microcontrollers, notes on wiring and proper usage, specification and troubleshooting.

The installation chapter provides all necessary guidance and maintenance precautions to be taken into account, together with the caution on installation of the microcontrollers and precautions in wiring connection plus the requirements for the key operation and operation in case of abnormalities. Model configuration, dimensions, parts and all other important information have also been covered.

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Complete package of documents for the MAXI 50SL-1 waste oil incinerator. It includes final drawings for the above noted equipment, general specification, technical data for the incinerator and its components, loose parts for waste oil tank, and spare parts, list of valves and list of control, safety and automation.

The publication also provides readers with the process diagram for the incinerator, properties of the exhaust gas, piping diagrams, drawings of the expansion joints, main and alarm current, primary temperature control, alarm circuit, alarm and motor control, incinerator control and primary burner control, sludge alarm circuit and pilot lamps, external alarm and wealth of other technical information, data and drawings.

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The present Operating and Maintenance Instructions contain following information that will be necessary for the people dealing with the subject equipment - general technical data and important safety issues to consider, transportation matters, description of the pump, installation and mounting, start-up and shutdown, maintenance and repair, operating faults, causes and remedial action, associated documentation.

These instructions are containing the basic safety precautions relating to the installation and subsequent operation of the pumps plus their routine maintenance; this is the reason why we would definitely consider is essential for all crew members to carefully check the whole content of this document prior to the installation and starting.

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