Another perfect publication for those wishing to find an easy and interesting  way to improve their grammar skills. The book will let you enhance both writing and speaking. You will never experience any problems with writing papers for college, prepare a presentation, or even when communicating with people.

This book will also provide readers with the very latest techniques for enhancing their efficiency with the grammar and punctuation of English grammar. In addition, it is intended to teach the basic rules or verbs, adjectives, adverbs and other topics. The grammar is explained very simply and clearly. It will be very good for people willing to review their grammar due to the wide coverage of the grammar areas. The book also contains correct answers for all worksheets contained in it; moreover, each of them is supplemented with the explanation.



The publication is really up-to-date with regard to the grammar. It will definitely ask all your questions about English language and will be a great help in untangling the whole maze of this language. Note that is absolutely not "dry", as it is usually the case with most of the other, regular grammar books. We would rate this grammar book as excellent and recommend it to students as well as for self-study.



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Here is the essential reference book defining the most commonly used terminology and principles usually found in various engineering papers and drawings from various fields. All of them have been explained in this publication in a very plain and unambiguous English.

The purpose of the book was also to distinguish how some engineering terms take on different meanings in different contexts, and this is of course critically important when people start working on collaborative projects with many colleagues and diverse elements. The book provides general technical definitions of various engineering-specific terms.

It clarifies all most popular technical terminology usually misused/intermixed and may serve as a very handy reference for all engineers; in addition, this publication provides a reference materials collected from the recognized and authoritative sources, including various standards and commercial specs.

Ron Hanifan, who is the author of this book, did his best to span a range of engineering disciplines covered by this publication so that it could include electrical and mechanical engineering as well as materials. It will be ideal for engineers, students and any other people who require due understanding of the engineering language.

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This book will definitely be very useful for both students and professionals. The material provided in the publication is based on interviews conducted with the HR managers and recruiters, and analysis performed of numerous CVs in more than forty countries. The author has structured the book as a series of FAQs.

This publication will teach the readers how the submitted CVs are usually analyzed by HR workers, how to present the personal details and write an executive summary, state the dates, highlights languages, write references - in short, how to prepare a good CV. The readers will also get to know how to write a good cover/reference letter, make a perfect LinkedIn profile etc. In the last part of the publication some templates are provided.  

Note that it is aimed to both native and non-native speakers. The efforts made by the author have resulted in a serious of valuable guidelines on how a good CV and associated cover letter shall look. All of the examples included in this publication were taken from real CVs and cover/reference letters, only personal details/dates and layout have been changed; note, however, that they shall not be treated as the objective rules. Each of the chapters ends with a short summary.

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The present dictionary was specifically designed and published for a very broad readership. It is intended to be used by the students and professional naval architects as well as by the shipbuilders willing to get and apply a thorough knowledge of the ship hydrodynamics. The book will be also useful to the hydrodynamicists and physicists who want to know how to apply the knowledge they already possess, to the solution of the various practical ship problems.

The terms contained in the dictionary are arranged in the standard alphabetical order for easier use. there are descriptions and definitions provided for the numerous properties of the liquids as well as of the most important physical constants related to the hydrodynamics of the ships. There are seven major sections in the volume.

While the first one is dealing with the general terminology, the other six sections are covering the maneuvering and hydrodynamics, ship hull geometry and seakeeping, ship propulsion and performance. The symbols have been given as per the ITTC list. The information contained in the dictionary will be of great practical use for both students and practicing engineers so we highly recommend this one.

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When preparing this glossary of navigation, the author was intending to provide young naval officers with the explanation of the navigation terminology trying to share his great marine experience. There is one thing that makes this glossary different from any other similar source of information. Each of the terms contained in the books is provided not only with full and clear explanation together with the different bearings with the analysis.

The articles are arranged in the alphabetical order and it is very easy to find the appropriate entry. The glossary has been serving the training needs of the many generations of maritime students so we can definitely say that its practical use and value are proven. We recommend all our users engaged in maritime shipping and marine navigation in particular to download a copy of this brilliant glossary and add it to their collection of navigation books.

Note that it will be particularly useful when you read the classic old-time books since the terminology used a century ago may differ from the navigation terms used today. Some of the terms are already obsolete and as such may not be contained in the contemporary glossaries and dictionaries.

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The comprehensive glossary of shipping and chartering terminology developed by the Rickmers Linie company. The author of the publication has made an excellent job when selecting them from thousands of terms commonly encountered in the maritime shipping business. The information contained in this booklet will be of great practical importance for absolutely all participants of the industry.

Taking into account that the publication is covering all relevant aspects of the shipping industry, we would definitely recommend this volume to everyone. It shall be noted, however, that all definitions and terms included in the book are there for the general explanation and shall not be considered legally binding.

The publication rather presents a list of frequently used terminology and most important general shipping and chartering abbreviations together with their definitions that the readers may come across during their activities. We recommend our users to get this publication and have it readily available at all times, either electronically or printed. The clear and easily understandable definitions and explanations compiled by Kevin Stephens will be greatly appreciated by all parties involved.

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An excellent and very useful publication for those willing to improve their maritime English skills released within the frame of the CLIL, standing for the Content and Language Integrated Learning. It is a comprehensive and significantly updated handbook intended to be used by the ship deck officers. The content of the handbook has been developed in compliance with the STCW convention and IMO Model Course 3.17.

The material presented in the book is arranged in twenty-one units covering types of ships, offshore units, intro to navigation, ship terminology and nautical charts, marine meteorology, ship construction, aid to navigation, equipment and gear installed on board ships, navigation regulations and processes, celestial navigation, piloting and dead reckoning, compasses and GMDSS, shipping documentation, safety and survival equipment, IGS, international shipping laws and regulations.

There are two appendices with additional information on the IMO FAL forms and certification paperwork and other documents commonly required to be possessed on board any vessel. The publication will be of practical interest for all learners of English, including terminology.

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