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The SMCP was has been compiled with these major - the first and maybe the most important one was to provide required input in the navigational safety and provide assistance when standardizing the language commonly used during the communication in the course of the navigation at sea and also at the approaches to the ports, in harbors and waterways when the vessels are manned with multilingual crews; another purpose was to provide assistance to the maritime training entities in meeting all objectives stated above.

These communication phrases should not actually be intended to contradict or supplant the COLREG or any other special local recommendations or IMO Rules, neither are they expected to supersede the ICS; it should apply in full compliance with all relevant procedures that have been set out in the ITU Radio Regulations.

Moreover, it shall not be treated as a technical manual providing any operational instructions. We would recommend to use the publication as often as practically possible in preference to any other words or phrases of similar meaning. The accompanying CD (to be installed from included pack of files) is designed to familiarize people with the pronunciation.

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Traditionally, the IACS Green Book is compiled to include all IACS Recommendations and Resolutions that are currently in force together with their technical and historical background. The annex to the Book is containing all IACS Resolutions that have been already adopted and the dates of their entry into force in the future. The Green Book is published annually, same approach is used as with the IACS Blue Book also available here.

Needless to say that both Green Book and Blue Book are must-have collections of regulatory documents for all participants of the maritime shipping industry since they cover literally all important aspects of ship construction, safety of the navigation, human life at sea, environmental protection, strength and stability of the vessels, materials, navigation and radio communication equipment, ballast water management, and in fact everything one may think about and should be aware of, including all IACS procedural requirements and unified interpretations.

Download them both and make the archives available for all crew members on board and to the shore supporting personnel. Even for the future players of the industry, this would be an excellent resource for training.

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This is the latest 2023 edition of the electronic IACS Blue Book. This package is presented in the form of the searchable/clickable files containing all necessary information.

In general, the pack is divided into two big sections - IACS Resolutions and Quality Documents. The set includes some introductory information on the classification societies, all IACS resolutions, procedures, QSCS documents, history files and technical background documents for IACS Unified Requirements.

Literally all classification related documents have been included in this annually renewed pack. Note that we may also offer you to have a look in the latest 2022 release of the IACS Green Book, as well.

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An excellent and one of the most useful programs available today. Developed and released by the Lloyd's Register. It presents a brilliant collection of the documents including Lloyd's Register Rules and Regulations, Common Structural Rules for Bulk Carriers and Oil Tankers, Lloyd's Register Provisional Rules, Lloyd's Register Guidance Information and a set of Statutory Documents.

The first section provides Rules and Regulations for the Classification of Offshore Units, Naval Ships, Special Service Craft. Inland Waterway Ships, LNG Ships, Floating Docks, Trimarans and other types of vessels and it also includes Code for Lifting Appliances. The Provisional Rules provide information about Existing Ships, Ergonomic Container Lashing, Methanol Fuelled Ships, Direct Current Distribution Systems, Sail-Assisted Ships, Winterization of Ships, Software used in Naval Vessels etc.

The Guidance Notes cover Ship Vibration and Noise Guidance Notes, Spare Gear, Masts, Spars, Standing Rigging, Wind Farms, Flettner Rotor Approval etc. The Statutory Documents section contains IMO Publications and Documents including Conventions and Codes, Resolutions and Circulars, Guidelines, Manuals and Specifications, and International Conferences, ILO Conventions Nos. 68, 92, 133, 147, 152. 178 and Maritime Labor Convention, and MCA Publications including The Large Commercial Yacht Codes LY2 and LY3 etc.

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The full package of the classification rules issued by one of the most respected classification societies, consisting of twelve sets of publication, all arranged in a single environment allowing for easy search for any desired entry. The main one comes first and addresses the rules for ship classification, including general requirements, materials used for construction and repair, welding issues, types of ships, hull systems and their components.

The same arrangement of the material has been used in the other sets, such as the rules for the high speed and light craft, yachts, naval vessels, inland navigation ships, and underwater technology. The rest of the package provides necessary information and requirements applicable to the classification guidelines, rules for the offshore installations and floating docks, classification guidelines, type approval and other class programmes, and statutory interpretations.

No installation required, just launch and start using. It is an absolute must have to all ship owners, crew members and supporting personnel of the vessel classed with the subject classification society as it will provide all needed information at one place.

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This newly released ver. 1.1.2 of Seabook software for Android system. Note that it has been designed to work on any 2.1+ Android which is not a problem today at all. This program can be used by ship crew members, marine cadets, master mariners and others.

Seabook contains all necessary international regulations like COLREG, GMDSS and many others, information on marine engineering, ship navigation, knots, currencies and flags of all countries, dangerous goods, ship stability, international code of signals etc.

Though most of the publications are already presented at our website in pdf format and are available for immediate download, we would still suggest you try this application since it allows users to have a collection of the most commonly used marine regulations in a single program.

It contains absolutely everything that the students, practicing engineers, naval architects, ship designers, marine surveyors, port authority officers, crew members of the vessels, ship operators and in fact all other persons may need for their day-to-day activities. The program is continuously improving and new features will be added. No need for activation. Program is free. No viruses inside.

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The official IMO product - "Regs4ships Digital Maritime Regulations" - is a fully searchable marine regulations database; it combines the relevant Flag State compliance documentation with the IMO, ILO and European Union legislation in order to provide users - industry professionals, seafarers, ship owners, port state officers - with an overall regulatory solution.

This software contains circular letters, circulars, codes, guidelines, manuals, conventions, resolutions, unified interpretations and all other regulatory information necessary for the everyday activities of the participants of maritime industry.

In short, this is an excellent collection of the regulatory documents which will of course be of great practical use for all persons engaged in the shipping, including crew members of the vessels who will use it for preparing of the vessel for the survey and to maintain the onboard arrangements in due compliance with all requirements, for the state inspectors and marine surveyors, for ship owners, insurance agents and all other categories. Just download this pack and save it to make sure all documents are available for ready reference at any desired time.

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This is just another android-based application that has been developed and then officially released by LR team of specialists. The present program is primarily aimed to assisted with the identification of the most common causes of vessel detention - it has already been widely acknowledged as one of the best and most useful tools available today to assist the owners of the vessels and operators to comply with all relevant requirements of international conventions, reducing the risk of detention.

This software enables the users to view the applicable regulatory and legislative requirements, they will also be able to save the custom checklists, add the images and notes done in the process of preparation or inspection, check off the activities that have been completed, forward the completed checklists by email etc. - the application provides all function necessary to the effective preparation of the ship to the inspection and will be equally useful for the inspectors and crew members.

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