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The official parts catalogue for Yanmar 8N280M-EV diesel engine showing both standard and optional parts. The information contained in the catalogues is divided in numerous sections corresponding to cylinder block and cylinder liner, oil pan and cover, cylinder side covers, gear cases and covers, fresh water side, oil shield covers, main metal, relief valves and crank cases, mist breather piping, thruster housing and cam, flywheel pointer and label, turning device and setting bracket, cylinder side and upper cover, lube oil main passage cover, flywheel, cylinder head and sensor seat, valve mechanism, suction bend, exhaust manifold, fireproof covering, indicator cock, turbocharger, turbine washing device, idle gear, air duct, safety valve, exhaust outlet pipe, expansion joint, piston and connecting rod, lube oil pressure regulator and strainer, lube oil pump and piping, kingston valve, fuel oil piping, sediment tank, strainer and injection valve, electro-magnetic pick-up, stop lever device, speed controller device, fuel oil pressure gauge pipe, engine tool, hydraulic pump, tachometer, gauge panel, control air inlet pipe, hydraulic jack, thermometer, setting bracket and so many other parts. Each section provides a sketch of the corresponding part of the engine, numbers and descriptions.

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This Guide was officially released by Wartsila company to apply to their two-stroke engines. It will present practical interest to the people engaged in technical maintenance of these engines. They will find all required instructions to be used when checking the condition of the piston running components. The document is intended to serve as a guidance for the condition based routine maintenance of the engines.

The actual wear rates commonly depend on the operational factors which would typically include load profile of the engine, ambient conditions and fuel used. The critical condition of the piston rings and liners can be detected by the visual inspection at quite early stages. It means timely taking all required countermeasures would allow to avoid the severe wear and losing of the liners and rings; this in turn would significantly increase the reliability of the engine.

This compact volume will give instructions for preparation to the underside inspection of the pistons, tools and equipment used, assessment of the condition for the cylinder liners and piston rings, and condition of the piston crown. In addition there are several images demonstrating the condition, and sample report form to be used.

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An absolutely complete parts manual for the 3512B marine diesel engine manufactured by Caterpillar. This is the official release which is intended to be a must-have publication for everyone engaged in operation, routing maintenance and repair of these engines. The content is arranged in several sections covering all relevant information required for safe and efficient operation of the engine.

The document opens with the chapter on general arrangement including subchapters on the engine air and conversion AR-crank rotation. This chapter is followed by the one with the basic engine information including air compressor and camshaft, barring and clutches, shafts and supports and all other engine components. The next five chapters of the manual are devoted to the engine systems and cover the lubrication system, cooling system, air inlet and exhaust system, fuel system, electrical and starting system.

Marine transmission, service equipment and associated supplies, enclosures, bases are guards together with the rails are covered in the remaining part of the manual. A copy of this manual shall be there on the bookshelf of any engineer working on board a ship with CAT 3512B engine installed.

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This publication prepared by Wartsila specialists and officially released by the company contains the description of the maintenance tools intended for use with the W26, W38a, W38B diesel engines, and the spare parts sets for the above stated engines as well as for the F240, R210, SW280, TM410, W28SG models. The original intention of the authors was to provide operating and maintenance personnel with a thorough overview of all available tools and spare sets for their ready reference.

The tools and their sets are grouped per diesel engine type. The maintenance set sheets specify the maintenance tools. Generally, each of the engine models is provided with the information on the cylinder head and injection system, engine block, cylinder liner and connecting rod, crankshaft and main bearings, pistons, camshafts, cam drives, air coolers and lube oil pumps, cooling water pumps as well as the optional and miscellaneous other tools.

The document will definitely of great practical use for all persons directly engaged in operating and technical maintenance of the Wartsila diesel engines of the above mentioned models, and it will also be useful to the people ordering the spare parts as they will have all relevant information available for immediate use.

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This set of documents consists of three publications officially released by Wartsila, namely Maintenance Manual, Operating Manual and Spare Parts Catalogue for the Sulzer ZA40S diesel engine. The manuals are intended to be used by the operators of the engine and therefore shall be at their disposal at all times.

The operating manual covers such important aspects of engine operation as the general working principle and interrelation between the propeller and diesel engine, numbering of the parts including bearings and cylinders, fuels and lube oils, preparations that shall be made to start the engine after long period with no operation, starting and normal running of the engine, operation at overload and with HFO, i.e. heavy fuel oil, shutting the engine, overhauling and many others.

The maintenance manual provides the cross section of the engine, clearance and wear tables for the starting air distributor, governor and valve drive, war water pump, fuel injection and booster pump, and other components. The tightening instructions are also given together with the other valuable instructions – in fact everything is covered. Finally, the last volume shall be used when looking for technical characteristics of the spares.

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This official publication was released by MAN Diesel & Turbo in order to provide the shipping industry with the necessary technical information about the Programme and the associated marine propulsion engines. The subject Programme cover the two-stroke marine diesel engine that are either the Tier II diesel engine that are in compliance with the IMO Tier II, or the Tier III diesel engine compliant with Tier II when they are operated in the Tier II mode, plus Tier III engines in Tier III operating mode.

The first part of the document covers the dual fuel engines together with the alternative fuels. The second part addresses the two-stroke propulsion systems designed by MAN B&W; it is followed by the parts where the four-stroke propulsion engines and marine generating sets are described. Then we proceed to the propulsion systems, turbochargers and exhaust gas systems. There are other important aspects covered in the pages of this volume.

The book contains all information that is required to have proper understanding of the Programme and is full of detailed and informative data on each of the engines and systems involved, together with the schemes, data tables, and other supplementary info.

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Every marine engineer including students and practicing professionals shall have a look into this training set officially released by the CAT Training Center. The documents contained in the pack cover the 3500, 3500B and 3500C families of the marine diesel engines produced by the CAT. First of all, the overview of the engines and description of the basic components is given, serving as the introductory information.

The pack is intended for use as a comprehensive service training manual with all components identifies and basic operations of all engine systems explained. The testing and mechanical adjustment of the engines has been addressed in a separate document, while the other file is devoted to the MEUI, standing for the mechanically actuated unit injector, fuel system, including its operation and troubleshooting tips.

Then, you will find the information about the fuel, lubrication and cooling systems of the subject diesel engines. Of course, the engine electronics have been addressed in a dedicated volume. Moreover, there is an official preventive maintenance procedure providing the interval schedule and the associated maintenance work scopes. The set is an indispensable working aid for anyone involved in the maintenance and servicing of the CAT marine diesel engines of 3500/3500B/C families.

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Nowadays, the international maritime shipping industry faces a really high demand for action. The subject action should result in the changes leading to the improvement of the situation with the environment and moving out of the current climate crisis. The overall success of the modern shipping industry will be limited with its flexibility, as well as the degree of responsiveness, so the parties involved are required to act timely and properly in order to duly meet all of today’s challenges.

The role played by the world famous WinGD started more than a century ago, and throughout its history, the company people did their best to promote the technological process and innovation. The present booklet is devoted to the low-speed engines manufactured by the company, starting with some brief historical background on their technical development.

The application of the engines in the merchant shipbuilding is explained together with the description of the power range and engine designations and maintenance. Then, the detailed technical information on each of the engine is provided with due attention paid to the IMO fuel compliance, which is one of the major areas of concern today.

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