This famous book will provide readers with the truly remarkable collection of useful information about sailing yachts. It is one of the most comprehensive and professional studies conducted on the subject, covering virtually all important areas. The text part of the volume is supplemented with the perfectly detailed and colorful illustration making the understanding much easier.

All technical information is presented in a very simple and clear way, so the book will be useful even for the newcomers to the world of yachting. Among the topics covered by the authors there are classes of the sailing yachts, history of yachting, navigation aspects, sails, theory of aerodynamics and so many others. The development of the modern sailing yacht and rig has been addressed separately. Particular attention has been paid to the yacht stability being one of the critical factors affecting safety of navigation.

The types of the yachts covered in the pages of this volume include cruisers and larger yachts, dinghies and the ocean going yachts of relatively smaller sizes. The content of the book is not limited to the sails and the author has also addressed the engines installed on board yachts, and included all necessary information about the yacht propellers.

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The present publication belonging to the world famous Reeds series is intended to provide readers with the knowledge necessary to any person dealing with yachts. It is very important that everyone involved with this sort of vessels gets fully aware and has proper knowledge and understanding of the major aspects. The author of the book managed to compile an excellent manual, bringing together all required information starting from and including the very essentials.

The content of the manual is arranged in seven chapters. The first chapter covers such critical area as the basic training associated with the STCW convention including basic sea survival and every single piece of protective and lifesaving equipment used on board. The second chapter deals with the navigation including charts and publications together with the shipboard navigational equipment.

The meteorology is addressed within the third chapter of the manual, while the fourth one covers the radiocommunication aspects including GMDSS. The remaining chapters deal with the advanced navigation techniques, major regulatory framework, and also gives some general knowledge of the ship construction, naval architecture and other must-know topics.

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This is the revised and completely rewritten edition of one of the best publications available for preparation to the RYA assessment. The content of the volume will provide required assistance to the students during their shore-based courses. The text of the book is remarkably comprehensive and the information is presented in a very clear and understandable manner, covering absolutely all basics of the syllabus.

The most important portions have been highlighted by the author. There are numerous tips provided on the examination tactics - they all will be of great practical use for the students. According to the numerous reader reviews, this publication is a must-read for any person intending to start sailing; it will also be great when used by those willing to improve their seamanship skills.

The volume starts with the brief introduction and basic information about the navigation followed by the sections covering the nautical charts, IALA system, depth sounding, GPS and radar, chartwork and the log. The other topics of the book cover the weather and passage planning, e-navigation means, sources of weather info, seagoing practice, tides and so many other areas that any sailor shall be duly aware of.

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The enthusiasts of sailing from all around the planet show continuously increasing interest in the so-called "junk", or Chinese, rig. The reason for this is that the rig is much safer and easier for handling. This is particularly truth for smaller crafts and for family/short-handed sailing in open sea and in different weather conditions.

The content of this volume is mainly intended to provide interested readers with a sort of primer book giving them all required and detailed information about the rig. The authors of the book have described the whole process of designing a rig, rigging a boat and sailing.

The volume has been prepared in such way that makes it equally useful for both amateur and professional boat designers. The content is arranged in three major parts. While the first part is focusing on the Chinese rig, the second part of the book is dealing with the rig design.

Finally, the third part provides practical instructions on using the rig. There is some additional information provided in the appendices. This is definitely one of the best volumes on the junk rig reflecting the huge practical experience of the authors. Absolutely recommended publication to all boat owners and designers who will find lots of useful stuff inside.

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A perfect textbook for those interested in singlehanded sailing. The volume has gained worldwide popularity and is deservedly treated as a bible for the future sailors. It is an essential guidebook of the solo sailing providing all required information for people planning to undertake such voyage. The readers will find valuable instructions on how they shall manage the power consumption on board their boats when feeding the autopilot, how to deal with the heavy weather conditions, how to set and gybe a spinnaker, how to find some time to sleep etc.

So many readers from different parts of the world have found this publication the best sailing book available. It will also be useful to the sailors and not only people singlehandling their boats. The style used by the author of the book is refreshing. Most of the readers have strongly recommended this book to others. Sailors who have read it will enjoy sailing even more and the content of the volume will for sure be responsible for saving them from any sort of injury.

That is why we would say that it is a must-have one. Note that there are not too many books available for the solo sailors to get necessary information. And the tips provided in the pages of this title will definitely shave many hours for those needing the information and not willing to re-invent the wheel. All information is resented in a very clear language.

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The publication is an excellent reference book that has already proven valuable for all sailors who follow the RYA course. The content of this respected and worldwide recognized practical guidebook is covering literally whole syllabus of the coastal skipper/yachtmaster course in details and is perfectly illustrated with numerous color photographs and charts. The book is full of examples included for better understanding and easier following. The publication opens with the intro showing the RYA cruising scheme followed by the general information.

The main part of the publication is arranged in nineteen sections dealing with charts and positions, navigational equipment, electronics on board, tidal heights and streams, position finding techniques, estimated position and course to steer, pilotage and signposts, weather aspects, passage planning, safety and survival issues; in addition, the author addressed anchoring and mooring techniques together with the berthing, hitches and bends, and communication related matters, including GMDSS and distress signals.

The answers to all questions have also been provided. The Glossary of sailing terms is included for ready reference. Four appendices provide information on recommended equipment including medical items, safety checksheet and theory syllabus.

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This book is devoted to sailing and provides readers with the information and necessary professional guidance to the sails and sail technology also covering the performance matters. The content is presented in a very concise way though it is quite comprehensive and the text part is supplemented by the numerous personal anecdotes and informative photo making the learning process not only easy but sometimes even funny.

The book provides a definitive look at the recent technical advances in sailcloth and hardware, engineering aspects, sail trim etc. it also contains several case studies illustrating which of the fibers, sails and fabrics would better suit different sailing applications. The volume will be very interesting to the sailors who will find it practical and giving all information they require to apply to their yachts and boats.

This book is arranged in fifteen chapters covering all important topics. Some additional information is there in the appendices. The Basic Boat Diagram and Glossary of terms used in sailing has also been included for reference. The book is considered a best choice for the newcomers o sailing but will also be useful to the experienced sailors.

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This book contains the results of the years job performed by the sailing experts through their sailing program. Second, one of their excellent licensed and certified instructors explains sailing in a series of classroom sessions to reinforce the book. Most important, the new sailor sets sail for comprehensive sessions on the Colgate 26 sailboat, which was designed by Steve specifically for sail training.

The trainees who have completed the course sail without an instructor, gaining the confidence that comes from handling a 26-foot sailboat with other new sailors. The book is heartily recommended to anyone with the interest interested in starting a brand new, healthy and wonderful lifestyle. They will learn with a good basis and enjoy sailing forever. Learn it right the first time and you will see that the rewards are incredible—and this book teaches it right.

To help achieve the goal of start sailing, we wrote this volume back in 2005. Because some sailors prefer to sail close to home on small to midsize sailboats, we present here a colorful and easy to read stand-alone volume aimed at new sailors. The reader is about to embark on a most rewarding adventure, taking you from the desire to learn how to sail to ready to sail in easy, logical steps.

We have always been strong proponents of learning the right way the first time. When I started Offshore Sailing School in 1964, I realized I was encapsulating over twenty years of intense sailing knowledge into three or four days of training. In that short time, if you absorb everything —that is, everything this book—you will gain a sailing foundation that will last a lifetime...

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