The book will provide engineers with all information they may required when operating the hull systems including valves and piping, conducting their routine maintenance and repairs. It may definitely be treated as a very timely reference source to be used when selecting the appropriate pipes and valves and applying them. The recent decades have shown serious development in valve application.

Among them we would note the newly introduced valve designs, significantly increased use of the actuators, great attention paid to the safety and reliability of the valves and pipes, low noise technologies etc. Moreover, digital technologies are making their impact because the equipment manufacturers have started to develop the control valves now featuring control interfaces and functions. All of those developments have been duly reflected in the pages of this volume.

The materials contained in the book are arranged in several sections and the first section gives basic information on the valves including their classification and nomenclature, selection guides and explanations of piping. The second section is dealing with the design and construction of different valve types, while the next four sections address pressure valves, control and automation, pipes and pipework. the remaining sections of the publication focuses on the performance and associated calculations, engineering data, services and duties etc.

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This collection will be greatly appreciated by the people with the interest in naval history and famous ships of the past. In contains absolutely all releases of the world famous Seaways magazine of maritime history and research for the ten years. The original idea of the publishers of this popular journal was to encourage the historical accuracy of the maritime researches and ship modeling.

Each of the publications included in this huge set of books contains very informative and interesting stories, ship plans, drawings and sketches. There are numerous historical photographs supplementing the text part. The authors provide the details of historic shipping covering both steam and sail vessels. The Seaways magazines will be of great interest not only to the naval historians and enthusiasts but also to the ship modelers who will definitely benefit from the technical information contained in the pages of these journals.

This information will for sure help them when used for making the models of the ships belonging to different historic periods and will add to the accuracy. Even if you are not making ship models, we still recommend you to have a look in the magazines and you will find something interesting there.я

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Another excellent and useful publication prepared by the MarineInsight experts. The volume will give readers all required guidance to making and following correct operating procedures when working with the shipboard machinery. The review of the numerous maritime accident investigation reports show that the human error remains the major contributing factor for the loss of human life and property at sea.

In the meantime, the prime reasons for the shipboard accidents are handling and operational errors relating to the machinery room equipment and systems. This would typically include poor preparation and incorrect management of the various operations, lack of good technical knowledge of the equipment, and other issues. In addition, it is noted that many of the crew members working in the engine room face serious difficulties with operating the systems and can miss out some of the important steps, which eventually results in breakdowns and other problems.

The present guidebook has been written with the sole intention of its author to offer a good advice and easy-to-follow instructions covering all systems and equipment in the engine room, including main and auxiliary engines, boilers and fresh water generators, oily water handling equipment and sewage treatment plants, incinerators and separators, refrigeration plants and air compressors, AC plants, emergency generators and compressors, inert gas systems, pumps etc. я

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An excellent collection of the safety posters developed in the frame of the Loss Prevention Program. This set is made of nearly sixty different posters. All of them are very informative and may be used on board ships to inform crew members and all visitors about the proper cargo handling techniques, signage, collision prevention etc. The posters are of high quality therefore they may be printed out at any size.

The ColRegs-related posters are the following - Responsibility, Safe Speed, Look Out, Risk of Collision, Heading on Situation, Overtaking, Crossing Situation, Action to Avoid Collision, Traffic Separation Scheme. Active by Give Way Vessel and Active by Stand On Vessel, and finally the one describing Restricted Visibility. The "If Only" posters cover the entry into enclosed spaces, pilot boarding arrangements and lifeboat launching systems, safe ship access and working aloft, persons in distress and manual handling of heavy cargoes, hot works and collisions, mooring operations, oily water separators, and heavy weather.

The "Safe Work" posters cover lifting operations and bridge management, safety management, working aloft and in the enclosed spaces, fall preventing devices and protective equipment, ship handling, planned maintenance etc. This is not a full list of posters - have a look and check the content, there are so many papers that may be of practical use both on board and ashore.

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The publication released by the Spanish Shipowners Association will provide required guidance to the PSC inspection in connection with the provisions of the BWM Convention. This is just a compact booklet but it still provides concentrated information about the most important aspects to consider.

The opening page of the paper will explain to which of the vessels the Convention is not applicable - obviously, these are vessels without the ballast tanks or having those tanks sealed. The companies having such ships in their fleet shall provide the captains with the instructions so that they ensure that, when asked for the PSC inspection certificate, they will claim that their vessel is not designed to carry the ballast water and is therefore not bound; they shall also preset the stability booklet proving this statement.

Then the content of the booklet covers the national cabotage and what shall be taken into consideration in cabotage trades, certification paperwork and additional documents, preparing to the PSC initial inspection etc. In addition, the booklet contains useful check list to e used for ensuring due compliance with D-1 standard and list of detainable deficiencies.

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The author of this volume has presented the results of detailed examination of the British action that took place in the Southern hemisphere in the eighteenth century. In fact, he goes well beyond the descriptive analysis of the shipwrecks by considering the ships and cargoes as embodiments of the social relations of that historical period. The content of the publication is challenging the traditional approaches to the subject and provides a respective emphasizing the diversity and richness of the British action also focusing on its complexity.

The volume presents the edited version of the doctoral thesis of its author. The readers appreciated the well researched and perfectly structured materials making this book a very good reference source for all interested people. The book has joined together numerous recent works in the field of maritime archaeology and gives valuable contribution to the historical archaeology.

According to the reviews by the experts in this area, the present volume is a remarkable piece of scholarship and shall be recommended as a must-read to all people with deep professional interest in the naval history and maritime archaeology; however, the general readers will also find the content interesting.

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The content of the present publication contains professional assessment of all matters related to the transportation of the LNG, i.e. liquefied natural gas. The authors of the volume have identified nine major areas of concern and each of them has been given close attention. Subject areas will be of concern to United States Congress in connection with the new legislation in the field, oversight of the official Federal entities assigned responsibilities of the liquefied natural gas systems etc.

Five of those areas are actually concerned with the established procedures and existing equipment for the facilities in operation. The regulatory changes in those areas are applicable to the ongoing processes. The five areas include tanker operations and regulations, regulation of the terminal operations, design and construction of the tankers, safety research. and the process of making decisions relating to certification of the projects. The other four areas feature long range implications. They typically affect the facilities and policies relating to the future projects and include reliability of supplies, facility sighting, liability for the accidents, and pricing policy.

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The present ACOP, i.e. Approved Code of Practice together with the guidance are covering all important aspects of safety during the docking operations. The intention is to assist people assigned duty to provide compliance with the relevant provisions of the recognized standards, acts and regulations. These would typically include people controlling the dock facilities, suppliers of various plant and equipment, managers and employers. safety officers, representatives and others.

The content of this code of practice has originally been developed to duly address safety matters with the main focus made on assisting duty holders in easily getting the understanding of the fundamental requirements required to comply with the Health & Safety as Work Act plus other statutory documents. It will also provide industry with the detailed guidance prepared by the experts, giving some valuable practical advice on getting in compliance with the law to all parties involved.

You will just have to follow the advice and instructions provided in this guidebook and this will be enough to reach all required compliance. Though following the guidance given herein is not mandatory, it is highly recommended to ensure compliance.

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