This is the leading text-book on the marine construction and shipbuilding contracts - it is already very popular and globally used by the shipbuilders, ship owners as well as by their legal and commercial advisers. The original edition of the book was released more than a decade ago and there have been so many significant changes in the shipbuilding world, and most of the important changes took place after 2008 - that was the time where numerous attempts were done by the ship owners trying to renegotiate the delivery dates and pricing as well as the dramatic increase in the number of rejected contracts and cancellation disputes.

The content of the book is examining the major principles of the English contract law as applicable to the ship construction. The volume shall be treated as the essential reading for the shipyards and offshore constructors, charterers and purchasers of the newly delivered tonnage, banks and similar financial entities, insurers and lawyers working in the industry. The amount and quality of the information selected by the author for inclusion in the book and the way it is presented have made this publication a leading one in the world and gained worldwide popularity.

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This video is devoted to the largest rig in the world - her name is Perdido and she was built somewhere in the Mexican Gulf. You will be able to witness how the prominent engineers were building this genuine technological masterpiece. Just imagine, more than forty-five thousand tons of steel were transformed into the most advanced oil rig on the planet - a true giant in the extreme world of offshore engineering.

End of August 2008 - today is the big day for the constructors of Perdido. They are moving the bottom half of their offshore oil rig from her construction dry dock in Texas out into the ocean. More than eighteen thousand tons of metal will travel for three hundred kilometers into the Mexican Gulf. Here it will form the base for the state-of-the-art floating installation that will tap into three newly discovered oil fields. Perdido is expected to produce enough oil every day to fill up the 150000 cars with petrol. Needless to say that this is a must-watch for any offshore person and in fact everyone.

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In the maritime shipping industry, the Master of the vessel is often mentioned in cases, occasionally as a party and frequently in obiter dicta and is discussed in the secondary sources and reviews; however, there are usually not too many references available to follow for many interesting points. In this publication by Informa the authors have placed in a single book a survey of the law affecting the shipmaster within the jurisdictions in which he finds himself and his vessel.

Note that the present volume is neither about how to be a shipmaster nor about the practice of shipmastering to the top standards - it is a book placing the Master in context of shipping law, regulation, custom, and practice both domestically and internationally in the different legal domains in which he might be examined. The topics addressed in this volume include the doctrines of the "Law of the Shipmaster" and the major domestic laws that commonly govern the master of the vessel in the UN States and the IMO; Principal References; Charter parties; Constitutions; Maritime Statutes; List of Acronyms; Convention and Codes. In short, this is a must-have publication for the practicing lawyers and for the students.

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This latest edition of the volume has been subjected to full revision and update to make sure that all contemporary aspects of the law of the sea have been addressed and to include the recent cases that have been delivered by the international courts as well as the united nations resolutions and other regulatory instruments.

The author has kept the original chapter structure untouched, retaining the arrangement of the original book. There is a new chapter included in the content of the volume dealing with the perspectives of the future development. The book features detailed footnotes and numerous informative data tables and illustrations included to ensure the due understanding of the readers.

According to the reviews by the experts, this volume is definitely one of the best available publications for the students. The material is arranged in two parts. It is a really recommended reading, easily understandable and interesting; the author provides the information with the remarkable clarity of the expressions used and truly academic rigor making the volume an excellent choice...

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The significant and thorough reconsideration of both tasks and responsibilities by the central governments is considered a real international phenomenon. There is an ongoing trend towards the increased mechanism of the market mechanism - we are talking about deregulation and privatization, and decentralization, including both functional and territorial; subject trend has become accepted worldwide for the past decades under the leadership of several former American and British political leaders, i.e. Reagan and Thatcher, respectively.

Even though the political doctrines were harmonized, the methods used for their of implementation were quite diverse. In America initially the decentralization opportunities that were presented by the so-called "New Federalism" were emphasized where the local government relied once more on its own vitality. In the meantime, the opportunities that were offered by privatization were mainly geared to contracting out. This is the useful document with the information useful to the people with professional interest in the industry.

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This publication is maybe the most popular of all books devoted to yachting and has been a real bestseller since the time of the original; release. The book has managed to establish itself as a perfect reference source for the Yachtmaster trainees plus to the skippers regardless of their experience level. The author of the book is a recognized yachting expert; he is bringing together all fundamental information of contemporary cruising in a single volume making it accessible for everyone.

The content ought to be learned by any person intending to sail on a small boat. The author has covered all important topics related to the yachting and his efforts have eventually resulted in this excellent guidebook. The text is supplemented with numerous charts and live examples for better understanding. It is a real Bible of sailing and shall be considered required reading for the boat skippers - it can be used for the classroom training or even on board.

In fact there is no other book available today to provide same coverage of the relevant topics and explain every facet of boat sailing in such comprehensive manner. There should be a copy of this book possessed on board any boat since it contains absolutely everything that the boaters shall know about sailing theory and practice.

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The present training video film was developed to supplement this training booklet and with the ultimate intention to provide a proper and easily accessible introduction to all major technologies that are making up the Target Tracking Devices; another aim of the authors was to describe to the trainees how exactly subject tracking devices are related to each other. The technologies that have been dealt with in this training video are the ARPA, AIS and ECDIS.

The training is primarily intended for the deck team including both senior and junior ship officers. Radar sweeping the surrounding sea, pinpointing ships, coastlines, every sweep plotting a new situation; by using this information together with the information on the speed and course of your vessel, it has long been possible to make a vector triangle identifying any targets. Of course, taking into account the congestion of the shipping lanes with dozens of vessels showing the same sea space and some vessels travelling at high speeds, calculations need to be swift and accurate.

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Here is one of the most popular books on anchoring and mooring addressing the widely used anchoring systems, the most effective anchoring and mooring techniques, as well as permanent moorings for the boats having a length varying from twelve to eighty feet.

The content of this perfect guidebook is covering many different types of boats including multi-hill and mono-hull boats, light sailboats, workboats and passagemakers, sportfishers and others. It is intended to serve as a comprehensive reference book for the owners of the working and recreational boats in the above stated size range. The material of the book is arranged in three big parts.

The first part of the volume is devoted to the technology of the ground tackle covering the loads at anchor, deck gear for the anchor, anchor windlass and rodes together with their selection, while the second part deals with the art of anchoring, paying attention to the human factors impacting the anchoring processes, anchoring techniques and tricks, rights and responsibilities of the people engaged in anchoring, and even storm anchoring. The last part of the volume is dealing solely with the mechanics of moorings and covers permanent moorings.

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