The world ocean covers more than seventy percent of the Earth's surface, so-called "the blue planet". More than ninety percent of the living space of the Earth is accumulated in the ocean waters and until half-billion years back, literally all forms of life existed there. The global health of our planet together with all its inhabitants seriously depends on the water cycling and nutrients and minerals carried by the water.

The oceans of the world have always influenced the weather and climate patterns. The relationship between the sea and the human began in ancient times when lack of technology significantly limited people's ability to explore the ocean waters. There are many economically valuable resources that are acquired from the seas, and the scientists in the field of marine science and oceanography have also revealed the insight into the very origin of life to study the reproduction and development of the organisms and various geological processes.

The term "marine biology" covers numerous sciences all relating to the sea, for example marine biology and oceanography, marine chemistry and others. The present title tells the readers about the prominent people who made the marine science, from Sir C. Wyville Thomson to Robert D. Ballard. In addition to the chapters dedicated to these people, there is also a glossary of terms.

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The present pump handbook was specifically prepared and officially released by Alfa Laval professionals with the intention to provide all required support the users of the pumps at all levels and to provide them with the very valuable reference tool.

This publication is covering all relevant technical aspects and includes all info considered necessary for the proper selection as well as further application of the "Alfa Laval" ranges of the three basic types of pumps - namely the centrifugal pumps, the liquid ring pumps, and the rotary lobe pumps. This handbook has been arranged in fifteen main chapters - the first chapter of the book will give some very basic intro to above stated types of pumps, while the second chapter supplements that information with some theory and terminology.

The remaining sections of the handbook address the selection of pumps, description of the pumps together with their working principles and nomenclature of the parts, materials that pumps are constructed of, sizing of the pumps, specification options, pump motors, some cleaning guidelines, tips to ensure compliance with the recognized international guidelines and standards, installation and troubleshooting guides and relevant technical data; in addition to the information listed above, the handbook contains a good glossary of terms.​

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The present volume has been specifically designed in a form of the reference source intended to assist the process designers and personnel using the decanters. It shall aim to eliminate the existing info gap in the subject field - the gap that is there between academic theory being promoted in the relevant student textbooks and data provided within the numerous case studies in manufacturers documents.

The publication contains valuable technical information directly related not only to the design but also to the specification that will prepare readers to select the equipment and size it correctly. The users would also be provided with the full facts before they commence the ordering process and communicating with the vendors, thus enabling them to have a full picture. The book will also allow readers to track suppliers of the associated equipment and get a basis on which they can find new relevant companies for the parts or services to be ordered.

Moreover, this publication is also covering all relevant process operating issues, for example instrumentation/control, use of flocculent and others. Definitely recommended to all people dealing with the above mentioned activities and required to possess a proper understanding of all related matters.

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This publication is for anyone who are working with boilers, for example the power plant managers and maintenance technicians, boiler operators and utilities managers plus other involved personnel. The information presented in the volume is primarily dealing with the boilers of "water-tube" type with both induced and forced draft fans as well as the boilers with only forced draft fan.

It should be noted, however, that this volume can also be applicable to any steam generator that requires the fuel firing. The author of the book has addressed the major issues that must be considered as necessary in order to define the measurement transmitters and preparing the specification. The final control elements have been reviewed according to the sizing and characteristics.

The book also covers the engineering details of the boiler control systems and the procedure for setting-up of the control functions; the text is supplemented with numerous specific examples of boiler control, tuning and configuration. Moreover, the publication also provides interested people with the primary requirements to a BMS (i.e. burner management system) of the boilers. Needless to say, this is a remarkably handy reference tool for all persons involved in any way in the operation/maintenance of the boilers.

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Excellent book including most important information on maritime law: The conflict of laws - Introduction - Arbitration - Court jurisdiction - Governing law; Shipping documents and int' trade - Int'l commercial sales on shipment terms - The passing of risk and property in the goods - Performance of the contract - Rejection; Shipbuilding, sale, finance and registration - Shipbuilding and its contractual framework, The sale of second hand tonnage - Ship registration - Basic ship finance and mortgages registration; Charterparties - Shipbrokers - The Hague, Hague-Visby and Hamburg rules - Seaworthiness - Remedies for owner;s breach - Reasonable dispatch - Deviation - Safe ports - Frustration - Timing at the beginning of the charterparty - Time charterparties - Voyage charterparties - Liens; Cargo claims & bills of lading - The claimant's title to Sue - The identity of the carrier - Do the Hague-Visby rules apply? - Proving the claimant's loss - Proving the carrier's breach - Excluding or limiting the carrier's liabilityThe claimant's potential liability towards the carrier; The liabilities of the vessel - Collisions - Salvage - General average - Towage - Wreck removal; Ports and harbours - Pilotage - Limitation of liability; Carriage of passengers - The 1974 Athens convention - The 2002 protocol - The Athens regulation - The commercial rality - Qualtum of damages for death and injury; Public int'l law aspects of shipping regulation; Safety and compliance; Marine insurance; Marine pollution from shipping activities; Procedures for enforcement; The application of the EU Competition Rules to the marine sector.

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This official guidebook was officially released by OCIMF with the primary intention to provide all participants of the shipping industry, particularly terminal operators with all required information, which would aid the proper interpretation and, of course, subsequent implementation of the requirements applicable to the shipping port facilities.

Subject requirements are contained in a consolidated copy of the requirements outlines in the ISPS Code and presented in topical format, and an example model of a security plan. The two elements stated above are expected to assist the port facility operators in getting correct understanding of the current requirements. Among the main objectives declared by the compilers of this documents was establishing of the co-operation between contracting governments and agencies, local authorities, as well as port and shipping industries to assess and detect all potential security threats and also implement required preventative measures.

The authors of the paper have included as much of valuable information as possible, to ensure the exchange and collation of the associated info directly related to the security, and that the measures are enough proportionate and adequate. They all have also tried to provide a working and effective methodology to be used for assessing the security, plans and procedures to react to constantly changing levels of security.

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MAN B&W DIESEL - S50MC-C7 Project Guide - Camshaft Controlled Two Stroke Engines.

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MAN B&W DIESEL - S60MC6 Project Guide - Camshaft Controlled Two Stroke Engines

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