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Two-Stroke Engine - Repair and Maintenance

   As two-strokes fire every revolution, they are the most powerful engines for their size known. Highly tuned examples develop nearly two hp per cubic inch of displacement and run happily at 11,000-plus rpm. And with only three basic moving parts, two-strokes are the simplest and least expensive form of internal combustion. Yet, for many owners these little engines are contrivances from hell, cantankerous, difficult to start, and impossible to fix. Drive by a suburban neighborhood on trash collection day and you will find edgers, weed trimmers, and Chinese mini-bikes awaiting pickup at the curbside. The very simplicity of the two-stroke principle makes it unforgiving. Actually, these engines are easy to live with, if you have the background information and the tools to make a few simple diagnostic tests. And once past the fear of getting their hands dirty, most people find that fixing things is rewarding. Certainly it is more rewarding than spending $85 an hour (the current big-city shop rate) for someone else to do the work. Nor can we continue to discard products that no longer function as they should. That phase of American experience is behind us...

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The Geometry of Ships

   Here is another publication belonging to the Principles of Naval Architecture Series. This book was written by John Letcher and edited by J. Randolph Paulling. It comes without saying that the geometry of most ship hull forms ranging from smallest yachts to the huge vessels are now developed by means of one of the commercially available software packages for ship hull modeling. Such programs include stability and all other hull properties and they may form a part of a comprehensive CBD (computer-based design) and manufacturing system; alternatively, they may be included in a shipboard computer-based operational systems that are used for cargo load monitoring and damage control. This book is intended to present the theoretical basis for the hull modeling systems statae above and the procedures for computing hull geometric and buoyancy properties using mathematical methods. The emphasis in this book has been made upon the fundamentals and nomenclature underlying several methods of hull geometrical modeling with the ultimate aim to provide the understanding required to use intelligently both existing and future modeling tools...

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BIMCO Ice Handbook

   The present Ice Handbook prepared and released by BIMCO is aimed at making its readers a bit more conscious of the necessity and benefits of preparations prior to the entering the ice-covered waters. The manual does not claim to cover all the important areas, but aims at giving elementary general guidelines on the intricacies involved in trading in icy waters. BIMCO is indebted to the many producers and friends that have contributed to the information contained in this manual; especially to the national Ice Services of the countries bordering the Baltic Sea. Canada, Japan and the United Slates, without whose pictures and material this manual would not have been possible. The Ice Handbook by BIMCO is intended as a quick reference manual and shall be readily available to all people involved in chartering before they direct their ships into waters where ice may be present.

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Rules for the Classification and Construction of Sea-Going Ships

   The Russian Maritime Register of Shipping Rules, the electronic version of printed document. The set consists of three parts. The Rules cover all important aspects of classification, ship hull and equipment, subdivision and stability, fire protection, boilers, pressure vessels and heat exchangers, materials and welding, hull systems and piping, ship automation, refrigerating plants, hull structure and strength of glass-reinforced plastic boats and ships, distinguishing marks and descriptive notations in the class notation specifying operational and structural particulars of ships.

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The Regulation of International Navigation through the Northern Sea Route

   Today, the natural resources of the Arctic have an increasing value for commercial use resulting from economi, social, geopolitical, industrial, technological, and climate-change factors. That is why the XXI century is often called as a "Century of the Arctic". The NSR, i.e. the Northern Sea Route, is a "national transportation route of the USSR," or "historically developed national transport communication line of the Russian Federation" as is reflected in historical Soviet and now Russian legislation. This waterway has played a crucial role in opening up the Arctic for transport and commercial opportunities. It's important role for the international shipping industry, trade and economics is is rapidly increasing. It was effected by political changes governing its use and information through history. This is evident by contrasting its period of closed access for sailing by foreign flagged vessels in the times of the Soviet Union (thereafter USSR) to it's opening for international navigation after the collapse of the USSR...

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Modern Engineering Mathematics

   The fifth edition of the world famous modern books on math. It provides readers with a complete course of mathematics and will be useful for students regardless of the field of engineering they are studying. Among the topics included in the book there are number, algebra and geometry, an intro to discrete maths, complex numbers, functions, vector and matrix algebra, differential equations, sequences, limits and series; differentiation and integration, Laplace transforms anf Fourier series; probability theory and data handling.

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The New Navy 1883-1922

   The book by one of the internationally recognized experts, Paul Silverstone, is a listing of the ships belonging to the period between 1883 and the World War One. The information provided in the publication is supplemented with the number of photographs. The book includes a list of SP class ships, they are sorted separately by name and by hull number. In addition, there are listings for the US Army ships, NOTs, and the Royal Hawaiian Army. This is the third book of The USN Warship Series - as the name implies, the author covered the fifty-year period of time, 1883-1922...

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The Boat Beneath the Pyramid

   Shem el-Nessim is an ancient Egyptian festival that goes back at least to Ptolemaic times and probably even earlier, the one feast in the crowded Egyptian holiday calendar that unites in celebration the stark and divisive elements of the country - young and old, male and female, rich and poor, Muslim, Copt, Greek, and Jew. Shem el-Nessim means *the sniffing of the breezes' and that is precisely what everyone does, the entire populace rushing out of doors on the First of May for a last breath of fresh air before the hammer of summer's heat stuns the country into silent, submissive lethargy. The rich desert the city to celebrate the holiday on their country estates and the bourgeoisie dance and feast in the poolside gardens of foreign hotels. But, for the impoverished mass of Cairo's population — those who can afford nothing more than the few piastres it costs for a whole family to crowd on the ramshackle city buses - a holiday of this sort means an outing along the narrow, littered stretch of river bank that lies between the coffee-coloured surge of the Nile and the traffic streaming along the riverside corniche behind.

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Design, Testing and Analysis of Offshore Fibre Ropes

   This recommended DNV-GL practice aims to provide recommendations on how to document that offshore fibre ropes for delivery will be fit for purpose. It provides general recommendations and information pertaining to synthetic lines intended for offshore use. The recommended practice addresses three main areas: design of synthetic lines for intended offshore use, testing of performance characteristics for synthetic lines, and analysis of synthetic lines as part of an integrated system. It provides recommendations for design, testing and analysis of synthetic lines for use in offshore mooring systems as described in DNVGL-OS-E301, deepwater deployment and recovery systems as described in DNV-OS-E407, and other offshore applications.

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Handbook of Small Electric Motors

   The intent of this publication prepared by Wiiliam and Alan Yeadon is to provide necessary and valuable information on the design approaches, operating theory, practical design approaches, and the methods of manufacture for the most common motors that are in use today. The authors We have tried to meet the declared intent of the book by including as much information on small electric motors as possible. Though the universe of motor information is really huge, most of the available information is outdated. Thus, it is apparent that some information have had to be left out. As a result, this book will servse as a complete information source for the design, manufacture and application of small electric motors (less than 10 hp). It provides readers with the comprehensive induction to the basics of such motors and gives detailed coverage of 17+ types of electric motors and drives.

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The Baltic Code 2014

   The present latest release of the Baltic Code contains necessary guidance for shipbrokers; it is based on the distilled experience of Baltic Exchange members collected during many past years. The Code was last updated in February 2014. It is aimed to cover all the basic principles of shipbroking and to highlight the wide range of unacceptable practices. Among the areas covered herein there are the misrepresentation of authority, the withholding of commission, holding multiple ships or cargoes firm, unsolicited offers, disbursements, subjects, market info and contractual obligations...

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Westronics Branded Products Catalogue

   This product catalogue presented by Westronics is fact consists of eight separate booklets providing all necessary information and addressing count relays - SBCR series, diode units - DU-05/10/15/25/110A, ground monitors - protection for AC/DC systems and AC low/high voltage motors, group annunciators - SA/SBGA series, line fault detectors - LFD series, electric motor controllers - SMC 500/500B series, power supply units - SA-132/250/520/960, slim timers and voltage sensors produced by Westronics, one of the world leaders in the industry.

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The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language

   Here is another excellent source for all learners of English. The author of this Encyclopedia impressed readers with the combination of intellectual open-mindness, very elegant erudition, and conciseness. Every topic in this book fits into a two-page spread. That is why the result is like potato chips: it is a very easy read, and the reader simply can't help but reading "just one more spread". Another impressive component of this Encyclopedia is it's intellectual integrity. The book is organized thematically in several segments covering the history of the English language, English vocabulary, English grammar, spoken and written English, how people learn English, and new ways to study English. There is an excellent glossary provided in one of the appendixes...

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Radio Aids to Marine Navigation 2015 - Pacific and Arctic

   Another publication officially released by CCG (Canadian Coast Guard) - this one covers Pacific and Arctic. Brief contents as follows: Foreword (advance notices, communication frequemcies, general info on marcom and traffic services centre listings, JRCC, regional office addresses, NOTSHIP issuing authorities etc.), Facilities information (marcom and traffic services centres, RACONS, bridge operations etc.), VTS (responsibilities, communications, traffic clearance, zone application and description, tanker exclusion zone, reporting requirements, zone schedules), General (systems, procedures, services), Marine and ice warning and forecast programs (description of programs, buoys program, PMOs, VOS program, NAVTEX, CIS, Northern Canada, Pacific Coast)...

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Revisions in the concept of commencement of laytime and demurrage - Laytime and Demurrage Clauses in International Sale Contracts

   Today, sea transportation plays a significant role in the international transport of raw and mineral materials, in addition to other types of goods. This is partially due to the huge distance between the supply and demand markets as well as the nature of global trade. Because of the diversity in demands in the field of carriage of goods in national and especially international markets, different types of sea transportation contracts are required to fulfil distinct demands. Generally, two different types of contracts of affreightment exist : 1) Bills of lading and 2) charterparties which are governed by a specific legal framework and different provisions. Various forms of charterparties have their own provisions, legal framework and standard forms. One of the most commonly used form of charterparties is voyage charterparty based on which the charterer charters the vessel to carry cargo from agreed port or ports to determined port or ports, hi voyage charterparty, every act which is related to management, crewing. supplying the fuel and paying for it. port charges and every other necessary issue concerning the carriage of goods by the vessel and its operation, remains in the hands of the ship-owner, in return, the charterer has the duty to pay the freight and provide the cargo based on the contract.

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The Price of Admiralty - The Evolution of Naval Warfare

   This book is one of the early classics by John Keegan. In his publication, the author did his best to closely analyze the most famous naval battles of the past. He excels in presenting very concise and clear descriptions. It will definitely be very pleasant not to be burdened with lots of terminology for any land-rubber. It is really a great work for general readers of this subject as the book is very easy to read and understand. Even after more than twenty-five years this book remains as fresh today as it was when first introduced in 1988.

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The Ships of Abel Tasman

   This book is written for model builders and furthermore for anyone who wants to form an idea of some of the types of ships, which our ancestors used to navigate the seas. It is a fortuitous spin-off from a commission by a group of Dutchmen, who had emigrated to New Zealand, to build two historic ship models. On the occasion of the 350th anniversary of the discovery of the island by Abel Tasman, they decided to offer these two model ships of the daring seafarer to the newly opened Hobson's Wharf Maritime Museum located in Auckland. Reconstructions of past vessel do help people to form a visual image of Dutch nautical history: the over-wintering of Willem Ba-rentsz on Nova Zembla, the Batavia which was wrecked on the coast of Australia, De Ruyter in the four-days battle, Piet Heyn who captured the Silver-Fleet and Abel Tasman who sailed around Australia, all occurrences for which we would like to have a notion of the ships involved. The following text is the product of a hand in hand co-operation of the builder of the models, Ab Hoving and the draughtsman, Cor Emke, who has painstakingly followed and recorded the building process. Peter Sigmond, head of the department of Dutch I listory of the Rjjksmuseum Amsterdam and co-author of the book Dutch Discoveries of Australia describes the historic setting of Tasman's voyage of discovery in the first chapter. Here the reader finds copies of the original illustrations from the extract-journal of Abel Tasman.

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The Sea Story - Megapack - 30 Classic Nautical Works

   This collection of the classic sea stories consists of thirty best nautical works written by the world famous writers including Robert Louis Stevensom, Victor Hugo, Charles Wesley Sanders, Morgan Robertson, Jack London and others. The titles include "The extraordinary adventure of a chief mate", "The sea fogs", "The brain of the battle ship". "The striped chest", "The cruise of the Shining Light", "The adventures of Billy Topsail", "Ghost lanterns", "A fight with a cannon", "The battle of the monsters", "The trade-winds", "Salvage", "The ship that saw a ghost", "The rime of the ancient mariner", "Between the millstones" and others. An excellent set of books for easy reading.

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Stability and Safety of Ships - Risk of Capsizing   The appearance of new types of naval and commercial vessels with unconventional dynamics in waves made conventional methods of evaluation of dynamic stability unreliable for the most part, as these methods are based on previous experience and statistics. It is well known that the best approach is to use the physically sound solution for ship motion in waves employing Nonlinear Dynamics and theory of stochastic processes. This allows developing new views on different types of stability failures including capsizing in dead ship conditions, surf-riding and broaching, parametric resonance and pure loss of stability on the wave crest. The above approach has defined the increased interest of maritime industry to the problems of ship dynamics. Understanding the importance of these problems motivated IMO to resume discussion on new approaches to intact stability regulations in 2002...

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Shipping Industry Almanac 2014

   The present Almanac is published on the annual basis by by Ernst & Young's global shipping industry network; subject network comprises of the shipping industry experts in more than fifty Ernst & Young member companies. The Shipping Industry Almanac has been keeping readers informed and duly updated for the last seventeen years since the very first edition of this book was published. The publication is intended to provide a summary of the local shipping industry infrastructure as well as regulatory, tax and corporate environments for more than forty countries. The info provided in each country chapter was thoroughly researched and prepared by resident EY industry professionals. At the end of the book you will find a directory of EY shipping industry executives across their service lines of Assurance, Tax, Transactions and Advisory...

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Rules for the Classification, Construction and Equipment of Mobile Offshore Drilling Units and Fixed Offshore Platforms

   Here are the Russian Register Rules covering the classification, construction and equipment of MODUs and FOPs - they are covering both non-self-propelled and self-propelled units as well as drill ships and any kind of floating platforms. The technical requirements contained in this publication shall apply to all machinery installed on board such units, all devices, apparatuses and other equipment, whose normal operating conditions would ensure the required level of safety of the unit/platform as a whole in all modes of operation. All drilling and production equipment and technological solutions related to the safely of drilling and well operations, shall conform with the requirements of state bodies engaged in safety supervision in the oil and gas industry. When performing technical supervision of drilling and process equipment by the Register, use may be made of the Rules for the Oil-and-Gas Equipment of Floating Offshore Oil-and-Gas Production Units, MODUs and FOPs on a voluntary basis. Compliance with the requirements of the Oil-and-Gas Equipment Rules does not relieve of responsibility to meet the state supervisory body mandatory requirements for drilling and process equipment at the stage of its design, manufacture and operation.

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Commercial and Maritime Statutes

   Here is the collection of statutes released by the Informa Law from Routledge and belonging to the Maritime and Transport Law Library series - the intention of the authors of the book was to form a reference point for the maritime, insurance and commercial litigator. In total, thirty-five statutes have been included in this collection, some of them contain commentary, the lisy of key cases is also provided in order to aid readers with the proper interpretation of the statute.

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Technical Drawing

   The present publication is one of the most popular classic books on technical drawing - it is intended as a reference book and contains a huge number of problems covering every phase of the technical drawing. This book has been in extensive use during the last twenty-five years in industrial drafting rooms and college classes. The text in the book is supplemented with the illustrations and drawings for better understanding. One of the outstanding features of this edition of the book is the emphasis made by the authors on technical sketching. The chapters of the book address such important areas of technical drawing as mechanical drawing, engineering graphics, piping drafting, lettering, shading, geometrical constructions, cams and gearing, technical shaping and shape description, multiview projection, structural drafting, sectional and auxiliary views, revolutions, shop processes, dimensioning and tolerancing, intersections and develoopments, perspective, and so many more.

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Maritime English - Exercises

   An excellent sourse of terminology and exercises for people willing to improve their knowledge of technical maritime English. Freeboard and load line mark; Deadweight and freight carrying capacity; Theoretical mean draught and draught marks; Ship stability; Free surface effect; Hull strength; Steering system; Steering gears; Rudders; Anchoring equipment; Mooring winches; Mooring guidelines; Hatch covers; Cargo cranes; Lifeboats; Liferafts; Rescue boats; GMDSS; Propulsion systems; Integrated propulsion system; Diesel-electric propulsion; Azimuthing propulsors; Podded propulsors; Voith-Schneider propeller; Diesel engines; Construction of slow-speed engine; Fuel oil systems; Fuel oil separation process; Alfa Laval fuel conditioning module; Filters; Common-rail injection system of slow-speed engines; Garbage disposal; Bilge water system; Oily water separator; Tank cleaning in product tanker; Inert gas systems.

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Marine Radio Operators Handbook

   The present handbook was released by the Australian Maritime College with the intention to provide necessary guidance of radio operators on Australian ships which are compulsorily or voluntarily titled with marine radiotelephony, marine radiotelephony with DSC capability, and/or Inmarsat communications, as per the State or Territory government legislation or at Limited Coast Stations, in particular those operated by marine rescue organisations. We recommend this book for candidates who are going to undertake examination for the Marine Radio Operators Certificate of Proficiency (MROCP) and the Marine Radio Operators VHF Certificate of Proficiency (MROVCP). All requirements and procedures outlined in this volume are based on the International Radio Regulations formulated by the ITU and on provisions that govern the use of radio transmitters in Australia as laid down in the Radiocommunications Act 1992, and on radiocommunications station licence conditions set by the ACMA. It is essential and very important to carefully observe all the procedures that have been covered by this publication to efficiently exchange communications in the marcom service, in particular when the safety of life at sea is concerned...

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