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Security threats come in all shapes and sizes, with different intents, agendas, and motives. Not everyone who wishes to do us harm, is a terrorist. Any unauthorized person with unauthorized access to a vessel has a potential to harm – thieve, hijacker, stowaway, etc. Crew members and officers may be asked to modify their duties once a vessel security plan is in force. In general, they shall be fully aware of all security threats and issues.

They shall arrange for the thorough inspection of the security equipment and reporting on any malfunctioning items. In addition to that, they shall immediately report any suspicious persons, objects and activities. Moreover, they may be assigned additional duties as required by the security plan. There will be different security measures required depending upon the security level, which is set by the port authorities. The security plan will have a graduated table of responsibilities and duties which are appropriate to each of three security levels, and per the ISPS Code.

Another critical implementation is establishing restricted areas and controlling access to those areas. These restricted areas may include, but are not limited to, the following – the navigational bridge, machinery spaces, main and auxiliary steering gear compartments, ventilation and AC systems, systems with direct access to the potable water tanks, pumps, and manifolds, etc.

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Consider this scenario – a bomb threat on the bridge of your vessel. What would you do? Unfortunately, we now live in the time when terror almost routinely includes the use of explosives, threatening commerce, threatening property, and threatening human lives. In this program, we will look into the threat posed by explosives, and preventive measures to minimize that threat. Searching the ship effectively, confronting the explosive device, and the effective planning and response are the integral parts of this training.

Ships are extremely vulnerable to a saboteur using explosives. He poses a different security threat than a stowaway or hostage taker as he will most likely try to remain anonymous and undetected. The explosive threat can be directed against a ship of a particular nationality for political reasons, against a policies or property of a particular shipping company, to sabotage or compromise a sensitive cargo, or to protest a grievance or issue.

The availability of explosive materials makes them extremely attractive for terrorists. As we can see from horrifying headlines, it is often very difficult to stop a terrorist, especially when he is willing to commit suicide to fulfill the mission. Still, there are sensible precautions that crews can take to help prevent explosive attack. First, they have to lock and seal any potentially vulnerable compartments, and watch for any signs of tampering, be especially alert to unusual objects in unexpected places, not touch any suspicious objects or packages – report them immediately…

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Shipping business has always been considered quite a tough one and nowadays it is getting even tougher for the people who depend on it for the living. Seafarers now face the often difficult job of defending their ships against people that desperate whatever the cost to get on board, finding themselves coping with stowaways.

The intention of the authors of this training pack was to raise the awareness of the crew members and officers of this growing problem. This training film will be even more useful when accompanied with this training booklet dedicated to the same problem. Watch this video and be aware of the potential problems connected with the stowaways and the consequences they may have.

Watch it carefully and go through the content of the book to understand the scale of the problems associated with the stowaways, be able to properly search all hidden places on your vessel using the effective strategies, manage stowaways in the effective manner whole way from discovery to final disembarkation, and duly understand all fundamental ethical and legal requirements applicable to their treatment.

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Unfortunately, but it is true that in some parts of our planet the maritime piracy is not a subject only for the history books. Recent increases in a number of vessels being attacked means that ships' crews now need to learn about preventive measures as being prepared can help reduce the risk of an attack. The present educational video film is devoted to the problem of maritime piracy and robbery.

The authors of the film have tried to shed some light on this problem which is becoming more and more serious, threatening people and making the international maritime shipping more and more dangerous occupation. Watch this film and you will know much more about the current situation in provision of shipping safety, understand the real difficulties and dangers faced by the mariners of today and think about the potential remedies for his global problem.

A good one for the people interested in the maritime industry as it will let them know something which is not elucidated well enough in the classic books on shipping.

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Today, there is a threat to all the seafarers both officers and ratings. That threat is illegal drug dealing. If you work at sea, your risk of contact with drug dealers once you come ashore is high. You are under threat. This is because drug dealers see officers and ratings both as possible customers and possible smugglers. If you become involved as either a customer or a smuggler, you are in trouble. You are staring a criminal career.

You risk not only your own livelihood but you can call severe difficulties for the ship and your colleagues. These are several different groups of the psycholeptic drugs. One is the cannabis group. Cannabis also known as marijuana or hashish can be sold either as the leaves of the cannabis plant or as a more concentrated residue. The leaves are usually smoked either on their own in a pipe or mixed with tobacco.

The resin is also usually smoked, often mixed with tobacco. Using this drug can lead to laughing without apparent reason. Other effects include changes in perception of space and time, reduced learning ability and memory. Your reflexes are slowed down. Taking this drug leads to increased risk of infection in the nose, mouth and lungs. It can aggravate or cause heart and lung condition such as asthma; in both men and women it affects sexual organs, interfering with sperm and egg production...

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The main declared objective of the present training program was to demonstrate to the trainees the use of the shipboard emergency plan. This plan is also referred to as a contingency plan. The training starts with the rationale for the ship's emergency/contingency and then proceeds to the definition of what shall be contained in the plan; it also defines the essential stages in responding to the emergencies occurring at sea.

The developers of the training module tried to emphasize that is absolutely mandatory for all ship officers to have good and clear understanding of the emergency or contingency plan of their vessel. And getting deep understanding of the plan can obviously be achieved only through very good and thorough training supplemented with regularly conducted practical exercising of the content.

Particular attention has been paid in the program to the interaction between the master of the ship and the emergency party as well as between the ship, office and relevant coastal authorities. The training is recommended to all ship officers taking into account that the people who have gone through its content carefully will get some basic understanding of all important aspects; that is why this video may be used as part of their training.

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When the ship is underway, the importance of watchkeeping on the bridge is easy to see. Put simply, the officer has responsibility to ensure that the ship is safe, following the planned course and is avoiding the surrounding hazards. This is achieved only with good situational awareness. Once alongside, those responsibilities do not change. The ship must still be kept safe, all the surrounding hazards must be avoided and the operations on board must be going as planned.

Good situational awareness is equally important. Many things can go wrong – there are threats to the safety of the ship and to the safety of the individuals on board. Given this importance and the threats and risks while alongside, then it becomes clear that good watchkeeping in port is as important as good watchkeeping at sea, possibly even more important.

Your company procedures, the Master’s standing orders and chief officer’s instructions will be provide the basis for the duties of the watchkeeping officer in port. This video is going to examine some aspects of this task. It is recommended to be watched by all people on board and particularly those assigned the responsibility of watchkeeping as it will let them better understand all relevant aspects and concentrate on the most important things.

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This video is fully devoted to the contemporary problem of maritime piracy and security of the vessels and their crew at sea. An ever increasing number of incidents of piracy occurring at sea, drug smuggling and stowaways has hit the international press in recent times.

The governments together with the international organizations are seriously concerned with the safety of merchant shipping and they are all urgently turning their attention to finding a right and effective security measures at sea. We would definitely recommend the present video film to the policy makers, workers of the shipping companies, crew members of the sea-going vessels and in fact every single participant of the shipping industry.

The information presented in the film will also be of interest for the students taking into account the way the information is passed. In fact, there are not too many videos addressing this important issue so use this opportunity, watch this one and better save it for future reference and demonstrating to others.

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