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A Guide to Contingency Planning for the Gas Carrier Alongside and within Port Limits

   The purpose of the present guide is to provide a thorough reference which might be useful to port authorities as well as operating management of liquefied gas carriers and terminals in reviewing or developing their planning in order to minimize the possibility of accidents. The book will also be helpful in controlling the consequences of such accidents happening within the port limits.This second (revised) edition takes into account the STCW Convention and SOLAS IX as well as the ISM Code. It covers ships in transit and operation, ships alongside, public relations and periodic review.

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Incinerator Unit Type OSV - 360 SAI Finished Plan and Instruction Book

   The document pack for OSV - 360 SAI incinerator includes following data: drawing list; general information; table of control and safety; flow chart of incinerator; flow sheet; incinerator unit - drawings; list of spares and tools; operation; troubleshooting; maintenance; waste oil burner; oil flow sheet; waste oil pump; electro-pump; thermo comnroller; pressure switch for fan pressure.

Marine Claims - A Guide for the Handling and Prevention of Marine Claims

   It is typical of our times and typical of the diverse man that Captain Christof Luddeke should have recognised the value and need for this book which so effectively covers the full scope of maritime operations. Typical of the man, who has such a special range of personal expertise and experience in the shipping industry, is the fact that in this book he recognises emphatically the aggregate value of the skills and knowledge of others and the need to make them both available and digestible. As leader of his team, whose individual reputations speak for themselves, his was the key role in judging what to include and, more importantly, what to omit. Typical of our times, the maritime industry in all its aspects, requires, now, as perhaps never before, professionalism of the highest order. Technology insists that data is available at once. Captain Luddeke has led his team of contributors to the common goal of providing immediately available information and expert comment. None of us can be expert in every maritime aspect and we each need help from others to be able to provide what commerce currently demands of us, whatever our individual area of professional responsibility. The first edition of this book, published in 1993, identified the requirement we all have for accurate information and expertise. That need grows daily and will never diminish, as this second edition exemplifies. This book gives us the comfort and confidence the better to do our job, whether it is ship operator, P & I manager, P & I correspondent, average adjuster, broker, surveyor or lawyer. Whatever our particular area of responsibility, we will be grateful for it. In presenting this book, Christof Luddeke classically represents the sentiment that anything can be achieved as long as the credit is shared.

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Splicing Instruction Manual

   Here is a big, detailed, and very thorough instruction book which will be very useful and interesting to anyone willing to learn how to splice ropes. You will get to know how to do it in professional manner. The book covers a huge number of strands, eye splices, round plants, long splices, rope to chain connections. One part of the publication is dedicated to the tools required for splicing. The manual was prepared by SamsonRope.

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KGW Double Deck Crane EH 2x25t - 22m for Lo-Ro –°arrier

   This KGW deck crane documentation pack covers the following - technical data, supplies, control, double crane operation, switchgear and sensors, programmable logic control, hardware, software, valve current generation, fault removal and fault announcement device, emergency operation, maintenance, wiring diagrams, spare parts lists for electric system.

LNG Transfer Arms and Manifold Draining, Purging and Disconnection Procedure

   This is the official publication by SIGTTO dedicated to the liquid natural gas transfer and manifold purging, draining and disconnection procedure. It was released in 2012 and includes introduction, principal objective, overview, conclusions, two annexes (with example procedure), and cargo arms and manifolds draining and purging procedure.

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World Cruising Routes

   Since this book was first published in 1987 I have received many positive comments and also some very valuable suggestions from sailors using it. Although in recent years I have not been able to sail as much as I would have liked, mainly because of my involvement with the various sailing events which I organise, it is this very involvement with all those hundreds of active sailors which has provided a rich and constant source of information on new cruising areas, unusual weather conditions, or less frequented sailing routes. I have also benefitted from the first hand experience gained during the first EUROPA Round the World Rally, some of which I sailed in my own La Aventura. All this information, gained both directly and indirectly, has been incorporated in this revised and expanded edition. By far the most important change that has occurred since this book was first published is the almost total dependence on satellite navigation in offshore sailing. Therefore all routes have been thoroughly revised in light of the ascendancy of satellite navigation. To simplify the planning of individual routes essential waypoints are listed. Several new routes have also been added as boats venture further afield and new cruising grounds are being discovered. Landfall information, as well as main ports of entry are also included to assist the planning of each passage from the beginning to its successful end. In many places routes have been regrouped by bringing together all routes originating from the same country or group of islands. For the sake of clarity, every such group has its own sketch map, so all sketch maps have been redrawn and now show not just the route itself but also the main distances.

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Liebherr Cargo Deck Crane CBW 40 29,5 ST Instruction and Maintenance Manual and Technical Information

   This is a pack of technical documentation relating to the operation and maintenance of Liebherr CBW 40 cargo deck crane. It consists of three documents. First is the instruction and maintenance manual covering general description and maintenance issues. The second file contains technical information, description of hydraulic functions, emergency operations and complete set of drawings. The last, third, document, contains photos wihth hydraulic symbols, pressure limitation, direction valves, hydraulic motors, hoisting , slew and luff gear etc.

Deep Marine Mineral Resources

   Major industrial developments are based on the availability of energy and minerals: iron in the 19th century, aluminium and copper in the 20th century, silicon and high-tech metals for the past twenty years. Today, glowing tensions are emerging between mineral availability and global requirements, especially in major industrial countries, which continue to rise in number and force. China's growth alone accounts for half of the rise in demand for base metals since 2000. Given the risks for Europe of supply shortages of strategic metals used in many high-tech industries, or even of certain common metals such as copper, it has become necessary to actively explore the potential of deep-sea mineral resources (DSMR). as a possible source in addition to known deposits on land. It is with this as a backdrop that I decided to launch a study, in September 2009. on this subject with a 2030 vision, focusing on the needs of France and Europe. France boasts a vast ocean territory, technological resources and long recognised skills in deep-sea exploration: it is therefore important that France continues to be a major player in this exploration, especially at a time when the conditions governing industrial development of this sector are being defined. Over twenty French partners, representing the sector's main players, were involved in this year-long study. I would like to thank them most sincerely for their investment in this collective effort. The issues addressed were both numerous and complex, as they concerned changes in the legal framework, supply and markets. the types of deep-sea geological sites liable to be exploited, the possible technologies and then impacts, all in an environment that remains poorly known and difficult to access.

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Vessel-Source Marine Pollution

   Foreword; Tables of convertions, EU instruments, IMO guidelines and resolutions, domestic legislatiomn, miscellaneous instruments, international tribunals and courts; Abbreviations; The regulation of vessel-source pollution in its eco-political context and the international legislative process; The future of regulation.

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NOV AmClyde Model 52 Crane Operation and Maintenance Manual

   This manual officially released by National Oilwell Varco gives all necessary information for the recommended day-to-day operation and maintenance of the subject equipment. It has been written for the original design application of the AmClyde crane. Should the application of the crane change, the maintenance and operationprocedures and information could change, as well. The manual should not be considered a substitute for any comprehensive operator and maintenance training. Please read it thoroughly and make sure you completely understand this manual, equipment functions and safety features prior to operating or doing maintenance to the equipment. Foreword; Safety; Description of crane and controls; Crane operation; Tuggers; Maintenance; Specifications.

Fire Down Below

   This is a very short, just two-minute-long video prepared by Walport.

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A Contingency Planning and Crew Response Guide for Gas Carriers Damage at Sea and in Port Approaches

   This Guide which applies to gas carriers both at sea and in port approaches was released by the working group with the assistance from members of OCIMF (Oil Companies International Marine Forum), ICS (International Chamber of Shipping), SIGTTO (Society of International Gas Tanker & Terminal Operators) and ISU (International Salvage Union). It is aimed to provide a thorough reference useful to operating managements of gas ships in reviewing or developing their contingency planning. The contingency plans supplement the SOPEP required for all ships >400 GT as per MARPOL Annex I.

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The Grammar Cracker - Unlocking English Grammar

   Letters - alphabet, pronounciation, spelling, capitalization, shortcuts, exercises; Parts of a word - word analysis, syllables, exercises; Words - etymology, parts of speech, related words, exercises; Almost a sentence - phrases, clauses, figures of speech, exercises; Parts of a sentence - sentence elements, diagramming, exercises; Sentences - sentence classification, types of sentences, punctuation, exercises; More than a sentence - sayings, paragraphs, exercises; Essays, articles and books - theme, writing style, outlining, structure, proofreading/editing, exercises.

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NMS 6000 Dynamic Positioning System Operations and Maintenance Manual

   This operations and maintenance manual describes the hardware, software, and operational capabilities of the Nautronix, Inc. Marine System Model 6000, (NMS6000), Dynamic Positioning (DP) System. The manual provides instructions for using the system and any associated sub-systems, such as sensors, computers, and signal processing equipment. Additionally, the manual provides information on system casualty troubleshooting, and corrective actions, and system test and maintenance procedures. The NMS6000 DP System controls vessel thrusters to maintain the vessel at specific heading and/or position goal setpoints, despite environmental forces that would tend to drive the vessel off-station.

Drafting of LNG Charters

   My topic today is the drafting of LNG charters. This may seem a bit of a dull topic but I would ask you to bear in mind that the charter hire for a new generation LNG vessel is around US$28 million per annum! Charters are often for 25 years, so it is important to get the drafting right. This is obviously a big topic and I will therefore concentrate on certain areas - the type of charter used, the relationship between the Owner, the Charterer, the Builder and the Banks, particular points to look for in long term charters, and dispute resolution - always important to a lawyer, but also to the client. First of all a little background. LNG is a rapidly growing market and in the area which I have some particular expertise, Qatar, there are interests in over 75 LNG vessels both built and to be delivered in the next few years. Traditionally, LNG chartering was done on the basis of an individual project, the sale contract was entered into between the Seller and the Buyer, LNG vessels were built to service that particular project and were on long term charter to the Charterer or an Affiliate of the Charterer. That has now begun to change, although I, personally, think it a little too early to talk about there being a spot market for LNG. There are now Contracts of Affreightment, short term time charters, voyage charters, cargo swaps and single cargo contracts. However, I think that the focus is still on the long term time charter and therefore that is what I am going to talk about today.

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Convert 4.1 - Engineering Unit Converter

   The Convert 4.1. is the simple engineering converter. It does neet any installation on your computer. This converter free and very easy to use. It can convert the most popular units of length, temperature, time, speed, force, mass, density, and many others. You may even create your own units and conversion rates. The program will work on all MS Windows systems.

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Mitsubishi Hydraulic Deck Crane 25-30T Finished Plan and Instruction Manual

   This is a document pack for two Mitsubishi cranes including Spares and tools list; Instruction manual; Reference drawings; Record of inspection; Recommended oil table; After service net. the instruction manual, in turn, includes such parts as Principal particulars and working condition, Construction and main materials, Safety device, Crane equipments, Spare parts and tools, Shop test, Estimating scope and beyond estimating scope; Drawings and documents to be forwarded, General, Reservation of design change, Warranty.

The Marine Steam Engine

   The full name of this classical and rare publication by Richard Sennett and Henry J. Oram is The Marine Steam Engine - A Treatise for Engineering Students, Young Engineers, and Officers of the Royal Navy and Merchantile Marine. Just imagine, it was published in London in 1898! However, most of the material presented inside, is still actual and very well explained. In 2007, the book was digitized by the Internet Archive sponsored by Microsoft Corporation.

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ABBYY Lingvo v2.0 Build for Android

   This is the version of the ABBYY Lingvo electronic dictionary for Android. It has the multilingual user interface and does need any cracks or codes to activate. ABBYY Lingvo is a very popular translator. The only thing you need to do is to type a word and press Search - you will then get a full explanation and all possible variants of meaning and usage. The Sound file is included so the program is able to pronounce the words. For proper installation and correct work, all files should be placed into corresponding folders in the archive.

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Report on the Effects of Fire on LNG Carrier Containment Systems

   Current LNG transportation practice provides for pressure relief systems, designed with credit for the tank's insulation in order to to prevent gas cargo pressurisation due to boil-off and fire, as per IMO IGC Code 8.5. However, it is uncertain to what extent any insulation degradation, in a fire situation, is taken into account in the design of PRV systems. As foam plastic insulation materials are subject to possible melting, degradation and/or ignition at temperatures lower than might be achieved during such fire exposure, there is concern that the PRV systems may not be capable of relieving the vapour flows that would result from the increased boil-off due to partial or total insulation failure. This SIGTTO publication covers following matters - the origins of the IGC Code, fire scenarios, LNG carrier pressure relief systems, simplified reapplication of the Code for loss of insulation, heat transfer into the tank; time based heat transfer, response of insulation materials to heat, and others.

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Pump Characteristics and Applications

   In fact, every a pump is a machine that is used for moving liquid through a piping system and raising its pressure. Pumps can be also defined as machines using several energy transformations in order to increase the pressure of the fluid. The electricity is commonly used for powering an electric motor; however, there are some alternative forms of energy used to power the driver like fuel oil powering a diesel engine, high-pressure steam driving a steam turbine, high-pressure hydraulic fluid to power a hydraulic motor, and compressed air to drive an air motor. The present publication jas been dedicated to the pumps and covers following major aspects of pumping technology - introduction; hydraulics, selection, and curves; special hydraulic considerations; types and applications of centrifugal pumps; sealing systems; sealless pumps; life-cycle costs and energy conservation; special pump-related topics; installation, maintenance and operation; major pump suppliers in the US; conversion formulae.

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A Simple Step-by-step Introduction to Using a Sextant for Navigational Purposes

   As the name implies, this training software is intended to aid people trying to improve their skills in using sextant for navigation. No need for any cracks or activation codes. The program will run on every computer system provided there is any internet browser installed. Have a look at this program as it will definitely be of great use for you. The training program was released by Dreipunkt-Verlag in 2006.

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NMF Crane DK II 45T 45027.5-35032.2 Instruction Manual

   What is worth knowing about this operation manual; Description of this crane; Safety issues; Operation; Monitoring, failure, troubleshooting and elimination; Maintenance and repair; Functional description of hydraulic; Hoisting the brakes in case of emergency; Illustration; Spare parts; Subcontractor documentation; Drawings.

Pipe Flow - A Practical and Comprehensive Guide

   This book provides practical and comprehensive information on the subject of pressure drop and other phenomena in fluid flow in pipes. The importance of piping systems in distribution systems, in industrial operations-and in modern power plants justifies a book devoted exclusively to this subject. The emphasis is on flow in piping components and piping systems where greatest benefit will derive from accurate prediction of pressure loss. A great deal of experimental and theoretical research on fluid flow in pipes and their components has been reported over the years. However, the basic methodology in fluid flow textbooks is usually fragmented, scattered throughout several chapters and paragraphs; and useful, practical information is difficult to sort out. Moreover, textbooks present very little loss coefficient data, and those that are given are desperately out of date. Elsewhere, experimental data and published formulas for loss coefficients have provided results that are in considerable disagreement. Into the bargain, researchers have not accounted for all possible flow configurations and their results are not always presented in a readily useful form. This book addresses and fixes these deficiencies.

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