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Modelling of Marine Systems

   Mathematical models of marine systems developed in the recent years very extensively. Such models were either research models, which aimed at a better understanding of the systems' dynamics, or they were management models designed to assist the administration of water resources and the fight against pollution. Initially, the models concentrated on physical, chemical or biological processes according to their particular concerns. Then, the increased threat on the environment requiring a more thorough understanding of ecosystems, the models were extended, in an effort to overlap the frontiers between the disciplines and include imperatives from other fields. Exhaustive multidisciplinary models were conceived which were sometimes praised sometimes criticized for their ambition. The prodigious development of numerical techniques and computing facilities, recently, supported the idea that such ambitious models were not unrealistic and could provide a convenient framework for the rational assemblage of the so far dispersed partial models. The book consists of three major parts covering concepts and techniques of marine modelling, the present state of marine modelling, and reports of the working groups and recommendations for future work, correspondingly.


MaK M43 Type Engine Operating Instructions

   Another files compilation of technical documentation consisting of operation instructions for three MaK type marine diesel engines. These are very important documents covering initial operation instructions, operational supervisio, running-in and fault tracing, various regulations and recommendations (engine lube oil, effective corrosion inhibiting agents and oils, suitable fresh water etc.), emergency operation and many other issues. Will be of great use for crew members dealing with the operation and maintenance of such diesel engines as the thorough and comprehensive source of valuable information.

Structural Steelwork Analysis and Design

   Strength of materials - bending stress in beams, Shear stress in beams, Torsional shear stress, Strain energy in axial load, bending, torsion, and shear; Theory of structures - Polygon of forces, Equations of equilibrium, Internal forces, Bending moment and shear force, Influence lines, Matrix methos of structural analysis, Structural dynamics, Analysis of plates, Methods of plastic analysis; Analysis of structures. Worked examples - 1. Roof truss, 2. Continuous beam, 3. Frame structure, 4. Analysis of a hingeless arch, 5. Yield-line analysis of a rectangular plate, 6. Seismic analysis of a tall cantilever structure, 7. Plastic analysis of a pitched portal frame; Design of structures - Principal issues, Material grade selection and section type selection, Manufacturing process, Check list of actions and design considerations, ultimate limit state design; Design of struts - Axial capacity of a column or a strut, Types of failure, Design basis, Step-by-step design procedure, Worked examples; Design of ties - Principal issues, Design basis, Combined axial tension and bending moment, Step-by-step design of members in tension, Examples; Design of beams - Principal issues, Design basis, Step-by-step design of beams, Examples, Beams subject to torsion; Design of composite beams and columns - Composite beams, Composite columns; Connections in steelwork - Bolted connections, Welds and welding, Notched beams, Beam-to-beam connection, Column bases, Examples; Corrosion problems; Material properties.

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Introduction to Pipe Stress Analysis

   The text of this book by Sam Kannappan contains many illustrations, tables, examples, and code equations. Worked out example problems are included in this publication in order to assist the reader in understanding the principles discussed in each of the chapters. Exercises and references are given at the end of each chapter. Piping analysis topics, such as support stiffness, overlapping, decoupling of branch lines, wind loads, and other advanced topics, are covered in another book by Sam Kannappan, entitled Advanced Pipe Stress Analysis. In this book author concentrated on such important issues as pipe stress analysis itself, design of pressure components, pipe span calculation, ANSI & ANSI codes, expansion loops and joints, flanged joints, piping connected to nonrotating/rotating equipment, nuclear components code, and some special topics.

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Submarine Power Cables - Design, Installation, Repair, Environmental Aspects

   This book was written by Thomas Warzyk, who is the author of numerous journal articles and holder of patents in his field. The publication was released with the intention to convey a basic knowledge of the design, manufacture and installation aspects of submarine power cables. The following major issues were addressed in this book - Application of submarine power cables; Design elements of submarine power cables; Accessories of the cables; Manufacturing and testing; Marine survey; Installation and further protection of SPC; Damages and their repair; Operation, maintenance, and reliability reliability; Environmental issues; Some anecdotes; Useful tables.

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Industrial Machinery Repair

   Why use best maintenance repair practices; Maintenance skills assessment; Fundamental requirements of effective predictive and preventive maintenance; Safety first, safety always; Rotor balancing, chain drives, bearings, control valves, compressors, dust collectors, conveyors, couplings; Gears and gearboxes; Fans, blowers, and fluidizers; Hydraulics; Lubrication; Machinery installation; Agitators and mixers; Seals and packing; Precision measurement; Pumps; V-belt drives; Steam traps; Maintenance welding.

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Marine Ecological Geography - Theory and Experience

   Ecological and geographic info model of marine basin; Mathematical modeling of marine ecosystems - geo- and eco-aspects; H2S zone in the open Black Sea - mechanisms of formation, dynamics, evolution and present state; Seasonal H2S zones of the NW Black Sea shelf - their dynamics, nature and prediction; Gas production on the NW shelf of the Black Sea - scales, geo- and eco-conditions, consequences, forecast; Geo- and eco-assessment of coastal zone on the Russian Black Sea aquatory as a mariculture development region; Geo- and eco-information model - "Portrait" of the Black Sea Kerch Strait; Wreck of the tanker Volgoneft-139, Kerch Strait (November 11, 2007); Total conclusions.


Fundamentals of Petroleum Engineering - Drilling Operations

   The present training material was prepared by the Department of petroleum Engineering of Malaysian University of Technology. It is intended to help newcomers to the industry to familiarize themselves with the basic aspects of the ofshore drilling operations. Seven major parts of this presentation are as follows: Introduction - drilling team, function of drilling engineer, Types of oil rigs - land rigs and ofshore drilling rigs, Rotary drilling - prime movers, hoisting, rotating and circulating equipment, Well control, Drilling procedure, Directional drilling, and Drilling problems.

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MaK M32 Type Engine Operating Instruction

   This compilation consists of operation instructions for three engines, all MaK M32 type. Each of the instructions covers technical engine data, operating instructions for the engine including safety issues and operational supervision as well as fault tracing and emergency operation, operating media, maintenance aspects and catalogue of spare parts. They are must have publications since they include all necessary guidelines and notes for proper handling and maintenance of the engine plant.

Machinery's Handbook

   For more than hundred years of its continuous publication, this book has always served as thep principal and thorough reference book in facilities dealing with mуtalworkimd as well as design and manufacturing; it was also widely used in technical colleges and schols all over the world. During this time, the ultimate aim of the authors and editors was to create a practical and comprehensive tool which would combine most essential and basic aspects of manufacturing practice. This tools was supposed to be used same was as the other tools were used, and to assist in making and repairing products of high quality, at the lowest costs and, of course, in the shortest possible time. Chapters of this book cover the following: dimensions and areas of circles; chords, segments, hole circles, spheres; formulas & their rearrangement; spreadsheet calculations; calculations involving logarithms; dimensions, areas, and volumes of geometrical figures; geometrical prepositions and constructions; functions of angles; solution of right-angle and oblique triangles; figuring tapers; tolerances and allowances for machine parts; using standards info and data; standard pipe and screw threads; problems in mechanics; strength of materials; design of shafts and keys for power transmission; splines; problems in designing and cutting gears; speeds, feeds, and machining power; numerical control; how to use interactive math; conversion factors...

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MaK M25 Type Engine Operating Instruction

   Engine Operating Instructions - Total Index Book A/B/C, Introduction, Safety Instructions; Technical Engine Data - Governor Data, Working Pressures of Auxiliary Equipment, Temperatures of Operating Media, Torsional Vibration Analysis, Acceptance Test Records; Operating Instructions - Table of Contents, Introduction, Safety Instructions, Instructions for Heavy Fuel Operation, Initial Operation, Operational Supervision, Removal from Operation, Danger of Frost, Running-in, Fault Tracing, Emergency Operation; Operating Media - Regulations and Care; Maintenance; Tools; Spare Parts Catalogue; Stand-by Parts; External Documentation.

Advances in Marine Antifouling Coatings and Technologies

   It is well known from the marine history that from the very beginning of the navigation, the marine fouling, i.e. growth of various aquatic organisms on the ships underwater parts was always considered a very serious problem. This book is aimed to address some key aspects of the technologies of development and application of the anti-fouling coatings intended to protect the ships hull. The following has been covered in this publication: Marine fouling organisms, their impact on the hull, chemically active marine antifouling technologies, development of antifouling coatings and their testing, various surface approaches to the control of marine bio-fouling.

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Motor Control Fundamentals

   The word "motors," as stated in the title, represents a diverse and complicated topic of study. There are many different types of motors, and several different methods of converting electrical energy into rotating mechanical energy via electromagne-tism. The focus of this book is to understand the basics of electromagnetic induction theory, three-phase motor theory, single-phase induction motors theory and operation, common motor control circuit schemes and diagrams, and providing information on magnetic relays and contactors, overload units, magnetic motor starters and motor starter circuits, two- and three-wire motor controls, control circuits, variable-frequency drive principles, practice circuits for connecting the actual motor control circuit components from ladder diagrams. This book will mainly cover single- and three-phase induction motors because they constitute the vast majority of motors the construction electrician will encounter in the field.

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MaK M453C Project Guide

   This publication was released by Caterpillar in two languages - English and German. It sheds light on the following aspects of M 453 C diesel engine: description, dimensions, central distance and transport, piston and cylinder liner removal, reference conditions for engine rating and fuel oil consumption, required fixed pitch propeller selection and manoeuvering behaviour with such propeller, recommendation for controllable pitch propeller operation, load increment, gas oil/MDO specification, viscosity and temperature diagram, fuel system - low load operation and pier-to-pier operation, lube oil system, cooling water system - flow velocities, starting air system, turbocharging - operation with low air temperature, emergency operation without turbocharger, combustion air and heat radiation, exhaust gas system - position of exhaust gas nozzle, installation exhaust gas pipe, flow resistance, diagram of exhaust condition, exhaust gas silencer, air home and exhaust gas sound, foundation, resilient mounting, coupling components, engine and gearbox, engine-PTO, resilient mounting of genset, required alternator dimensions, genset dimensions, control and remote control, safety system, diagnostic system DICARE, monitoring of main engine, standard acceptance test ru, engine parts, units of measurement and technical data.

The Big Book of English Verbs

   The book you are holding has been intended to provide information on the most important English verbs than any of the other books. It contains comprehensive usage patterns for one hundred fifty-two irregular verbs (all that you will probably encounter), plus four hundred and three of the most commonly used regular verbs: five hundred fifty-five English verbs in all, with more than 14,000 example sentences.

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Surveying and Charting of the Seas

   It is the author's intention that this book serve various purposes, i.e. to give the reader an overall view of the many aspects of the art and science of hydrographic and other types of surveying and charting, while also going deeper into those subjects which seem to require additional attention, or are in need of a more modern approach. Also, where deemed desirable, new subjects have been introduced. At the same time it was considered a necessity not to overlook simpler methods and less complicated equipment, as not every survey vessel has the latest electronic data processing equipment on board with all instruments recording on line. Writing this book has also been done in the hope it will assist hydrographic and other marine surveyors who are faced with the difficult task of starting an efficient hydrographic office and an effective surveying service for their country and who in addition very often have to give guidance to young survey officers, while not having at their disposal the latest sophisticated data collection and processing devices. According to the author there is a need for a treatise which not only discusses the latest equipment and methodologies, but which covers also less complicated instruments and methods to be used in circumstances regularly occurring in daily life on board. As was already said, there are quite a number of handbooks and manuals in which advanced procedures are described related to the science of surveying and charting. What is also needed - and is not overlooked in this book - is advice to the surveyor or hydrographer who urgently needs reliable charts, but who is not (yet) in a position to purchase or to use advanced instruments or equipment. A similar predicament may present itself on board of a naval vessel not especially equiped to carry out hydrographic survey work but, nonetheless, finding itself in need of fast operational surveying in the area of its activities. Also merchant navy officers may, from time to time, be confronted with the need to know more about the water they intend to navigate.

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Hydraulic Basics - Axial Piston Units

   Basic principles - Open and close types of hydraulic circuit; Bent-Axis and Swashplate - principles of design and calculation, Description of function, Rotary group forces, 40 degree tapered piston, Swashplate and Bent-axis rotary groups, Examples of types, Symbols; Components - A selection of typical models from the individual product groups; Standard models of Swashplate and Bent-axis design, Control devices summary.

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MAN B&W DIESEL - S26MC MK 6 Project Guide - Two Stroke Engines

   Engine design; Engine layout and load diagrams, SFOC; Turbocharger choice; Electricity production; Installation aspects; Auxiliary systems; Vibration aspects; Instrumentation; Dispatch pattern, testing, spares and tools; Documentation; Scaled engine outline.

Modern Marine Engineers Handbook and Review Guide

   This book was exclusively prepared to help the Marine Engineers while reviewing the different subjects in preparation for the government licensure examination conducted by the Professional Regulation Commission. It is a compilation of solutions to the problems encountered during the recent examination. There are also exercise questions including an outline to examinees, to serve as an instant refresher on the most fundamental concept and principles in accordance with the scope of the examination usually given by the Board of Examiners at the PRC. It is also a complete practical guide to all apprentice cadet, ship personnel and engineers on board, on the latest technology to bring you the most up-to-date coverage possible of high standard on the job aboardship.

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Who Greens the Waves

   This book is the culmination of my PhD-research project. It explores the environmental governance of shipping and offshore oil and gas production from a historical perspective. During the years in which I have studied especially shipping and offshore oil and gas production, the degradation of the marine environment has entered the political agenda of the European Union and its member states, making it a current topic. I am very happy that this book contributes to these questions of the day and that this policy domain will remain the focus of my research for the years to come. Theoretically, this PhD project embraces a topic that has captured my interest since the start of my academic career: how does international and European environmental policy come about? Why and how do states cooperate with each other to solve environmental issues internationally? When the literature took up 'governance' as a key concept in discussing European and international environmental policy making, a key question became: how do states cooperate with each other in an increasingly multi-actor and multi-level setting? And to what extent does international environmental governance still evolve around the state, or have other actors become more important? When I started this PhD research project, my aims were to find empirical evidence for the shifts in governance from international governmental arrangements to innovative global governance arrangements in which market and societal stakeholders play an important role. A second aim was to find a way out of the conceptual confusion that exists about how to analyze the shift to innovative global governance arrangements and the question who is involved in what way in global policy processes. This book is the outcome of my attempt to achieve these aims.

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MaK M20-M601C Operating Media

   Introduction; Safety instructions; Regulations and care - engine/engine fuel/CCAI-limit curves/limit specification/heavy fuel specification/viscosity temperature sheet/lubricating oil/coolong water/treatment of cooling water/changing the cooling waters/diagram I and II+III.

IMO STCW Convention and STCW Code

   The 2011 Edition of IMO International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers initially released in 1978, supplemented with STCW Code. Also contains the Final Act of the 2010 Conference of Parties. The publication together with annex provide the legal framework for application of the mandatory technical standards contains in STCW Code Part A. The second part, B, provides necessary guidance to assist people who are involved in training, educatng and/or assessing the competence of seafarers. From any point of view, one of the most important and major marine publications crew must have onboard.

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NABCO Adjustment Procedure for MG-800 Governor System

   The file contains various information necessary for proper adjustment of subject governor system. It was released by NABCO Ltd in 2005 and will be of great use for the crew members dealing with the day to day operation and maintenance of this machinery piece. The subject maintenance manual will refer to the normal standard version of the MacGregor ship deck cranes. There may appear some minor differences between individual cranes of the same type, but the general orientation concerning the the hydraulic system arrangement will ofcourse remain the same in all cases so this manual will remain actual and valid in most cases.

Basic Electrical Engineering

   Since the study of аn electrical engineering involves the analysis of the energy transfer from one form or point to another form or point, it is so necessary to discuss the very fundamental ideas of electrical engineering science (such as current resistance, electromotive force and others) prior to starting the actual study of this subject. it is known that the electricity relates with other types of systems like thermal or mechanical. There involves the transfer of electrical energy to different forms of energy or otherwise. To analyse such transfer, it is necessary to revise the S.I. units of measurement of different quantities like work, power, energy etc. in various systems... This book contaings following chapters - Fundamentals of electricity; D.C circuits; Magnetic circuits; Electromagnetic induction; Electrostatics; A.C. fundamentals; Single phase A.C. circuits; Polyphase A.C. circuits; Single phase transformers; Appendix - B-H curve and magnetic losses.

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Nautical Calculators

   Here is the compilation of thirty three nautical calculators collected in one folder for users convenience. These calculators may be used for solving nautical equations as well as conversions and will serve as good reference material for the navigator. Each of the pages represents one self-contained JavaScript program.

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