This package of service documents consists of three folders containing all necessary information on the digital controllers, sensor controllers and temperature controllers produced by Autonics, one of the leaders in the industry. The user manuals for the processor controllers of KPN-series provide the product information, specifications and dimensions, connections, guidelines on preparation and startup, parameter settings and functions, and parameter description by setting group.

The general purpose sensors controllers are presented by PA-10 and PA-12 series - again, the documents pack provides users with the main features, ordering info, unit description and specification, connections and function diagram, operation mode, dimensions and guidance on proper usage. The third pack contains the information on sixteen different series of temperature controllers.

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The Automar thematic network was developed with the specific intention of the authors to foster the Spanish innovation and research activities in the maritime industry aiming to strengthen their role in Europe. Fourteen chapters of the present publication collect the excellent contributions showing quite clearly the level of the scientific knowledge in maritime industrial sector achieved by the Spanish RTD.

We would expect that this publication might serve to promote the related technical knowledge as well as applications of the mechatronic and control systems that are currently being developed. The opening chapter has been dedicated to the latest advances on mechanical and thermal monitoring of the load applied to the marine diesel engines while the second chapter is mainly dealing with the ship pedestrian flow simulation.

And, among the other topics that have been covered within this book there is a good overview of the dynamic positioning systems of vessels, a research on predicting/avoiding the seasickness, a seekeeping laboratory where the experimental control tests can be conducted, identification of the math models for HSC, steering control, underwater robotics and even application of the climbing robots.

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This publication would be recommended to anyone whose working activities imply dealing with the pumping arrangements. The publication covers different types of pumps used in the industry and provides comprehensive and understandable explanations of their working principles and construction. This is a very valuable textbook and reference source giving an excellent general overview of pumping machinery and hydraulics.

The text has been supplemented by numerous informative diagrams, data tables and images included to be of help when explaining the theoretical basics of the pumps and their practical applications. And note that this book is the best choice for those who are willing to understand much more than just a simple pump curve - they fill find all the information they require in one single volume covering the components of the pumps and all technical aspects involved. The material presented in the book is remarkably detailed and technically correct making the book deservedly popular in the industry.

All information provided on the pumps is up-to-date and will benefit any worker involved in mechanical maintenance of the subject machinery. The reader will learn how to properly install and maintain all types of pumps, get the fundamental knowledge of the operating principles and application of the pumps in robotics and other new fields, find some useful installation and troubleshooting tips and all other information. 

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An atlas of maritime history should include not only places and areas of naval interest illustrating alterations in the balance of sea power, but the ports and routes used by merchant shipping, because the latter forms an integral part, indeed is the basis of sea power, properly understood. Moreover, since maritime history is an aspect of economic and political history there must be some indications of the politico-geographical situation at any given point of time.

For such reasons the following maps, together with their explanatory texts and illustrations, aim at displaying the maritime history of the western nations from the time of the Greeks and the Phoenicians to that of the Americans and the Russians of the present day. This atlas is therefore addressed to those who are interested in economic as well as naval history, to those who are concerned with the story of maritime exploration as much as with changing patterns of maritime strategy. It is not a history of tactics (though diagrammatic plans of notable battles from Salamis to Leyte Gulf are included), or of the evolution of the ship, though there are numerous illustrations included in the text.

Rather, it illustrates a series of strategic and commercial situations seen in a geographical aspect. In a work covering such an enormous stretch of time it is obvious that only the most significant places and events can be shown. In the texts which accompany each map one is compelled to paint a broad picture with summary generalizations which may well deserve qualification in detail. I can only trust that the reader will be indulgent enough to accept such inevitable shortcomings and to overlook any minor errors to which the flesh is heir. It is hoped, at least, that he will be able to find the place he is looking for, whether it be Actium, Lepanto. Hampton Roads or Abu Dhabi.

The pageantry of maritime history, the opening of the ocean routes, the battles for supremacy at sea, the voyages of the great explorers and those of the merchant adventurers, whether from the cities of the Hanseatic League, the barracoons of the slave traders or the oil ports of the Persian Gulf, are here delineated.

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The content of the present work is based on the results obtained during the surveys carried out more than decade. All required corrections have been made from land-based and sea visits to the harbors and ports described in the book and using the valuable contributions by yachtsmen visiting those ports and harbors and also from the officially released notices.

Note that the publication contains selected information and data and cannot therefore be considered definitive. It does not cover all selected info and shall not be relied for navigational purposes on alone. The book should rather be used together with other relevant hydrographic information. The author and publishers of this title hope that the information and data contained hereby will serve as the useful practical aid to all navigators.

Note, however, that the safety of the ship depends on the judgment of the Master who shall make all efforts to properly assess all available published and unpublished information. The plans included in this book shall not be used for ship navigation since they have been designed to support the text and it means they are to be used with the charts only. However, the author tried to locate the anchorage and harbor plans adjacent to the corresponding text.

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A fascinating story of the author's adventure in a boat all around the western coasts of the British Isles. This adventure started when he decided to leave his life in a cozy home in Sussex and go for the sea adventure. He has a 42-foot wooden ketch, the Auk, and was accompanied by a friend of him who knew a bit about sailing.

Adam Nicolson - the author of this interesting title - sailed off Cornwall to Scilly and then t western coast of Ireland prior to heading to the Orkney Islands and finally Faroe Islands. Note, however, that the present volume shall not be treated as just a travel journal. The author has written about his yearnings for the sea and open spaces.

There is an excellent and interesting dialogue running all through the content of this book with the author being between the various attractions of home/not home together with the certainties of what one knows and seductions of he or she does not. The publication is filled with the rich experience of the author presented in a very poetic and reflective manner.

This is a story telling readers about the marvels of the Atlantic coast and depicting the portrait of a man who has determined to check what it is all for, being somewhere in the middle of his life. Exceptionally well written book which is quite personal but still panoramic. Highly recommended to all sea lovers.

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This volume is an excellent source of practical guidelines intended to be of use for the engineers, programmers and scientists who require to be dealing with the astronomical predictions or associated calculations. The readers are actually expected to have some mathematical knowledge, more than a basical, therefore this is not the best choice for the beginners.

This cookbook of algorithms provides a huge number of numerical problems commonly coming up in astronomy. The content makes it easy for the readers to use the presented algorithms for coding. Note that you will have to study more than just one chapter of this volume to get full understanding of the astronomical problems because none of them is easy.

The author has focused on the classical math astronomy, though he has also dealt with some of the astronomy-oriented math techniques, for example fitting curves and interpolation, data sorting etc. Astrophysics has not been addressed. Obviously, not all topics of math astronomy can be covered in a single volume so the decision was made by the author to select most important and useful ones for the inclusion in his work. The material is explained in a very clear and precise way helping reader to understand the algorithms.

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All technical definitions that have been included into the present ASTM compilation of the terms are standard definitions that have been published in the terminology standards. This is the latest tenth edition of the dictionary prepared by ASTM International and sponsored by ASTM Committee no. E02 on Terminology.

The book would allow all readers to reference technical terminology developed by different ASTM Committees. It is also intended to facilitate the comparison of technical definitions that have been created by technical subject experts in many different disciplines. There are all almost thirty thousand standard technical definitions contained in the present edition, i.e. over seven thousand new terms when compared to the previous edition.

You will easily get the proper explanation of the technical terminology not commonly found in most technical dictionaries. It makes better and much faster use of the standards developed and released by ASTM, and let the reader know how the given technical fields use the terms.

Each of the definitions contained in this dictionary was written with the professionals active in their field and reflects the sense in which it is used; it also provides the proper designation of the standard in which the term is being referenced and Committee that worked on the standard and developed it.

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