Anchor Manual - The Guide to Anchoring

Author(s) Vryhof Anchors BV
Publisher Vryhof Anchors BV
Date 2010
Pages 188
Format pdf
Size 3 Mb







This manual you are now holding in your hands has been intended to serve as a good means of reference for all people dealing with the maintenance, usage, purchase, and repair or any other activities related to the anchors. Although this publication was prepared from one manufacturers standpoint, the information presented inside of course applies to the majority of marine anchors.

It was our ultimate intention and the whole idea of creating this manual to make a small contribution to the successful work of all who work with anchors. The information contained in the pages o this manual is expected to be of great practical use for the crew members involved in anchoring operations, owing to the great professional experience of the people who worked on the content of the present document.

Of course, the authors understand that the total objectivity is impossible even though they have tried to cover the various types of anchors. After all, the theory and mechanics of the process remain same for all anchors and there are only some construction features that make cause the differences.

The book starts with the description of various mooring systems and components followed by a short historical background. Then the authors proceed to the characteristics of the anchors per type, design of the anchors, their holding capacities, soil classification and other aspects considered important enough to be covered.

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