vessel structural condition

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This training software was specifically developed by Seagull and, as implied by the title, covers vessel structural conditions. It forms a part of the popular and recognized Seagull CBT (i.e. computer based training). The present module will was released with the intention to provide officers and crew with necessary basic understanding of structural risk factors as well as the forces acting on a vessel both internally and externally.

This is critically important for proper maintenance and survey of critical areas of the vessel. The crew members who take this course would significantly improve their theoretical knowledge of the structure of the vessel, forces acting to the hull of the ship, possible hull failures, proper maintenance and protection etc.

The software would also be very useful to the students - future naval architects and ship constructors - who definitely have to possess a good theoretical knowledge of the above stated items, i.e. the program may be used as a good practical supplement to the main training material. In addition to what is stated above, it might be used by all other parties involved in the ship construction, ship repair, design of the future hulls since it addresses the very fundamental topics in the shipbuilding.

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