Celestial Navigation for Deck Officers and for Yachmasters


Henton Jaaback
 Publisher RYA
 Date 2000
 Pages 123+220
 Format pdf
 Size 30.9 Mb

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Two books making this RYA training set contain all required materials. The content of the first book is arranged in two parts; the chapters of the first part cover the sextant, the meridian passage sight and non-meridian passage sight logic, spherical/PHZ triangle, plotting the position lines, position fixing, planets, Moon and stars, the Pole Star, compass checking and Great Circle Sailing plus valuable tips on practical use of the sight reduction tables. The second part of the same book address the meteorology including synoptic charts, berg winds and fog prediction, weather bulletin schedule, passage planning/making, systems of satellite navigation. In addition, it contains the solutions to the examples and extracts taken from nautical almanac and sight reduction tables. The second book of the set continues with the meteorology, additionally covering the coastal effects and weather picture, air masses and winds, clouds and fog, occlusions and storms, navigation areas and revolving storms, plus the list and explanation of the terminology in use and instructions on preparation of the synoptic charts, weather forecasting, thunderstorms, plus several appendices addressing the inversions and fog prediction, berg winds, and also containing the synoptic charts for different regions. General explanation of the satellite navigation systems has also been provided.

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