the practical pumping handbook

Author(s) Ross MacKay
Publisher Elsevier
Date 2004
Pages 281
Format pdf
Size 29 Mb







The useful and practical guidance prepared by the recognized industry professional Ross McKay, who specializes in assisting the industrial companies in reducing both running operating as well as maintenance costs relating to the pumping arrangements and systems, and intended to provide all interested readers with a solid engineering practices related to the pumping systems as well as the useful troubleshooting and pump diagnostics reference.

The publication shall definitely be considered a very practical account of pumping arrangement, seals and pipes - it starts with the basics and presents all required technical information presented in quite accessible way, and it covers nearly all aspects of the whole pumping process and describing what exactly could go wrong. It will be very useful to the people including students and workers of the industry who are willing to improve their knowledge and proper understanding of the construction of pumps together with their working principles in order to minimize the failures that might happen to the equipment in question and reduce the associated time-out.

The book comprises of chapters addressing the centrifugal pumps, pump and system hydraulics, selection and purchasing of the pumps, sealing of the stuffing box, suction condition, bearings, special applications of the pumps etc., covering all relevant aspects.​

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