Dictionary of Disasters at Sea During the Age of Steam


Charles Hocking
 Publisher LR
 Date 1969
 Pages 779
 Format pdf
 Size 6.5 Mb

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A very useful and actually must-have dictionary for any naval history enthusiast. The content of the dictionary has been laid out in the encyclopedic manner, and the ships have been covered in the alphabetical order. Note that the dictionary does not contain any ship drawings or photographic images, this book is rather intended to provide naval historian as well as other interested people with clear facts about the vessels covered in it. Each of the entries in the book starts with a resume of the important technical details about the ship followed with a brief information related to the loss of the subject ship. In some of the cases, this narrative has been limited to few lines that comprise all available information. However, in case of the more famous vessels these narrative portions may run even to several pages. Taking into account that the present volume was initially published by Lloyd's of London, the vessels that have been listed in the book are mainly those insured by Lloyd's. That is the reason why the book does not include some of the famous vessels - they were either insured with some another agency or simply not insured at all. Though some readers might find this fact a bit confusing, it shall be noted that it is next to impossible to cover literally all vessels lost throughout the naval history in a single volume of any size.

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