hitler's u-boat bases

Author(s) Jak P. Mallmann Showell
Publisher Sutton Publishing Limited
Date 2002
Pages 110
Format pdf
Size 68 Mb







There are many U-boat bunkers still dominating their surroundings, so anyone wishing to explore these fascinating relics from Europe's turbulent past will have no great difficulties in finding them. Entering such stalwart fortresses while standing on the decks of the small U-boats that must have been a truly awe-inspiring experience, yet very limited number of images and publications have ever appeared on these massive monstrosities.

The U-Boot-Archiv holds well over 100000 photographs, but there are very few unpublished wartime pictures of the bunkers. Somehow, the fascination which did grow up around the U-boats did not actually stretch as far as embracing these impressive fortresses. The book will be greatly appreciated by the followers of the naval history of Second World War since they will find the answers to the so many questions about the bases where the submarines used to be repaired and replenished.

The book has been found very informative and recommended to the people interested with the history of the World War Two and German submarines participating. According to the numerous customer reviews, this one of the best publications on this matter available today.

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