Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel Management Guidelines

Author(s)                 Oil & Gas UK
Publisher Oil & Gas UK
Date 2008
Pages 86
Format pdf
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   Thie present guidebook has been intended to provide the crew members and Masters of the EERVs, standing for the "emergency response and rescue vessels", as well as the OIMs, i.e. offshore installation managers and all other personnel involved in the offshore operations, with the general technical guidance regarding the proper conduct of those operations as part of the recovery arrangements. This publication opens with the list of references and acronyms, explanation of terms and definitions that are used there throughout the document, general introductory information and guidance, followed by the information on routine operations - mobilization to location, operations on locations, verification and validation of recovery and rescue arrangements, procedures to follow when departing from location, emergency response and environmental emergencies, data cards, emergency response plans for offshore emergency and also escape or evacuation, typical installation checklist, example of the collision avoidance strategy, STS (ship-to-ship) transfer of crew by using rescue craft masters checklist, some established trial procedures for validation of the ERRV baseline performance, adverse weather standards, overside working and flying operations, baseline standards for recovery and rescue, place of safety and sample emergency scenario checklist, helicopter winching procedures, infringement of the safety zone forms, recovery and rescue support sharing methodology, and the use of non-certificated ERRV.

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