marine boilers

Author(s) G.T.H. Flanagan
Publisher Butterworth—Heinemann
Date 1990
Pages 120
Format pdf
Size 5 Mb







The ultimate aim of this updated and thoroughly revised edition of the book was to provide readers with the practical technical information directly related to the marine boilers and associated equipment used at sea on board steam and motor vessels. There are so many typical examination questions included in the guidebook together with the correct answers as well as clear explanations to help readers in their qualification as marine engineers.

The publication also contains some valuable information on marine boilers of welded construction and various types of water-type marine boilers, supplemented with the useful and informative instructions on how exactly to deal with rotary air heaters, water level alarms and safety valves of consolidated type; moreover, the book contains some valuable notes relating to the hydraulic testing and covers various aspects of the inspection, periodic maintenance of the main types of  marine boilers and possible operational problems that could be faced by the personnel.

It is a truly excellent reference volume for the students and a good guidance for the experienced professionals willing to refresh their theoretical knowledge of the construction and operation of the marine boilers, that is why we can recommend it to all categories of people dealing with the marine boilers.​

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