Guidelines on the Application of Provisions of the International Convention MARPOL 73-78

Author(s)                 RS
Publisher RS
Date 2014
Pages 115
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   As implied by the title, the present Russian Register Guidelines are dealing with the provisions of MARPOL Convention. The regulations for technical supervision of the vessels have been provided in the opening chapter of the document; they are outlining the types and scopes of the surveys involved as well as documentation/certification requirements. The second part of this publication deals primarily with the ship hull construction, shipboard equipment and marine pollution prevention arrangement with the oil pollution in mind, i.e. Annex I of the Convention - there are requirements applicable to the oil tankers, offshore installations etc. - segregated ballast and cargo tanks, COW systems, slop tanks, sludge tanks, standard discharge connection dimensions, bilge separators, oily water filtering equipment, holding tanks and pumping, piping and discharge arrangement etc. are all addressed in this part. The next part deals with the pollution by noxious liquid substances carried in bulk, i.e. tank washing, ventilation arrangements, cargo systems, location and size underwater discharges etc., while the following two parts address sewage and garbage pollution. Finally, the last part of the publication covers the air pollution prevention equipment and associated arrangements on board - control of emissions from vessels, ozone-depleting substances, NOx and SOx, VOC, incineration of the garbage, energy efficiency etc.  

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