ship knowledge a modern encyclopedia

Author(s) K. van Dokkum
Publisher Dokmar
Date 2003
Pages 341
Format pdf
Size 143 Mb







Well, and here is one of the most popular maritime publication in the world and one of the best titles on our website. The present Encyclopedia was first released in Dutch language and, after the success it gained, the author has made a decision to prepare the English version of the book. When preparing it, all shortcomings of the original edition were remedied and several completely new subjects were added.

In a remarkably clear and understandable yet very detailed manner the various important subjects related to the modern ship construction and seamanship as well as today's shipping modes and even the offshore industry have been dealt with in the pages of this Encyclopedia. The author has made a successful attempt to provide readers with a maximum complete overview of the vessels, their propulsion and auxiliary machinery, hull systems, together with the applicable rules and international regulations governing their design, construction and exploitation.

The publication is intended to provide an excellent resource of relevant maritime information for literally all people with an interest in ships and shipping. It will be particularly useful for the basic studies and will be very interesting as the first book for the newcomers to the industry. In the meantime, it will be equally beneficial for the industry participants, when used as a very convenient manual for refreshment of their professional knowledge...

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