Hatch cover maintenance and operation
David Byrne
Anchorage Press
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   Well, it is very difficult to exaggerate the huge importance of duly maintained and secure ship hatch covers to the sea - and cargo-worthiness. The steel hatch covers were first introduced more than sixty years ago and their introduction immediately solved nearly all problems associated with the old-style tarpauline and wood arrangements. However, some new problems appeared - we are now talking about the ingress of sea water. Nowadays, the hatch covers are quite large and complex, and what it means is that even small defects or errors may potentially result in extremely damaging effects. The leakage occurring to the hatch covers results in substantial costs as it directly damages the cargo. The present guide book provides info in quite simple way to the crew members and shore supporting teams and sets out to improve the understanding of what the hatch covers are and how their work, the day-to-day maintenance of hatch covers on vessels, and methods used when operating the hatch covers. Apart from the leakage issues, all statutory requirements relating to the weather-tightness have also been described. The recommended procedures contained in this guide are not complicated at all and will be easy to understand for everyone.  

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