Anatomy of the Ship Series - HMS Bounty

Author(s) John McKay
Publisher Conway Maritime Press
Date 1988
Pages 101
Format pdf
Size 12.9 Mb






   The Anatomy of the Ship book dedicated to the eternally famous armed transport Bounty. Centuries ago, in the year 1775, The Standing Committee of West India Planters & Merchants decided to introduce bread-fruit trees and mangosteen into the West India colonies as an inexpensive source of food for their plantation slaves.

   An excellent prize was offered to anyone who successfully transported bread-fruits from the East to the West Indies, and, in 1777, a fund was set up to encourage people's interest in the subject adventurous and so interesting project. The book starts with the introductory chapter providing some historical background. Then, there is info on the hull construction, refit and decoration, steering gear and ground tackle, pumps, boats, crew and accommodation, masts and yards (with dimensions specified), sails, rigging, ordnance.

   This chapter is followed by a number of nice close-up photos of the full size replicas of the HMS Bounty, and the next and last section of the publication contains and a truly huge collection of detailed technical drawings, including three-view drawings, and good construction plans. we do believe it is needless to say that the full and thorough description of the vessel is also provided to the reader.

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