Hydralift Cargo Crane 3426-36-29.2 User Manual

Author(s)                 Hydralift
Publisher Zhonghua Shipyard
Date 2001
Pages 393
Format jpeg
Size 128 Mb

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   This is the User Manual for the Hydralift K4940/K4941 model cranes. It was prepared by the Zhonghua Shipyard. The manual contains the Introduction - operator information, contact information and document identification, location of user manuals, abbreviations; Main Data - operational data, weights, lifting heights, hydraulic pressure, electrical motor data, design data, external connection, restriction in use and in guarantee, name plate, certification; Technical Description - overview of design and function, hydraulic system overview, control and instrumentation system overview, electrical power supply overview, structural design and function, systems design and function, auxiliary winch systems, jib lifting system, slew system, emergency lowering systems, design, main control valve, pilot system, cable reel, cargo turning device, crane control system, crane functions, slew stop, solenoid valve control, alarms, sensors, mechanical components, hydraulic components, electric components, miscellaneous components; Preparation - general, mounting of pedestal adapter, accessories on jib and crane king, cylinders to jib, jib with cylinders to crane king, cylinders to crane king, electronic jib angle indicator, assembled crane to pedestal adapter, hydraulic connections, electric connections, reshackling of wire to heavy lift brackets, adjustment of jib stop up and slew stop arrangements, torqueing of fastening bolts, prior to starting the crane, start up - idle operation, tests with no load, tests with dynamic loads, brake functions, safety functions, electrical tests, speed tests, after finishing tests...

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