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Author(s) Eric Kentley
Publisher DK
Date 2000
Pages 64
Format pdf
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To explore and to travel, to trade and to fish, to fight and even for fun - people commonly take to the water for the above mentioned reasons. Throughout the history, people have been trying to find the ways to make sailing safer, quicker and easier. The earliest marine vessels were very simply constructed floats and rafts; however, later the hollow shell sat on the surface of the water, and this was the first boat, an invention considered to be as important as the wheel. It is still used all over the world, and the wooden boat is the ancestor of the great sailing ships and the huge ferries and container ships of today.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of different types of boat and ship, made from every material imaginable, from reeds or animal skins to plastic, fibreglass, iron, and steel. This publication features many full-color photographs that will make the process of education go very smooth and interesting. The readers will have a great chance to fully discover not only the history but also the workings of boats and vessels - they will see what life was like aboard the XVIII century schooners, how various types of vessels are constructed, how they work, how the huge trawlers locate the fish in the ocean and will actually gain the access to a wealth of other interesting information by just opening this great encyclopedia which has already been well accepted and recognized.

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