Mathematics for Electrical Engineering and Computing

Author(s)                 Mary Attenborough
Publisher Newnes
Date 2003
Pages 576
Format pdf
Size 3 Mb

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   The book embraces a huge number of applications of modern math and teaches both continuous and discrete systems particularly vital for DSP; moreover, since the engineers of today are required to be in line with the software, applicable information has been integrated in the present publication. The author of the textbook did her best when trying to avoid going into too excessive technical details and using specific language. The emphasis in the book has rather been made to an application of the basic concepts behind the math, for solving the problems and undertaking the critical analysis of the obtained results. The text of the material has been supplemented with the numerous worked examples and so many exercises were included to ensure that all math theory is really relevant to the real world engineering. In addition to all that has been stated above, it shall of course be noted that this publication includes a comprehensive introduction to some of the advanced topics like Fourier analysis and random processes/vector calculations. We would say that this publication shall definitely be considered a must-have book for anyone dealing with such calculations since it is truly comprehensive textbook that would provide them with desired technical information on calculations.

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