HMS Beagle - Anatomy of the Ship series

Author(s) Karl-Heinz Marquardt
Publisher Conway Maritime Press
Date 1998
Pages 128
Format pdf
Size 64 Mb







Here is a story of the ten-gun brig and famous survey vessel. We all know what exactly she became famous for - the voyages under Fitzroy's command and with the great scientist Charles Darwin on board. Substantial literature has been produced around Charles Darwin's journey in the Beagle, but her first and third voyages were never emphasized in modern writings; it is only lately when the interesting story of her work in Australia between 1837 and 1843 has been told.

There are dozens of the photos in the book - note, however, that they are all black and white. Most of the images are standard 3 in to 5 in size, but some of them are slightly larger. There are not too many drawings in comparison with the other publications of the same series, the main accent is made by the author on the stories and descriptions. The author paid attention to the running and standing rigging of the vessel and fittings of the rigging points, the boats, overall layout of the machinery, equipment and armament, and the amount of the info collected by him made this book a very valuable reference - one can easily build an excellent replica of this remarkable vessel using the data, drawings and images provided in this publication.

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