Seawater Corrosion Handbook

Author(s)                 M. Schumacher
Publisher Noyes Publications
Date 1979
Pages 494
Format pdf
Size 29.4 Mb

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   Here is a practical book that will help anyone encountering the insidious corrosion problems that can be caused by seawater. The book constitutes a review containing carefully excerpted and collated data from diverse and difficult-to-locate sources. The technological information to be found here is based on studies by research teams from U.S. Naval Research Laboratories and other research teams under the auspices of various government agencies. The first chapter is really an overview and deals with the general aspects concerning the corrosion of metals in marine environments: MCIC Report 78-37 entitled Corrosion of Metals in Marine Environments by W.K. Boyd and F.W. Fink, Metals and Ceramics Information Center, Columbus, Ohio, March 1978. The second chapter deals with the corrosion at various depths and is from Technical Report R834: Corrosion of Metals and Alloys in the Deep Ocean by F.M. Reinhart, Naval Civil Engineering Laboratory, Port Hueneme CA, Feb. 1976. The third chapter treats the effects of microorganisms. Material for this chapter was elaborated from three reports. The first original report is a preprint of a scientific paper entitled Biofouling and Effects of Organic Compounds and Microorganisms on Corrosion Processes by S.M. Gerchakov and B. Sallman, Dept. of Microbiology, University of Miami School of Medicine, Sept. 1977. The second report is entitled Corrosion at 4500 Foot Depth in Tongue-of-the-Ocean by E. Fischer and S. Finger, U.S. Naval Applied Science Laboratory, Brooklyn, NY, March 1966. The third original report is entitled Influence of Marine Organisms on the Life of Structural Steels in Seawaterby C.R. Southwell et al.. Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, D.C, March 1974. The fourth chapter is an annotated bibliography containing meaningful abstracts referring to the corrosion of metals- It stems from a paper by L.A. Beaubien found in NRL Report No. 7447 entitled Behavior of Materials in a Subsurface Ocean Environment by L.A. Beaubien et al., Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, D.C, July 1972. This chapter has its own author and materials index. The fifth chapter treats the possible deterioration of nonmetalltc materials when immersed or in contact with seawater and is also based on NRL Report No. 7447 cited for the fourth chapter. Advanced composition and production methods developed by Noyes Data are employed to bring these durably bound books to you in a minimum of time. Special techniques are used to close the gap between "manuscript" and "completed book." Technological progress is so rapid that time-honored, conventional typesetting, binding and shipping methods are no longer suitable. We have bypassed the delays in the conventional book publishing cycle and provide the user with an effective and convenient means of reviewing up-to-date information in depth.

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