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Author(s) Don Casey
Publisher International Marine/McGraw-Hill
Date 2009
Pages 576
Format pdf
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In Herman Wouks wonderful Caribbean escape novel Don't Stop the Carnival there is a rogue character who describes himself as "just an old truth teller." I like that. It is a self-assessment worth living up to. The current truth about boating is that it gets harder to afford from year to year. In the nearly twenty years since This Old Boat was originally published, the waterways and shorelines have gotten markedly less boat friendly (unless you are lucky to own a megayacht).

Do-it-yourself boatyards continue to give way to condominium developments. Marinas have succumbed to the immediate return of converting to high-priced dockominiums. Both gasoline and diesel fuel have increased from less than SI per gallon to more than $4. The price of a new offshore 35-foot sailboat has risen from an already astonishing S100,000 plus in 1991 to an astronomical $300,000 plus today and still rising. The cost of insurance also rising. Storage costs are up. Haulout costs are up. What bought a gallon of bottom paint in the '90s buys a quart today. Hell, even the cost of this book has increased (but not so much)...

The author himself combines about thirty years of sailing experience, an excellent sense of humor and a perfect writing style to deliver reliable and simple advice to the boaters.

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