Load Line Technical Manual

Author(s) USCG
Publisher National Information and Technical Service
Date 1990
Pages 259
Format pdf
Size 4 Mb







Please have a look into this book - it is the officially released Load Line Technical Manual which was prepared some time ago by the USCG with the ultimate intention of the authors to describe all applicable interpretations of the IMO Load Line Convention.

The first report integrating the US Load Line regulations and relevant policies, IMO circulars, IACS interpretations and the text of the Convention itself in a single documents was released in 1990, and the present Technical Manual has appeared as a result of the efforts made to prepare that report.

The publication is setting forth the established technical procedures applicable to the evaluation, calculation and assignment of the load lines. It is mainly applicable to the ships flying the flag of the US; however, the info provided in the manual will be interested to everyone. Brief contents as follows: Definition of terms; Applications and exceptions; General requirements; General particulars; Types of ships; Hull form corrections; Superstructure; Sheer; Minimum bow height; Load line marks and minimum freeboards; Miscellaneous freeboard items and corrections; Freeboard calculations for unique vessels; Sample calculations; Strength and stability requirements; General assessment criteria; Vertical access openings; Horizontal access openings; Ventilators; Airpipes; Scuppers, inlets and discharges; Side scuttles and freeing ports; Crew protection; Special conditions; General guidelines; Report to the Commandant...​

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