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The content of the present training manual is compliant with the relevant requirements of the IMO Res. A.657, making the document acceptable for the purpose of familiarizing the ship crew with the basics of surviving in the lifeboat. First of all, the readers will get to know how to protect themselves against exposure to the sea water. After that, some information will be provided about the sea-sickness tablets and how to use them properly.

The watches and lookouts are discussed in the next section, followed with the one about the first medical aid, health issues, and necessary sanitary arrangements to be made in the lifeboat. The location aids including, but not limited to the radio equipment, are discussed further. There is a separate section dealing with the proper use of the available survival equipment; note that the distribution of the water and food is also paid serious attention.

The readers will also get familiarized with the preparations to be made for the heavy weather conditions. The document even covers such an important aspect of survival as the maintenance of the due morale among the persons in the lifeboat, since this matter is definitely of the high importance.

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After a long working day, have a look into this collection of the world’s most beautiful tall ships. There are nine parts in this book. The first part tells readers about the tall ships, giving some general background before you proceed further. The second part is devoted to the biggest tall ships, such as the world famous “Royal Clipper” and “Nippon Maru II”.

The topic of the third part is the national ships, while the fourth part is dealing with the military barques, for example the USCGC Eagle and Gorch Fock. The big national ships and civilian tall ships are addressed within the next two parts. The last three parts are covering the relatively small ships, i.e. the ones having their lengths less than sixty, fifty and forty meters. The publication will be of great use for the people with the interest in the sailing ships.

Each of the vessels covered in the manual has been provided with the brief information, making the reading even more fascinating. In short, this is an absolutely must-have book for all lovers of tall ships, taking into account the number of the vessels included in it as well as the quality of the supporting information – this is one of the best volumes available today so do not miss a chance.

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This is the sixth edition of one of the most popular titles on the maritime law. The publication features a truly exhaustive coverage of all topics and will be excellent for both the newcomers to the world of law and the experienced specialists. Note that all latest changes in the legislation are duly reflected in the pages of this publication. There are thirteen main sections in this book and it opens with the one explaining the ship ownership and registration.

It is followed by the sections on the ship mortgage and ship sale, contracts for the new construction of the ships, bills of lading and charter parties, maritime claims and admiralty jurisdiction, sovereign immunity etc. the second half of the volume deals with such important areas as the ship collision and salvage, towage of the vessels, pollution of the marine environment caused by the oil spills, limitation of the liability, pilotage, and passengers.

The tables of cases, international conventions, and legislation are also included. The appendices to the main content provide additional information, including the texts of the several conventions, protocols, acts, agreements and standard forms. This is a must-have for all lawyers involved in the maritime industry.

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The FEM is considered one of the best numerical methods used to solve the differential equations describing many various engineering problems. This new publication is covering the fundamental theory of the final element method including appendices on each program. The authors have introduced the concepts of this method enabling engineers to use it efficiently and also to properly interpret the obtained results.

They will learn all finite elements including one, two and three dimensional elements. The book is written excellently; the readers will definitely enjoy the examples provided in the book and illustrating the concepts. The book has been found to be among the best available resources to learn the FEM, suitable for the graduate and undergraduate levels.

The content is perfectly organized and procedures are well explained and illustrated. Some of the relevant programs including MATLAB and ANSYS have also been covered and provided with detailed explanations. This is highly recommended volume to the people willing to have a clear idea about the FEM and its applications and understand the fundamentals of this method to be able to apply it.

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An excellent dummy-book giving the basic info on the subject, exceptionally helpful and clear. It is indeed the readers' ticket to the world of mechanics of materials which is considered the foundation of all mechanical sciences, having the roots in math and physics. The scope of the book tracks a typical under-graduate course, providing readers with a very thorough introduction.

The readers will get the easy-to-understand explanations, covering the major principles of equilibrium, behavior of materials, geometric compatibility as well as the relation of the stress to the acting forces and movement, fatigue and fracture mechanics, different modes of failure, and many other aspects. The students using this book will be able to do much better on their tests and homework. The content of the book is a very easy reading for any technical class. The book will be very practical and useful for the people willing to understand what exactly they are reading. The readers will get a very quick refresher on the general knowledge as well as a review of the essential topics of statics; they would also sharpen their technical skills.

They will understand all key concepts of mechanics, know how to determinate the problems of statics and grasp the main principles of the strain and stress, deformations and also their interactions. Must have publication for every student and enthusiast of materials' mechanics.

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The volume will provide you with the clear and detailed explanations of all important aspects of both paper and electronic nautical charts, giving the practical and authoritative information. You will get to know how the nautical charts are assembled and how their accuracy should be assessed; the due attention has been paid to the nautical charted developed by the other countries, etc.

The author will teach the readers what they should do in order to squeeze literally everything from the available charts including the vector and raster nautical charts. This second edition of the world popular title is intended to covers all recent changes in e-charting, radar overlays, integrated systems installed on board ships, automatic identification systems, together with their interfacing. The rapidly developing 3D technology has also been dealt with. The instructions given by the author will definitely assist and contribute in the safety of navigation.

Even if you are not professional navigator, this book will be of interest to you as it also gives some background of the nautical charts, how and where they were first developed and what is the proper way of using them. It is very important to understand how the inaccuracies appear on the charts and the consequences they can have, and this is particularly addressed by Nigel Calder.

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Well, the title by Nigel Calder, who is also the author of the Instant Handbook of Boat Handling, Navigation, and Seamanship, is quite self-explanatory. This small yet very useful publication was released with the final intention to be used by people as a quick reference source - it is, in fact, the on-board guide to the basic symbols and notations that are used on the various nautical charts.

We all know that the nautical charts contain a huge amount of useful information but it is very important to know how to decipher them, otherwise the charts are next to useless pieces of paper. In order for the chart to get bewildering, a key is to be found to its symbology. This nice and helpful booklet was prepared by Nigel Calder, who is one of the most respected boating authors of today, and he did his best to help readers make sense the very complex system of graphic elements and signs used on the nautical charts.

We would definitely recommend this publication for practical use because it is so compact yet very rich with useful information. At the same time, it will be very good for people who are not intending to go to the sea and use it right now, but rather need some simple and small book to get familiarized with the nautical signs and graphs in order to be able to use the nautical charts when they are finally on board the vessel.

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This publication would be recommended to anyone whose working activities imply dealing with the pumping arrangements. The publication covers different types of pumps used in the industry and provides comprehensive and understandable explanations of their working principles and construction. This is a very valuable textbook and reference source giving an excellent general overview of pumping machinery and hydraulics.

The text has been supplemented by numerous informative diagrams, data tables and images included to be of help when explaining the theoretical basics of the pumps and their practical applications. And note that this book is the best choice for those who are willing to understand much more than just a simple pump curve - they fill find all the information they require in one single volume covering the components of the pumps and all technical aspects involved. The material presented in the book is remarkably detailed and technically correct making the book deservedly popular in the industry.

All information provided on the pumps is up-to-date and will benefit any worker involved in mechanical maintenance of the subject machinery. The reader will learn how to properly install and maintain all types of pumps, get the fundamental knowledge of the operating principles and application of the pumps in robotics and other new fields, find some useful installation and troubleshooting tips and all other information. 

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