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This excellent reference book was designed to give its readers a really comprehensive and professional insight into the contemporary diesel injection and electronic control systems, mainly focusing on the minimization of the emissions to the atmosphere and on the treatment of exhaust gases. The technical innovations introduces by the specialists of the Bosch company in the diesel-injection field have significantly contributed to the boom in the diesel industry.

   Nowadays the technology of the motor vehicles is really complex and that is considered  the main reason why there is a serious need for a single and reliable source of technical information covering all components and systems of the engines. This nice publication opens with a very brief but interesting historical overview, that is followed by the chapter describing the main areas where the diesel engines are commonly used. The next chapter explains the basic, fundamental principles of operation of the diesel engines, while the following chapter is concentrating on the fuel oils.







The remaining chapters of the publication cover the rest of important aspects of the construction and operation of the subject type of engines, such as their control systems, common-rail systems, unit injector- and unit pump systems, pressure lines, sensors, start-assist arrangement, troubleshooting, service technology and so many others, covering even the emission-related legislation.







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The publication that is offered to our users today has been specifically prepared and released for the industry professionals who are working in the fields of applied maths, fluid mechanics, physical oceanography, geophysics and other related fields and also for the students learning subject disciplines. The authors have attempted to detail the significant progress that could easily be observed in the understanding of the most important physical mechanisms of the "rogue wave" phenomenon during last several years.

To discuss subject phenomenon, the authors have used the fully non-linear hydrodynamic numerical models. Throughout this interesting publication, the readers will find combinations of theoretical and empirical treatment required for the proper and complete examination of the problem. we would say that this book shall definitely be considered as a valuable and very helpful contribution to the technical literature that is covering the wave theory as well as statistics, since it helps to fill in the existing serious gap in people's knowledge of unusual waves.







The book will for sure present a great professional interest to both the engineers and scientists who are studying the physical oceanography as well as wave dynamics and other related aspects, or involved in the relevant scientific researches.







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Currently, the basis of the revival of world economy is still unsteady with the risks of economic downturn. The developed economies of USA, Europe, and Japan and the emerging market economies represented by China and India are both faced with the pressure to seek the momentum mechanism for economic growth to resuscitate or stabilize economy.

From the perspective of maintaining economic growth rate, the divergence among the economies is quite salient. The impetus to promote the real economy through international trade and OFDI is quite insufficient. For both the developed economies and the developing economies, they are faced with the challenge to adjust the industrial structure and further economic reform to prevent the economy from declining. To a certain extent, this is both the "cause" brought by the globalization and also the "effect" of the globalization of economy.



Faced with the globalization, some are happy and some are worried. The globalization against the background of the entire world not only enables an unstoppable multipolar trend in the world, but also makes the Golden Age of sea right gone forever. As a matter of fact, this world has never lacked in the impetus to progress, and what the world lacks is only the new cooperation concepts and mechanisms to promote economic growth in different eras and at different stages of development...



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This is the second release of the title providing all interested readers with the valuable practical guidelines on the proper and, of course, efficient utilization of available resources when designing the intelligent transportation systems. The author of this volume has made an excellent and successful attempt to explain everyone how exactly the functional design alternatives could meet the project objectives and all applicable requirements with the optimal cost effectiveness achieved and has also clarified the existing relation of the principles of planning of transportation and diversion of the traffic to the selection of the functional ITS devices as well as the equipment locations.

The author has also provided working and proven methodologies for translation of the objectives to the functional devices, plus the determination of the densities of service deployment, selection of the location of CCTV equipment, and arrangement of the message signs and other important aspects. The readers of the volume will get the due understanding of the reduction of the recurrent congestion, improvement of the incident clearance time, etc. The author has also examined all latest developments in the associated vehicle technologies and also the exploration of their potential for the safety improvement, touching their energy efficiency and mobility. This resource will be greatly beneficial to all ITS managers and designers...



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The content of this book was prepared by three authors was intended to address the current problems of the Arctic region. It actually draws on the results of the Arctic TRANSFORM project of 2008-09 which was funded by European Commission. Subject project engaged the best experts in a transatlantic dispute on the roles of the EU/US in light of the changing climate in Arctic region as well as legal and political complexities.

This publication is covering the developments and changes in the marine Arctic and provides recommendations together with the descriptions that reflect the current governance environment. The chapters of the document are exploring the activities and potential impacts by the industry sector, covering the shipping, fisheries and offshore exploration of the hydrocarbons in the Arctic region and looking at the strategies and policies that were developed to improve the marine governance. A very interesting and important publication reflecting the extensive research conducted by the recognized experts in the field.



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The initial intention of the authors of this publication was to present numerous fresh ideas as well as some new concepts to the shipping community. It shall not be considered a textbook or a sort of collection of relevant documents reflecting purely academic professional views but should rather be treated as a compendium of viewpoints of the world recognized experts and solutions proposed by specialists and "decision makers" who are trying to tackle the today's market and complicated financial conditions.

All subjects and topics included in the book are demonstrating the innovative character of theory efforts. Note, however, that this title is not actually intended solely for graduate students and it aims some of the professional needs of the maritime industry participants dealing with the puzzles of financing shipping activities, either as borrowers, lenders or advisors, on the daily basis.



The readers, therefore, are expected to possess some basic fundamental knowledge of the subject to be able to fully understand the texts contained in the book and get the full use of them. Today, the ship finance is still a new field advancing the current situation in this field - theory and practice is still quite far from settled, but it is dynamically evolving.​



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The present Guide was prepared and released in accordance with the relevant technical requirements of the MARPOL Conventions and associated interpretations with the intention to be used together with them. Please note however that this paper is not dealing with the requirements related to the construction/equipment.

Under the Annex I of the Convention any discharge of oil or oil-containing mixture is prohibited from the oil tankers,  including the mixtures coming from the bilges located in the cargo pump rooms, within a distance of fifty nautical miles from the nearest land. In addition, the flow and concentration, as well as the quantity of the substances discharges anywhere else are also limited.

Obviously, the only way to ensure due compliance with these limitations is to adhere to the oil retention procedures. Those procedures would typically involve the collection and separation of any oily waters appearing as a result of tank cleaning/ballasting operations. These mixtures are to be accumulated in a special tanks to be subsequently disposed of somewhere ashore.

This volume is mainly concerned with these procedures and their application; the information contained in this document will be of great importance and practical use to the crew members as well as to all other personnel involved in the above stated operations.

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The known and researched world gas reserves exceed those of oil. However, for so many years the gas has not attracted too much interest. It was rather considered a sort of hindrance by the people engaged in the oil recovery. The associated gas used to be flared. The wells containing no oil but a plenty of gas used to be totally ignored. The first practical attempts for gas production were made at the beginning of the last century.

People had finally recognized the potential of gas reserves to change the way of their living. The development of gas reserves has eventually led to the need for its transportation which, noting its flammable nature, should be carried out in a safest way. The present publication provides a good review of the marine LNG transportation as well as of the conditions that prevail today.

Without going too deep into technical details of the transportation, the author gives a nice overview of all important aspects including the characteristics of the vessels engaged in transportation, current regulations and rules governing it, gas storage ashore and of course safety considerations. The readers will find valuable information about everything associated with marine transportation of gas from both safety, technical and commercial perspectives.

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