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While the publication was originally written with the automotive industry in mind, the content will also be useful to the engineers engaged in the marine industry. The introduction is followed with the first chapter dealing with the engine supervision methods, troubleshooting and fault finding, and different methods that are used for diagnosis and belong to the general field of condition monitoring of the technical process.

The idea is to give a correct indication of any undesired states requiring action in order to avoid any accidents or damages. The second chapter is entirely devoted to the diagnosis works on the internal combustion engines, while the third one is dealing with the electric drives, actuators and motors. The fourth chapter addresses the fault-tolerant systems together with their basic components.

Finally, the appendix to the main part of the publication contains additional information about the models and functions, properties for the systems, as well as the associated states and signals. The publication will be of practical use for the people involved in the technical maintenance and repair of the internal combustion engines as part of their duties.

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As we know, every bulk carrier shall be in possession of the designated shipboard manual covering the ship operations. For this purpose, the “Bulk Carrier Practice” publication officially released by The Nautical Institute shall be used as necessary. The notes that are contained in the pages of this supplementary document will be particularly useful when applied as a sort of additional manual for the crew, providing the guidelines to the safe and proper procedures to be followed when conducting the shipboard operations, including the cargo operations, ballasting/de-ballasting, and cleaning the holds.

You are encouraged to keep both of the above mentioned documents on board your vessel at all times to ensure their availability. The present manual shall also be read together with the safety manual of the company. The first chapters of the manual provide the introductory notes and the definitions of the terms used, followed with the information about the ballasting operations, loading and discharge, draught surveys, hatch covers etc. After that, the information on the cargoes is provided, covering the alumina and coal, grain and sulphur, ore and iron, and many other types of cargo commonly carried on board modern bulk carriers.

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This is a good collection of the classification and safety marks relating to the marine transportation of the dangerous goods. As we know, the carriage of the dangerous goods is governed by the provisions of the IMDG Code, covering nine classes of the dangerous goods, namely the explosives and gases, liquids and solids of flammable nature, organic peroxides and oxidizing substances, infectious and poisonous substances, corrosive and radioactive substances and, finally, all others combined under the umbrella of miscellaneous substances.

The booklet starts with the general introduction to the requirements of the Code and a general outline of the above listed classes together with their characteristics imposing additional requirements of their marine transportation. This is followed by the clear and concise explanations of the terminology applied. The main part of the document provides the safety marks that shall be used when the dangerous goods are transported on board your vessel. Note that the idea of the authors was to provide general introduction and not the detailed specific instructions on the transportation. The provisions of the IMDG Code and other relevant publications shall be referred to at all times.

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This compact booklet was prepared to provide readers with the absolutely basic information about the celestial navigation. In fact, we can say that the essential principles of the subject science are quite simple. Of course, when it comes to the more detailed calculations, you will have to apply good mathematics.

The document shall be used to get some understanding of the calculations and should be used by the people making their first steps in the celestial navigation. Note that it is based on the celestial mechanics, which is a pretty precise. What it means is that it will be possible to precisely determine the location of the bodies at any given time. Well, and once you know the star position, and make other measurements using the ship’s sextant – it will be sufficient to determine the coordinates, i.e. longitude and latitude of your position.

Of course, one should not treat the present publication as a textbook of celestial navigation, but it will still give reader some idea of what it is. Take some time going through the pages; as you can see, it will only require not more than one hour to read it from the beginning to the end, and you will definitely get to know something new and apply it whenever needed.

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The twelfth revised edition of the UKHO's traditionally needful and practical compendium of the maritime information required to all mariners. The volume contains general information related to the nautical publications and charts together with the relevant maritime regulations and operational information. The content of the handbook also covers currents and tides plus sea characteristics, fundamentals of meteorology, navigation in iced waters, navigational restrictions and hazards to be taken into consideration.

Thirteen chapters of the publication are covering the theory of charting and surveying, Admiralty publications, paper and electronic charts and diagrams, digital navigation, and flow of information between UKHO and navigators, the sea and meteorology including all important aspects such as warning signals, climate, weather routing of vessels, storms and cloud formations, tidal streams and ocean currents, tsunamis, rollers and sand waves etc.

There is a compact sea ice glossary in the chapter devoted to ice navigation. One chapter has been solely devoted to the international organizations including IMO, IHO, UNCLOS and others. In short the volume provides absolutely all information required for safe navigation and also covers marine pollution prevention, commercial operations, ship safety and security and even military operations.

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Official release by Japanese Class Society, Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (ClassNK). It has been meant for ship masters and is intended to let them easily check whether their ships are kept in seaworthy and safe condition at any given time. When correctly applied and followed, this set of checklists will play a good role in providing the proper control over the maintenance of the vessel and, subsequently, make shipping safer.

Since the very first release of this booklet was published in 1994 and amended in 1996 to include the updates on the maintenance standards, significant number of comments and new ideas were received from the ship owners and other parties involved. The present edition of the Guide was prepared by NK Class Society based on those ideas and comments as well as NK database of detained vessels. Ship owners and crew members are expected to make all necessary arrangements for proper maintenance of the ships and make sure their ships are kept in a safe and seaworthy condition.

The authors hope that this Guide will be useful for the Masters and owners as the information contained in it is very practical and may contribute in proper maintenance and operation of the vessel; the checklist provided therein may be used not only for the official checks but also for the routine verification.

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This ninth edition of one of the most popular titles on the shipping business is deservedly considered the remarkably comprehensive book clearly explaining and analyzing the maritime transportation as well as the relating industries, including both international and domestic shipping.

The content is particularly recommended to the newcomers to the field of maritime shipping business in need to get to the better understanding of the essential operations, regulatory framework, movement of goods; note that it will also serve as a great source of reference to the professionals switching from one industry segment to another. It is a good choice for the marine shipping education since it provides students with all necessary information. The content is up to date and reflects all latest developments.

Since the time of its initial publication in 1973, the title has been treated as a genuine industry standard. The author of the volume has taken a deep dive into the industry, providing the thorough analysis of the different sectors, highlighting the interactions between all stakeholders. The specific information can be found in the relevant chapters of the book so the book is recommended to literally all people involved in the industry.

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The software was developed and released with the intention to provide users with the readily available ITU list of stations and MMSI assignments. The very latest version of the application allows search by the admins and geographical area, ship stations, accounting authorities, and ship class per country.

The subject ship station retrieval software is a perfectly compiled database that was specifically developed by the ITU. The application provides all users with an opportunity to consult the whole content of the database. For example, if you want to search by ship station, the information required from you will be the MMSI and ship’s name, her call sign, Flag name, EPIRB, country – at least something from this list. The software is very user-friendly and can be used by all people.

No installation required, so all you need to do is just launch the file and start searching using any of the options provided by the developers. No need for any registration and/or is absolutely official and legal so there is no need to apply any cracks or codes to use it. Thoroughly checked for viruses and free of any sort or malware. Save a copy and keep it on your computer to make sure it is readily available at all times.

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