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This publication developed by the professionals of the SIGTTO organization was intended to advise the people engaged in the works on board gas carriers on the proper procedures relating to the technical maintenance of the PRVs, standing for the pressure relief valves, address various operation problems, possible faults and emergency closure.

The idea of the authors was to provide some general guidance to the crew members of the vessels - note that the volume is not expected to replace any of the instructions or manuals provided by the manufacturers of the equipment in question.

Opening with some introduction, the content of the volume covers the general requirements that are applicable to the PRVs including requirements to their design and installation on board. The types of the PRVs are addressed in detail, covering both spring operated and pilot operated pressure relief valves. The emergency closure of the PRVs is considered particularly important and is therefore dealt with in a separate chapter.

The publication also covers the in-service testing of the valves. Five appendices provide additional information including extracts from the IMO IGC Code, pressure levels, terminology and definitions used etc.

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The content of the present publication intends to explore maybe the most complicated and hazardous marine areas – Asia, which stretches from the Persian Gulf to the Aleutian Islands. In fact, the busiest of the trade routes of the maritime world are contained within this area. However, this region is also considered the scene of the various threats including piracy and territorial disputes.

The author of the volume has made a good attempt to examine the naval forces and today’s maritime strategies; in addition, he tried to perform a deep evaluation of the existing threats to the maritime shipping industry together with the opportunities for any cooperation. The fact is that the American Navy Fleet is engaged in the above mentioned disputes and this threatens the critically important interest of the country.

This publication will be of a serious practical use not only for the people directly involved in the shipping activities in the area but also to those willing to keep updated with the current situation in the maritime shipping industry of the world, since the author has managed to touch all important aspects. This is definitely a best of the works addressing this problem and providing such good analysis of the forces located in the region and their potential impact.

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Another piece of classics - this publication on navigation was released more than a hundred years ago. For so many years the content of the book helped the newcomers to the world of maritime navigation to obtain necessary knowledge and it was also used by the professional navigators to refresh and maintain their knowledge at the high level. The volume starts with the basic definitions used in navigation.

Then the author moves to the marine compass, correction of the ship's course and log line, explaining them in detail. In the next chapter the construction of the traverse table is described together with its correct use supplemented with the examples for better understanding. The next three chapters cover the methods that are used to fix the position of the vessel on the nautical chart, composite and great circle sailing, and construction of figures.

This was just the introduction. The material of the volume is arranged in twenty-eight chapters plus numerous examples, nautical almanac and answers to the above mentioned examples. You will find lots of useful information still useful and practical today for provision of safe navigation of your ship – literally everything is covered.

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There is no ship anywhere like MV Resolution, a marine monster crane. Her everyday job is tough and risky. This is a year-round assignment of building wind farms in the dangerous seas. In fact this is the first vessel in the world ever custom built to install wind turbines on the high seas. That is the reason why she is one of the busiest ships in the world. Today, giant wind farms are feeding cities and there are more on the way.

The challenges of MV Resolution are really and every day this ship faces serious problems to cope with – wind, waves, and weather – and all of them are beyond her control. Working in such conditions is extremely difficult. MV Resolution is the largest ship of her kind – the giant jack-up ship with the legs that can lift her above the water. She has six of such legs and this fact makes her truly unique – most of her rivals may only boast four legs.

These gigantic legs are lowered hydraulically down to the seabed and then the whole structure of the vessel is lifted up to ten meters above the water surface. In less than one hour she can change from a classic ship into a stable offshore construction platform. MV Resolution is now ready to build a huge, twenty storey tall wind turbines…

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This fifth edition of the publication was prepared to be used as a classic introduction to the cargo work that could be equally valuable for the newcomers and experienced workers. We all understand that the practical real-life experience is critically important for the successful transportation of any cargo and believe that this volume will contribute and supplement the experience you would gain from the work at sea.

The particular attention was paid by the authors to the safety aspects - all latest rules and changes in the international regulations have been reflected in the pages of this document. The main content of the book is arranged in eight sections, starting with the one dealing with the general principles you will need to be familiarized with before you proceed any further. Then, there are five sections dealing with the bulk, general, refrigerated, tanker and deck cargoes carried by sea.

The cargoes that normally require special care have been discussed in a separate chapter. The closing chapter of the book covers the calculations and cargo stowage factors. The book is a real must-have publication to anyone engaged in the cargo handling operations and willing to improve their skills.

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The primary purpose of the insurance of the ship's hull and machinery is protection of the investments made by the ship's owner. In fact this is the insurance of the property covering the vessel together with her machinery and all shipboard equipment. This allows the ship owners to get necessary protection from the losses normally caused by damage occurred to their ships or total loss.

This booklet starts with the brief introduction to the maritime insurance followed by the chapter explaining the working principle of the P&I insurance. The risk evaluation and statistical loss records are dealt with in the next chapters. Then, the authors of the document addressed the liability for the damage to the transported cargo and passenger claims together with the extraordinary handling costs and personal injury.

Among other important topics covered in the present volume we would definitely mention the fines and general average contributions, pollution to the environment, wreck removal, ancillary covers etc. The publication will be of practical interest to the people willing to be kept updated with the latest happenings in the world of marine insurance and maritime business in general, the content will be very helpful.

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This is a full set, all three parts of the officially released IAMSAR Manual. The primary declared purpose of these publications is to provide the States with the assistance they require to meet their SAR needs as well as to meet all obligations that these States have accepted under relevant international conventions. The Manual will provide readers with the technical guidance for both maritime and aviation approach to the organization and provision of the search-and-rescue services.

Each of the parts making this Manual has been prepared with particular SAR system - note that they can easily be used as standalone documents. Alternatively, the provisions contained in these volumes can be applied in conjunction with the other parts. You may need to have only one, two or all three volumes readily available and this will depend on the duties you have been assigned. The first volume contains six major chapters covering the general system concepts and main components, training and qualification requirements, system management, communication matters, and ways to improve services.

The second volume is devoted to mission co-ordination including the SAR system, initial and awareness action, operations and techniques involved, emergency assistance, general guidance for the aircraft SAR operations etc. Finally, the last volume is dealing with the mobile facilities and will give readers the information about the rendering assistance and on-board emergencies, coordination of the operations and other important aspects.

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This is one of the best books on machine design and associated calculations of those available today. The reader will find all information required by the people engaged in the design and calculation processes. The content of the book is full of knowledge that is an excellent bridge connecting the theoretical principles normally outlined in the text-books and real-life practical engineering challenges.

The students of mechanical engineering will be impressed with the coverage of the topics offered by the book, while the practicing professionals will find this one as a great tool for their day-to-day use. There are numerous exercises included by the authors of the book to track your progress and make sure you understand the material in a correct way. According to the feedbacks collected from the students in different disciplines, this volume is equally useful to everyone.

The step by step instructions provided here are presented in a clear manner making them easily understandable. The book is also rich with supplementary materials such as the data tables, formulas and charts for reference purposes. In short, we do recommend this volume to both students and practicing engineers who will benefit from the content.

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