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This one would be highly recommended to all people with the interest in the modern navy ships; in addition, it is a real treasure for those fond of the military history. The publication will show and describe in detail all features and technical capabilities of the contemporary underwater systems and submarines, hovercraft, cruisers and aircraft carriers, as well as many other ships employed by the world’s strongest navy fleets.

The volume opens with the chapter on the modern missile submarines, followed with the ones on the nuclear powered and diesel powered submarines. After that, there are sections covering the aircraft destroyers and frigates, patrol craft and military hovercraft. Apart from that,. The author has pain due attention to such interesting vessels as the spy-ships.

The mine warfare and support ships have also been dealt with, together with the amphibious assault ships. The part of the volume devoted to the weapons includes the naval artillery and underwater weapons, as well as the missiles and anti-aircraft weapons. The volume concludes with the general information on the world navy fleets of today giving some good introduction for those outside the area.

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Here is the set made of two publications, namely the “Significant Ships of 2015” with the information about the most interesting designs, and “Small Significant Ships of 2015”, addressing the ships of smaller size. Among the ships included in the first collection of remarkable designs, there are the luxury cargo cruise vessel “Aranui 5” and the containership “Al Murabba”, capable of carrying 15 thousand TEUs, the shuttle tanker “Eagle Barents” and the multipurpose vessel “Isaac Newton”, the “Isla Bella” which was the very first container vessel powered by the liquid natural gas, product tanker “Ohio”, ore carrier “Shandong Zheng Tong” and many others.

In turn, the second publication will provide readers with the technical data on such small vessels as the customized mussel farming craft “Alysee” and search-and-rescue/fire-fighting craft “Ernst Meier-Hedde”, battery powered fishing craft “Karoline” and the “Curtis Marshall” – the compact DSV, standing for the dive support vessel, the “Trearddur Bay” featuring the VLJ propulsion technology used, the Brazilian compact DSV “Sistac Vitoria”, the “Umoe Vertis” which was the craft supporting the wind farms and having the hovercraft and cat technologies applied in the design, etc.

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This is an absolutely must have publication for those willing to enhance the safety of their ships. The author has provided a perfect introduction to the most effective methods of preventing fires on board vessels, discussing the standard and commonly accepted procedures of fire extinguishing. In total, there are two parts in the book, and eight chapters, starting with the brief overview of the different types of the equipment used to fight fires on board modern ships.

For example, the author provides detailed explanation on the fire pumps, including both single – and multi-purpose ones) and gives the professional description of the measurements that are so handy in the study of preventing shipboard fires. The free surface effect on stability has been analyzed in the separate chapter.

The author has also included the necessary extracts from the applicable regulations and rules that shall be followed at all times. The explosion prevention aspects have been paid due attention, and the conditions normally leading to the explosions have been analyzed in the way how they can be avoided. The volume concludes with the description of the preventive measures to be implemented on board ships.

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Here is the one more piece of pure classics - a publication released more than a century ago to provide the marine engineers of that time with the essential information related to the ships featuring electrical propulsion. Despite rapidly developing and changing technology, the basic points raised by the author of the volume, remain valid.

After a short introduction, there is a section of the sizes of the ships and how the ships are powered. Then, the author provides some analysis of the energy required to propel the vessel at the constant speed, in ton-miles. This is followed by the chapters of interest not only for the marine engineers but also for the naval architects, because here such the important aspects as the momentum of ships and frictional resistance of the hull, speed and propeller efficiency, steam turbines together with the mechanical and electrical speed-reduction gear, are dealt with.

The use of the superheated steam has also been addressed. Then, we are coming to the internal combustion engines as the last step before the electrical propulsion. Having covered the basic intro, the author proceeds to the description of the electrical propulsion systems, explaining their technical features.

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In the year 2014, there was a serious improvement in the field of the ship construction in comparison to the previous year. So many positive steps forward were taken, resulted in the overall progress; in addition, this is when they commenced to install the environmental systems on board newly delivered vessels.

Although the Ballast Water Convention had not yet been ratified, the increasing number of new ships had the BWTS and EGCS, standing for the ballast water treatment systems and the exhaust gas cleaning systems, respectively. The international maritime shipping industry, in total, was preparing for the new regulations to be introduced in the area of marine pollution prevention, having potential impact on the ship design and operation.

Have a look in this release of the world famous title and you will get useful and interesting technical information about the vessels delivered in 2014, such as the Asia Vision liquid natural gas carrier, Cascade bulk carrier, Corcovado LNG carrier, Loch Seaforth hybrid ro-ro vessel, Pegasus Voyager tanker, and so many others, each of them having unique features, that will be greatly appreciated by the ship designers and naval architects.

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This nice title by Elbert Maloney was prepared to serve as a handy reference volume containing all essential information for the owners of the boats of any size and type. Here is the third release, significantly revised and updated, and covering the basic boating procedures that, when duly followed, will significantly contribute in the safety of the people on board.

One of the most important additions is the inclusion of the numerous internet resources where the boaters will easily find the info specific to their particular boat or region, as well as the applicable requirements, charts etc. The materials contained in the publication have been arranged in fourteen sections, starting with the one about emergency situations, such as the fires on board, MOB, distress signal, flooding, grounding, and others. Then, the readers will proceed to the section providing all necessary safety precautions.

The section on seamanship contains the navigation rules and lights/day shapes, signals, anchoring procedures and much other useful info. In the aid to navigation section you will get to know about the buoyage systems and beacons, while the section devoted to the charts, as implied by the name, will cover the essentials of charting including the e-charts. The rest of the volume is dealing with such important areas as the piloting, life on board, weather and tides, technical maintenance of the boat, regulatory framework, communication etc.

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This perfect volume provides wealth of useful information and data for the engineers in any fields. The author included the numerous data tables and charts, informative diagrams and formulas, as well as the problems supplemented with the solutions, to enable the engineers feel more confident when dealing with the design and developments of the products, conducting the evaluation and analysis, operation activities etc.

The content of the book can easily be applied to the huge variety of the engineering problems, including but not limited to the mechanical and marine engineering, electrical engineering and electronics, metallurgy and many other important areas. As you can see, literally all engineering fields have been covered in the pages of this volume, which shall be used as a comprehensive and easily applied working tool for the modern engineer.

Spanning all of engineering, the book can be treated as a sort of summary useful to any typical engineer. We would definitely recommend this one to be used as a readily available reference manual rather than a handbook for the future engineers; it is good to open it and recheck the things you studied in the past, to refresh your knowledge.

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Today, we can say that the international maritime shipping industry is at a crossroads. Back in 2018, IMO adopted the so-called Initial Strategy with the intention to get the greenhouse gas emissions half-reduced by 2050. In addition to that, the scene was set for the future happenings.

In this book, the author tries to take a cross-disciplinary look at the different dimensions of the sustainability problem of the modern maritime transportation industry, conducting the thorough review of the models for evaluating the major decisions and policy alternatives.

To get to the desired degree of sustainability, the wide range of different measures shall be implemented in order to attain the required environmental performance. The author has analyzed the competition distortions to find better solutions. In short, you will find all necessary information on sustainable shipping in this volume, providing the complete knowledge supplemented with the technical reports and statistical data as well as the scientific references.

The content of the volume is arranged in thirteen sections, starting with the introduction and greenship technologies, EEDI and ICT, oil pollution and ship recycling, sulphur emissions and speed optimization, and many other critically important aspects.

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