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The maritime shipping history has demonstrated that serious changes are sometimes made being a logical consequence of the events. The engineering related changes are normally resulting from the escalating technological developments. These criteria lead to the changes in the methods used for distress alerting and maritime communications globally.

The publication is intended to help readers get better understanding of the GMDSS systems and also will be very useful when applied when preparing for the examinations. It was released to provide new radio operators and electro-technical officers with the due technical knowledge that is needed to properly understand the GMDSS together with all related systems.

The book is made of three sections and the first section gives general information about the GMDSS so can serve as a good introduction to the subject. The second section is dealing with the impact that the sat communications have today and explains the use of the satellite technology, paying particular attention to Inmarsat. The last section of the publication considers the main principles of the terrestrial radiocommunications. All systems and equipment have been explained in detail.

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One of the best practical textbooks on marine navigation designed specifically for the second mates. This world famous title has gained huge popularity and is deservedly treated as a best choice for those willing to improve their knowledge of marine navigation. The present edition of the publication features extended coverage of the tidal calculations and modern chart work. The main content of the volume is arranged in two section.

The first section consists of eight chapters covering the measurement of ship's position, distance and direction, considering the effect of wind and tide, position lines, tides, tidal streams, sailings, the traverse table and transferred position line, the celestial sphere, the nautical almanac, and compass error by the astro-observation.

The second section of the book is made of seven chapters dealing with the position circles, position lines, altitude correction, the Pole Star problem and Great Circle sailing, and many other important aspects. The publication has already been proven very effective for training due to the approach used by the author who presented the material in a very understandable way - numerous editions of the title have all been very well met by the people preparing for the relevant exams.

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We recommend all our visitors to have a close look at this fourth edition of one of the most popular books on marine steam engines and turbines. The publication has proven useful and practical. It has been well met by the marine engineers worldwide and has been serving as an excellent textbook for decades. When preparing this edition of the volume, the author needed to include a lot of new materials and significantly update the content of the previous releases.

However, every effort was made by hum to retain the relatively compact size of the book. The publication covers absolutely all important aspects of construction and operation of the shipboard steam engines and steam turbines. The information is presented in a very readable format making this book a very good option for the people with little experience.

The author has managed to avoid going too deep into the theoretical fundamentals of the processes to make the book easier to follow. The content of the volume opens with the introductory chapter devoted to the generation and main properties of steam including superheated and wet steam, from which the readers are invited to proceed to reciprocating engines, steam turbines etc. - as we said, the book covers everything you may need to know.

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This episode of the world known and popular Mighty Ships series of videos will tell you about one of the most remarkable vessels of today - Cristobal Colon, representing an absolutely new breed of huge construction ships. Cristobal Colon is a really high-technology ocean dredger with her size exceeding the one of the closest competitor twice. The vessel is capable of storing over a million and a half cubic feet of sand.

Watch this interesting film and follow this massive vessel of the first mission. The mission is to dredge and deliver nearly eighty-eight million cubic feet of sand. The sand will be taken from the sea floor and subsequently delivered to a construction site located in Germany. Just imagine a scale! Note that this is the only vessel in the world that can be assigned such task. There is no other ship that could handle this.

However, a tightest deadline is making this task even more difficult. In addition to that, the weather also affects the operating on the ship. Will not this all make the task impossible even for the Cristobal Colon? Watch the film and find out, we guarantee that you will not get disappointed. The videos belonging to the Mighty Ships series are particularly interesting to the people who like ship construction, shipbuilding and ship

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To all people working on board sea-going vessel, including passengers, the approach of their vessel to a shore and arrival of the vessel at the pilot boarding point of the destination port is an important occasion - when you see a pilot boat and pilot himself climbing on board it surely means that your long trip is coming to an end. However, for the pilot reaching the vessel can be quite challenging task.

The present publication was released by The Nautical institute with the ultimate intention of the author to provide readers, including crew members, with all necessary information about the relevant safety aspects. Starting with a brief introduction, the content of the guide moves to protective clothing and established safe working practices that shall be followed on pilot boards. The pilot boat deck safety is dealt with in a separate chapter.

The other chapters address the pilot transfer and pilot ladder safety campaign concentrating on the proper transfer arrangements and their condition, reporting, training, and data banks. The annexes give additional information about the code of practice for boarding and landing, recommendations of the equipment and closing, and first aid treatment in case of carrying dangerous goods.

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We recommend that you have a close look into this mini-collection of training videos. The set consists of twelve video lessons each covering one aspect of marine engineering. Together they will provide you with the information about engine type designation and engine safety, start and stop routines of diesel engines, engine safety and governing systems, fuel oil system and jacket cooling water system, main and rocker arm lubricating oil systems, control air system, exhaust system and engine air starting system.

The main objective of this training set is to make the operational personnel duly acquainted with the important aspects of operating and maintenance of the machinery they deal with when performing their routing assignments. The material is presented in a form of animations with the text and images and this makes the learning process go much smoother and facilitates easier understanding of the subject by the trainees.

That is why these videos can be used on board for training crew members as well as ashore and even for self-training. All explanations are very clear and the supplementary materials are informative making it easy to follow even to the novices in the world of marine engineering.

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Shipboard Machinery Alarms and Protection Devices

We all understand that the failure of the shipboard machinery may and will result in avoidable and expensive disasters. Do they occur due to bad design, inadequate maintenance or incorrect operational procedures? Experience shows that a large number of machinery breakdowns occur due to a mistake in operation and maintenance of the alarm systems and protection devices.

Yes, engines, generators, boilers, compressors do break down, sometimes fatally damaged because their alarm systems and protection devices monitoring them have been prevented from working, sometimes deliberately disconnected, sometimes clogged up with paint and forgotten, abandoned without checking for long periods of time.

This, of course, is asking for trouble, when only a little attention by duty engineers could avoid an unforeseen incident resulting in possible injuries to people, machinery breakdowns, upsetting the commercial operation of the vessel, leading to extra work load for ship's personnel. Things can go wrong at any time.

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This publication has been officially released by the Bureau of Meteorology and this is the fifth edition of the Notes. The content of the book is arranged in ten chapters. The first chapter describes the main objectives of the course, and is followed by the second chapter concentrating on the weather measuring instruments.

The third chapter is devoted to the high-pressure and low-pressure systems and fronts. The following three chapters are covering the weather map, wind and weather services. The remaining chapters of the publication are dealing with the waves and ocean currents, severe weather conditions, atmospheric moisture and clouds.

In addition to that, the book also includes six appendices providing useful supplementary information including terminology used in the weather forecasts and associated observations, list of the web resources, glossary of terms used, and self-test questions coming with the answers for tracking your learning progress.

The publication will present practical interest to the persons whose work activities are directly or indirectly affected by the weather conditions and mariners are definitely falling into this category of people.

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