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The content of the present publication was specifically developed to assist people working with the aluminium as well as various aluminium alloys. As you know, subject material is in quite wide use in the contemporary shipbuilding. Since connection of different parts of the ship’s hull normally implies their welding one to another, it is very important for the workers and designers to have a good understanding of the welding process.

This is also important because having a good technical knowledge on this would help in evaluation of the weld design at earlier stages, predicting all possible problems in the future. The content of the book will provide all of them with the basic information relating to the metallurgic principles, which they well have to be aware of in order to do a good and defect-less job.

The volume shall be used as a comprehensive guidebook to all shop-floor engineers since the author has covered all important areas including weldability of the aluminium alloys, advantages and disadvantages of application of the different processes, quality assurance and control, solving of the different problems involved, and many other aspects deserving attention.

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This volume presented by Edward Carpenter and Douglas Capone is the result of their remarkable efforts in preparing the publication that would provide the industry with a single volume containing virtually all necessary technical info relating to the numerous aspects of the nitrogen cycle.

This publication is intended to present the results of the very latest technological advances and relevant researches conducted in the field of the ocean productivity, with particular emphasis being placed on the key role that the microbes play in the transformations of nitrogen, with excursion to the higher levels.

The main content of this volume is arranged in twenty-four chapters, starting with a brief general overview of both distribution and abundance of different nitrogen forms in various estuaries. This part of the publication provides readers with a thorough comparison of the cycling of nitrogen of various ecological systems within marine environment. The chemical distribution has been discussed there in the other chapter together with the methodology.

The book also covers the enzymology  of the starting steps of assimilation of the inorganic nitrogen. The closing chapter is mainly focusing on the application and philosophy of modeling treated as one of the investigative research methods in both open-ocean - and coastal environments...

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This work reflects the job of the author in touching literally all highlights of the hydraulic fluids. It is quite compact but very comprehensive publication well worth having. The author did not go deep into any rheological or tribological diatribes in order to keep the content of his book easy to follow for all categories of readers. As a result, the volume will provide a solid technical overview presented in a very plain language with no dwelling on theories and complex formulas.

The author has provided an excellent review of the developments in the field of hydraulic fluids, offers required guidance on all suitable maintenance procedures, and discusses the correct applications and selection of the subject fluids, investigating their chemical/physical properties relating to the operational requirements. The book provides the technical information and data that will be very useful for both students and specialists who are directly involved with hydraulics, concerned with both mechanical components, design of the systems, proper selection and maintenance of the hydraulic fluids.

The content of this reference text was built on the basis of the forty-year practical experience of the author, bringing together exceptionally comprehensive coverage of selection and behavior of the fluids. It also includes a complete technical analysis of the latest advances in synthetic oils... 

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It is well known from the marine history that from the first steps done in the navigation, the marine fouling, i.e. growth of various aquatic organisms on the ships underwater parts was always treated as a very serious problem. This book is aimed to address some key aspects of the technologies of development and application of the anti-fouling coatings intended to protect the ships hull.

The following aspects are covered in this volume: Marine fouling organisms, their impact on the hull, chemically active marine antifouling technologies, development of antifouling coatings and their testing, various surface approaches to the control of marine bio-fouling. The content of the book reflects the result of the authors to make a summary of the researches in the field and their practical implications. The material presented in the book has been compiled using the valuable contributions provided by the international experts and editors.

As a result, this standard reference volume will be very useful for the manufacturers of the AFS, maritime industry, participants of the oil and gas industry, as well as of any other industry using different offshore structures, plus the researchers and scientists. The book provides the assessment of the marine anti-fouling organisms and the impact they may have, discussion of the major developments and examination of the new surface approaches, plus the review of the environmentally-friendly alternatives...

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The best available reference book covering literally all of the risers and pipeline design. The content of this latest release of the title is duly updated with the recent technical advances in this field, reflecting the huge professional experience of the author and addressing the truly critical issues of environment protection touching the relevant economical issues.

The pipelines commonly utilized for the transfer of hydrocarbons are deservedly considered the safest and also the most reliable way of exploitation of the valuable resources that are below the surfaces of the oceans. The design of the risers and pipelines is commonly looked at as quite a new technique that continues to develop; and the main final purpose of the subject developments is reduction of the associated costs plus the minimization of the environmental impact.

The author made a very good attempt trying to assimilate the basics of the various aspects of the applied mechanics of the offshore pipeline systems. His efforts have finally resulted in this remarkably useful publication representing the proven contemporary practices and all required technical knowledge to be of practical assistance to the persons planning to form a part of the industry.

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The diesel engines are referred to as maybe the most promising powertrains in the nearest future, if we take into consideration their truly superior thermal efficiency as well as the oustanding reliability. Nowadays, diesel engines are widely used in the most of the commercial vehicles, industrial applications, cars and light-duty lorries.

Modern emissions standards and demands of the customers of today are driving diesel engineering to become a dramatically growing applied engineering discipline in order to meet the applicable requirements of designing optimum diesel engines. The engineering population in diesel engines' design is growing quite fast.

The requirement for new advanced design theories and professional reference books has become pressing and obvious. This volume presents my own experience and findings in many interrelated areas of diesel engine performance analysis and system design. The present book is also intending to establish some sort of emerging area of the diesel engine system design for the diesel industry.

The whole technical process of designing the diesel engine is very complex indeed since it involves so many different people and companies from the original equipment makers to suppliers. A system design approach to set up correct engine performance specifications is essential in order to streamline the design process.

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Today, we know that there is an incresingly high interest in the DOM, standing for the dissolved organic matter, and the reason is mostly because DOM plays one of the critically important roles in both global and oceanic cycling of carbon, which directly impacts weather.

The primary goal of professionals in the fields of oceanography and marine biogeochemistry over the past decades was to properly understand all underlying processes of occurring during the transformations of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and other major chemical elements in the ocean waters.

The publication is arranged in sixteen chapters containing nearly two hundred informative figures and data tables, valuable reports on the major technological advances in the subject area, made by a group of experienced and world recognized pros in oceanography. Moreover, in it focusing on the major role that DOM plays in elemental cycling, and this is actually the area with a great informational demand.

Denniss Hansell and Craig Carlson did a remarkably good job in covering, in a single volume, literally all important aspects of the biogeochemistry of marine DOM and also providing a truly comprehensive review and introducing all important key issues, that made the present title maybe the best and definitely most up-to-date of those available today.

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The third edition of the Power Electronics Handbook by Muhammad Rashid. Power electronics of today is a growing area that is using the latest electronics technologies to convert between different forms of electric power; it has so many applications in the human life such as the motor drives, a/c units, power supplies and sources of renewable energy.

The present handbook was intended to address literally all aspects that are relating to the switching devices, control technique, including various analytical methods and their applications. The book was specifically designed to appeal to the new generation of engineering professionals.

The publication includes four chapters dedicated to the renewable energy, energy storage and transmission, DCG, i.e. distributed and cogeneration technology, generating sets, variable speed electric generators, wind turbines, fuel cells etc. The readers of this book, upon its completion, will be able to provide a real leadership in the field of the technical design applied to the various power electronics projects.

It consists of forty-five chapters with the valuable contributions that have been made by the leading experts in the industry. The author has managed to achieve the purpose to provide people with the useful but quite concise reference equally suitable to students and pro's.

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