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This volume was released to be used as a single reference book for all interested parties, covering all relevant aspects of the marine insurance law. The topics addressed within this publication have been arranged in line with the Institute Cargo Clauses and have been explained in detail. the publication has already deserved excellent reputation worldwide due to the clarity and accuracy of its content.

According to the students and practicing lawyers, this is one of the most authoritative titles on the subject of those available today, and that is the reason why this book shall be in the professional library of any practitioner involved in maritime cargo insurance. The main declared purpose of this title is reflecting the aim which was expressed in the Time Charters volume providing practitioners with all legal information relating to the matters they normally encounter.

The list of topics includes but is not limited the history of marine cargo insurance and commonly used definitions, insurable interest, certificates of insurance, jurisdiction clauses, risks and exclusions, duration of the insurance losses and claims, and many others. Some important supplementary information is provided in the appendices.

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Well, there were so many of the Mighty Ships episodes devoted to the various remarkable ships of today, and now let us spend an hour watching an excellent film about the Northern Leader, one of the most powerful and efficient vessels in her class. There only a few vessels in the whole world that could be compared to this one and she is definitely leading the Alaskan fleet of fishing vessels.

The design of this truly perfect ship allows her to tow an incredibly long fifty-mile fishing line equipped with seventy five thousand hooks, reeling in some of the best skate, cod and other fish, working in the difficult-to-work and harsh weather conditions of the Bering Sea. Northern Leader is engaged in active operations throughout the year – the design of this ship allows her to work in the cold ambient temperatures and high winds that are normally encountered in her area of work.

Catching fish with hooks and not with nets is one of the design features of this toughest and longest fishing vessels of today. The crew of the ship is prepared to battle thirteen-meter high waves and strongest winds with the speed exceeding hundred and ten kilometers per hour, and to return home with the usual massive catch.

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One of the most interesting and historically valuable publications on marine science and meteorology, noting the original release date, which dates back as far as to the middle of the nineteenth century, this one shall definitely be treated as a piece of classics. The meteorology has always been considered a very complex subject. Though so many books have been issued for the past century on the meteorology, the mechanical theory of storms has only been addressed in only few of them.

However, taking into account the importance of this subject, it requires close attention, and this is what the idea of the author of this publication was. The main content of the volume is arranged in six sections. The first section introduces reader to the theory of navigation, dynamical law of equilibrium, formation of vortices, Hutton's theory, Redfield's theory, and other relevant topics.

The list of topics covered in the pages of this volume is too long to be presented in this short text, we just want to recommend this book to all people interested in this subject due to the truly impressive coverage of the topics combined with the detailed and clear explanations making the learning process easy.

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This is a real must-have title for any collector of the navigation-related publications. It is the fifth edition of one of the most popular navigational publications issued before Second World War. The tables contained in the volume were conceived by the Lieutenant of the United States Navy Fleet, J. Y. Dreisonstok, together with the formulas and methods involved. Valuable suggestions and other contributions were made by the other prominent experts of those times.

The data tables were designed with the intention to facilitate the marine and aero-navigation. The book originally released by the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office provides the description of the method to be applied when solving the navigational problems. Note that there are so many other UKHO publications available here, for example the Harbor Master’s Guide to Hydrographic and Maritime Information Exchange and other titles giving lots of useful information and data.

The construction of all tables included in the book is provided at the end. As mentioned above, even though the publication was released so many years ago, the content is still very well met by the people having deep interest in the navigation.

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Here is one of the most useful volumes of those making the whole Loss Prevention series. The document is dealing with such critically important aspect of ship handling as the stability, applied to the small ships. The book opens with some introduction and the basic information concerning lack of proper understanding of the ship stability criteria together with the possible consequences.

The authors have addressed the key principles that should be observed as necessary - failure to do so would eventually result in the loss of stability. Such principles include but are not limited to the container heights and weights, overloading of the vessel, FSE, standing for the free surface effect, derricks and cranes, pre-load requirements, stability calculations performed by means of the shipboard computers, freeboard reduction etc.

The content of this volume is mainly aimed at the crew members of the dry cargo ships. The main purpose was to provide them with the opportunity to get better understanding of the basics of the ship stability and its determination. Unfortunately, not all crew members of those assigned responsibility for loading operations possess necessary knowledge of the subject. The appendices supplementing the main part of the volume give some additional information.

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This white paper document is devoted solely to the autonomous ships considered future of the shipbuilding industry. The authors have tried to predict whether these vessels will be efficient enough to compete with the conventional vessels. The content of this booklet presents the results of the discussions and main takeaways of the roundtable meeting of the recognized industry specialists.

The volume itself is of quite introductory nature and gives readers the very basic insight to the autonomous vessels plus some information about the FutureNautics project. Today, the whole mood of the shipping industry is changing with the subject of ship automation and autonomy. Even though this industry is considered very conservative compared to the others and noting that the changes in the maritime shipping normally take place slow, the matter touched inn the pages of this booklet is very promising and has attracted the attention at top levels.

The publication will be helpful to the people willing to be at the edge of the technological advances in the industry. Since this area is fairly new, there are not too many books and other publications readily available today on this subject. You may wish to have a look into the title “Advances in Unmanned Marine Vehicles” as well as the “Further Advances…”.

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Nowadays, sea together with the seaborne trade and associated communications play increasingly important role in the global culture of international commerce and connection. Looking at this system, in its very center we will see that the sea ports of the world are deservedly considered the most critical links in the whole chain. We know that the international maritime shipping represents more than ninety percent of the global trade.

To any seafarer, the safest place for the vessel loading and discharging cargo and passengers, are the sea ports. Here we are talking about the safety of the vessel from weather, damages and of course this is the most secure place. The fundamental requirement to the port location is definitely the existing commercial demand for the transportation of people and cargoes. The sea ports are normally developed in areas where the natural safety is provided; however the safe harbors can be arranged if necessary.

The ports present the interface linking water and land means of transportation. Obviously, a good port would possess well-arranged land transportation links and facilities required to store and handle the goods... The present publication is aimed at the people involved in design and management of the sea ports and terminals.

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This popular publication will be appreciated by the people with the interest in yachting and boating. The content of the book will help them learn the fundamentals of sailing and reveal some of the secrets they will need to get the maximum from their boats. Note that the type of the boat does not matter at all - it can be a dinghy boat, catamaran, sports boat or any other.

The practical tips and valuable advice contained in the pages of this brilliant volume have been provided by the recognized experts sailors so the readers will get a perfect inside knowledge required to significantly improve their sailing techniques. According to the boaters from all around the world, the author of this book has managed to cover all boat handling aspects in detail. This volume is an essential one to anyone willing to sail a fast asymmetric boat.

Among the topics covered in the publication are standard and advance moves, avoiding common disasters when sailing, boat speed, survival sailing, strategy and tactics of sailing, broaching and capsizing of the boats etc. This is a really must-have book on the shelf of any boater and we recommend it to the boaters and yachters regardless of their boats and of their skills and experience.

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