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Here is the eighth edition of the IALA VTS Manual, with its content thoroughly revised and updated. The document is traditionally developed by the VTS Committee and released to provide the industry with the professional guidance and assist the maritime authorities in terms of implementation of the new VTS; the information will also be equally useful when applied to the upgrade of the existing VTS.

The subject Committee was formed back in 1981 and has significantly evolved since then, closely cooperating with the relevant internationally recognized sister entities. The intent of the present publication is to be used as a general reference source in connection with the Vessel Traffic System policy, meeting the demands of the professionals and all people involved in managing the associated activities.

The document will also provide a sort of pointer to the detailed reference materials that may be of practical use for the VTS specialists. The legal framework of the system has been described in detail, together with the necessary guidelines on the types and functions, principles of managing the system, CBA, or cost benefit analysis, organization and planning of the system, and many other important topics.

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This officially prepared and released publication will provide all interested readers starting from the enthusiasts to the specialists with the valuable results of the annually conducted assessment of the global military capabilities together with the defence economics.

The publication starts with the information about strategic and financial matters followed by the conflict analysis and trends including building capabilities and geopolitical priorities, unmanned maritime systems, measuring the cyber-capability; comparative defence stats have also been addressed and the results presented in the book together with the supplementing data diagrams and graphs. In the meantime, the main portion of the document is covering the navy fleets of the world specifically grouped by countries.

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This is the sixth edition of one of the most popular titles on the maritime law. The publication features a truly exhaustive coverage of all topics and will be excellent for both the newcomers to the world of law and the experienced specialists. Note that all latest changes in the legislation are duly reflected in the pages of this publication. There are thirteen main sections in this book and it opens with the one explaining the ship ownership and registration.

It is followed by the sections on the ship mortgage and ship sale, contracts for the new construction of the ships, bills of lading and charter parties, maritime claims and admiralty jurisdiction, sovereign immunity etc. the second half of the volume deals with such important areas as the ship collision and salvage, towage of the vessels, pollution of the marine environment caused by the oil spills, limitation of the liability, pilotage, and passengers.

The tables of cases, international conventions, and legislation are also included. The appendices to the main content provide additional information, including the texts of the several conventions, protocols, acts, agreements and standard forms. This is a must-have for all lawyers involved in the maritime industry.

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This book by Steve Henkel a very thorough and excellent collection of information on a huge number of small-size boats. You will hardly find such a collection anywhere else. Another advantage of the present publication is the format allowing to easily compare different boats.

For the first time, the author has managed to perform a comparative survey of about ninety-five percent of the small fiberglass sailboats (the sizes covered are less than 26 feet) and create the perfect handbook and definitive gallery of such boats constructed in the last forty-five years. Every single boat design is provided with technical specifications, detailed plans and author's commentaries.

We would definitely consider this book the ideal reference for all small-sized boats. It will also be useful for those who plan to purchase the first or next small cruising boat. The author's experience and remarkable background in the field of mono-hull boats have found their reflection in his book. Such experience allowed author to arrange the information in a very clear vary allowing comparisons, as stated above; he also explains some confusions in terminology. That all is why the book is so popular among the sailors.

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The volume will provide you with the clear and detailed explanations of all important aspects of both paper and electronic nautical charts, giving the practical and authoritative information. You will get to know how the nautical charts are assembled and how their accuracy should be assessed; the due attention has been paid to the nautical charted developed by the other countries, etc.

The author will teach the readers what they should do in order to squeeze literally everything from the available charts including the vector and raster nautical charts. This second edition of the world popular title is intended to covers all recent changes in e-charting, radar overlays, integrated systems installed on board ships, automatic identification systems, together with their interfacing. The rapidly developing 3D technology has also been dealt with. The instructions given by the author will definitely assist and contribute in the safety of navigation.

Even if you are not professional navigator, this book will be of interest to you as it also gives some background of the nautical charts, how and where they were first developed and what is the proper way of using them. It is very important to understand how the inaccuracies appear on the charts and the consequences they can have, and this is particularly addressed by Nigel Calder.

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An excellent and one of the most useful programs available today. Developed and released by the Lloyd's Register. It presents a brilliant collection of the documents including Lloyd's Register Rules and Regulations, Common Structural Rules for Bulk Carriers and Oil Tankers, Lloyd's Register Provisional Rules, Lloyd's Register Guidance Information and a set of Statutory Documents.

The first section provides Rules and Regulations for the Classification of Offshore Units, Naval Ships, Special Service Craft. Inland Waterway Ships, LNG Ships, Floating Docks, Trimarans and other types of vessels and it also includes Code for Lifting Appliances. The Provisional Rules provide information about Existing Ships, Ergonomic Container Lashing, Methanol Fuelled Ships, Direct Current Distribution Systems, Sail-Assisted Ships, Winterization of Ships, Software used in Naval Vessels etc.

The Guidance Notes cover Ship Vibration and Noise Guidance Notes, Spare Gear, Masts, Spars, Standing Rigging, Wind Farms, Flettner Rotor Approval etc. The Statutory Documents section contains IMO Publications and Documents including Conventions and Codes, Resolutions and Circulars, Guidelines, Manuals and Specifications, and International Conferences, ILO Conventions Nos. 68, 92, 133, 147, 152. 178 and Maritime Labor Convention, and MCA Publications including The Large Commercial Yacht Codes LY2 and LY3 etc.

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The FSS Code has been officially adopted by the MSC at it's 73rd session in December 2000 with the aim to provide the maritime industry with the international technical standards relating to the fire safety systems and associated equipment that are required by SOLAS.

The present Code is mandatory under the amendments to SOLAS. The volume contains the required engineering specifications relating to the fire safety arrangements and all equipment concerning the fixed gas-, water-spraying, foam and water mist fire extinguishing systems on ships, sample extraction smoke detection systems on tankers, portable powder, gas and other fire extinguishers of all sizes, PPE, i.e. personal protection equipment, international shore connection, inert gas systems, automatic sprinkler systems, low-location lighting systems, fire detectors, fixed alarm systems, main and emergency fire pumps, means of escape, deck foam systems, fixed hydrocarbons gas detection systems etc.

In addition, the present edition of the FSS Code includes all relevant resolutions of the IMO and also all circulars. The publication is there in the list of mandatory papers that shall be carried on board any ships falling under SOLAS. All information that has been included in the book will be very useful for any crew member dealing with the operation of the above listed equipment or its maintenance.

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An excellent title for the industry readers; its content is addressing all of the covered topics in a practical manner  making the publication one of the best available ones for the people dealing with the integrated navigation solutions. With the information compiled and presented by the world recognized and respected authorities, the present release of this popular work will provide the practicing engineers as well as computer scientists and all other categories of interested readers with a required working familiarity of both theoretical basics and modern practical applications of the GNSS, INS and Kalman filters.

The authors have been focusing on the real life problems with the main emphasis being placed on the effective utilization of the contemporary integration techniques for the above listed systems, particularly Kalman filtering. The authors have explored the commonly occurring failures and various subtleties, together with the inherent theoretical limitations applying to the real situations, and also covered many practical problems including GBAS, SBAS, GNN-aided INS, modeling of the accelerometers and gyros etc.

The book contains all updates to the GNSS and other relevant systems being under development, features expanded coverage of the fundamental design principles for antenna and receiver, inertial navigation, math models and so many other topics.

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