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An excellent video produced by Hempel - one of the world leader in the field of coating and paint production. The widest range of coatings produced by the company feature easy application and cost effectiveness. This training video was prepared in order to provide ship crew members with required instruction on proper handling of the coating process.

The instructor will guide them through all factors that normally influence the lifetime of the shipboard protective coating systems intended to prevent the hull from corrosion. The good condition of the coating will ensure it effective work and eventually contribute in the overall effectiveness of ship operation. Noting that the time the crew may spend for the maintenance in port is continuously reduced due to the growing intensiveness of activities, it is becoming more and more important to increase their quality.

Any coating system will start deteriorating sooner or later and that is why a good maintenance system shall be established on board every ship. The crew members shall not only understand the importance of the proper and timely maintenance but also have a good knowledge of what, how and when shall be done to keep the vessel duly maintained.

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NP 005-007-007A South America Pilot Volumes I-II-III

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The International Safety Management Code together with the necessary guidelines for the implementation was developed by the IMO in order to provide an internationally recognized standard to be applied to the safe operation and management of the vessels, and also for prevention of the environment pollution.

The document shall be considered a truly essential reference one for the owners and operators of the ships, ship constructors, maritime administrations, manufacturers of the shipboard engines and other equipment, education entities and training providers - virtually all people whose everyday work is connected with the ensuring of safety of human life at sea and pollution prevention.

The content of the document includes relevant portions of the SOLAS and ISM Code. In addition, it also provides readers with the guidelines for the operational implementation of the Code, and other important regulatory and guiding information.

The publication is a must-have for all people engaged in the shipping industry in one way or another. It is also an excellent training tool to the students and future auditors who shall possess a sound knowledge and deep understanding of all provisions of the ISM Code.

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There were numerous incidents in the past where the man-made sound caused serious injuries to the marine mammals. This has led to the researches in this field and the results of the researches have been reflected in the field of this volume offering readers a truly objective and professional look at how exactly the ocean noise shall be treated taking into account the lack of the regulatory framework as well as the existing scientific uncertainty over the effects that the noise has on marine system.

The content of the publication shall definitely be treated as the essential information for the oceanographers, people engaged in the international shipping, engineering activities, offshore exploration of oil and gas, policymakers, biologists and all other parties involved. The author examined the problem of the anthropogenic sound in a global content, investigating their nature and significance and considering the needs for the new regulations.

The author particularly concerns the responses of the legal system to the ocean noise problem. The volume covers the scientific aspects and policy development, the use of the MPA, i.e. marine protected areas, and other important aspects.

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NP 001-002-003 Africa Pilot Volumes I-II-III Edition 14

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An excellent publication released by the world respected SIGTTO organization. As it is clear from the title, the content of the volume is intended to provide necessary information and instructions on the fire hazard management on board ships transporting liquefied gases. The authors have managed to bring together, in one informative volume, the main principles of preventing and fighting the fires associated with liquefied gas.

The volume is mainly aimed at the operational staff including ship officers and plant supervisors since they are directly engaged in the handling of the liquefied gases that are very flammable. However, we would highly recommend it to the fire officers as well as to the emergency planners - they will be provided with a good professional insight into both technical design and practical operation of the liquefied gas installations together with all equipment considered fundamental for safe and efficient operation of those installations.

Numerous real life case histories make the content of the publication even more readable. In short, we can say that the authors have managed to cover absolutely all important aspects of the topic, and this approach has gained worldwide popularity to their work which is deservedly treated as one of the best books on the subject. The analysis of the famous incidents, such as the propylene fire on board Val Rosandra and attack on Gas Fountain, and others.

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This is a very interesting and a truly breathtaking story telling readers about the sinking of one of the most well known American container vessels - El Faro. The tragedy of the crew consisting of thirty-five people is told in the pages of this book. This happened on 1st of October, 2015 when the Hurricane Joaquin reached Bermuda Triangle - it just swallowed El Faro and this eventually resulted in the worst disaster of the American shipping in the past 35 years.

It is still a mystery how a modern ship duly equipped with all necessary satellite communication systems, electronic navigation means and absolutely latest weather forecasting aids could just vanish. There were hundreds of interviews with the recognized maritime experts and with the family members of the people working on board El Faro, and there were even some conversations of the crew members recorded by the shipboard data recorder.

Rachel Slade, the professional journalist, did every effort to try and unravel the mystery of sinking of this ship. Her work has resulted in this perfectly reported account, taking readers straight into the heart of the American shipping industry. The book will be interesting not only to the professional mariners but is actually aimed at much broader readership.

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The very first general us of the radars was when they were applied for detecting the aircrafts and surface ships in the course of the Second World War. At that time and for the intended use of the radar, the weather used to be treated as a real nuisance since it produced serious echo patterns making detection of the ships and aircrafts much more difficult and sometimes even impossible at all.

People did every effort to minimize subject weather echoes and came to the opinion that the weather information that can be obtained from the radars would be a very important and valuable supplement to the conventional techniques of weather observing that were available. Having the information received from both resources, they could perform a proper analysis and define the echoes.

The present publication provides information about the fundamentals of radars, including propagation and detection matters, radar measurements and reports, radar echo intensities etc. You will wind the instructions on proper reporting of the typical weather situations. The list of tables is provided as a supplemental information covering the characteristics of radars, intensity levels, and other info expected to be practically useful.

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