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Nowadays, sea together with the seaborne trade and associated communications play increasingly important role in the global culture of international commerce and connection. Looking at this system, in its very center we will see that the sea ports of the world are deservedly considered the most critical links in the whole chain. We know that the international maritime shipping represents more than ninety percent of the global trade.

To any seafarer, the safest place for the vessel loading and discharging cargo and passengers, are the sea ports. Here we are talking about the safety of the vessel from weather, damages and of course this is the most secure place. The fundamental requirement to the port location is definitely the existing commercial demand for the transportation of people and cargoes. The sea ports are normally developed in areas where the natural safety is provided; however the safe harbors can be arranged if necessary.

The ports present the interface linking water and land means of transportation. Obviously, a good port would possess well-arranged land transportation links and facilities required to store and handle the goods... The present publication is aimed at the people involved in design and management of the sea ports and terminals.

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This popular publication will be appreciated by the people with the interest in yachting and boating. The content of the book will help them learn the fundamentals of sailing and reveal some of the secrets they will need to get the maximum from their boats. Note that the type of the boat does not matter at all - it can be a dinghy boat, catamaran, sports boat or any other.

The practical tips and valuable advice contained in the pages of this brilliant volume have been provided by the recognized experts sailors so the readers will get a perfect inside knowledge required to significantly improve their sailing techniques. According to the boaters from all around the world, the author of this book has managed to cover all boat handling aspects in detail. This volume is an essential one to anyone willing to sail a fast asymmetric boat.

Among the topics covered in the publication are standard and advance moves, avoiding common disasters when sailing, boat speed, survival sailing, strategy and tactics of sailing, broaching and capsizing of the boats etc. This is a really must-have book on the shelf of any boater and we recommend it to the boaters and yachters regardless of their boats and of their skills and experience.

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She is one of the largest subsea construction ships in the world. The North Sea Giant – this boat can do anything and now her mission is to build a factory three hundred meters below the surface. It is a job that requires special cranes, submarines and nerves of steel – the project costs billions of dollars – a project that world has never seen before. When it comes to subsea construction, there can be no option better than North Sea Giant.

Her specialty is installing massive components for the oil and gas facilities on the ocean floor. She stands forty-six meters above the water and stretches one hundred and sixty-one meters from bow to stern. A state-of-the-art propeller system enables her to turn swiftly and she has seven cranes for lifting and lowering cargo into the sea. The North Sea Giant is undisputed flagship in the North Sea Shipping fleet.

The captain of the ship leads the team of one hundred and fourteen crew, including contractors and technicians. The capabilities and equipment of the vessel are impressive. For the past eight months North Sea Giant has been working off the coast of Norway on the most ambitious undersea construction project ever - the world’s first underwater natural gas compression station.

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The content of the present handbook is providing the result of the cooperative work of the group of experts. Their intention was to create a book that would facilitate better understanding to be shared between the government officials and the companies of the various economic, commercial and technical aspects.

Note that the authors of the volume did not intend to deal with promotion of any particular business model; their idea was rather help stakeholders better understand their aims in developing the LNG projects and opening future LNG trade markets. The volume provides a good framework for evaluation of the LNG projects considered important, and this is applicable to both importers and exporters of the natural gas.

The authors hope that the information provided in this volume together with any following dialogues that this volume engenders, will eventually improve the existing flow of information and help erect the human capacity accelerating the development of the natural gas, make the generation of the power cleaner, and promote energy security and further economic growth. The publication will be interesting to the people involved in the development of the natural gas and any related projects.

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This publication developed by the professionals of the SIGTTO organization was intended to advise the people engaged in the works on board gas carriers on the proper procedures relating to the technical maintenance of the PRVs, standing for the pressure relief valves, address various operation problems, possible faults and emergency closure.

The idea of the authors was to provide some general guidance to the crew members of the vessels - note that the volume is not expected to replace any of the instructions or manuals provided by the manufacturers of the equipment in question.

Opening with some introduction, the content of the volume covers the general requirements that are applicable to the PRVs including requirements to their design and installation on board. The types of the PRVs are addressed in detail, covering both spring operated and pilot operated pressure relief valves. The emergency closure of the PRVs is considered particularly important and is therefore dealt with in a separate chapter.

The publication also covers the in-service testing of the valves. Five appendices provide additional information including extracts from the IMO IGC Code, pressure levels, terminology and definitions used etc.

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The content of the present publication intends to explore maybe the most complicated and hazardous marine areas – Asia, which stretches from the Persian Gulf to the Aleutian Islands. In fact, the busiest of the trade routes of the maritime world are contained within this area. However, this region is also considered the scene of the various threats including piracy and territorial disputes.

The author of the volume has made a good attempt to examine the naval forces and today’s maritime strategies; in addition, he tried to perform a deep evaluation of the existing threats to the maritime shipping industry together with the opportunities for any cooperation. The fact is that the American Navy Fleet is engaged in the above mentioned disputes and this threatens the critically important interest of the country.

This publication will be of a serious practical use not only for the people directly involved in the shipping activities in the area but also to those willing to keep updated with the current situation in the maritime shipping industry of the world, since the author has managed to touch all important aspects. This is definitely a best of the works addressing this problem and providing such good analysis of the forces located in the region and their potential impact.

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Another piece of classics - this publication on navigation was released more than a hundred years ago. For so many years the content of the book helped the newcomers to the world of maritime navigation to obtain necessary knowledge and it was also used by the professional navigators to refresh and maintain their knowledge at the high level. The volume starts with the basic definitions used in navigation.

Then the author moves to the marine compass, correction of the ship's course and log line, explaining them in detail. In the next chapter the construction of the traverse table is described together with its correct use supplemented with the examples for better understanding. The next three chapters cover the methods that are used to fix the position of the vessel on the nautical chart, composite and great circle sailing, and construction of figures.

This was just the introduction. The material of the volume is arranged in twenty-eight chapters plus numerous examples, nautical almanac and answers to the above mentioned examples. You will find lots of useful information still useful and practical today for provision of safe navigation of your ship – literally everything is covered.

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There is no ship anywhere like MV Resolution, a marine monster crane. Her everyday job is tough and risky. This is a year-round assignment of building wind farms in the dangerous seas. In fact this is the first vessel in the world ever custom built to install wind turbines on the high seas. That is the reason why she is one of the busiest ships in the world. Today, giant wind farms are feeding cities and there are more on the way.

The challenges of MV Resolution are really and every day this ship faces serious problems to cope with – wind, waves, and weather – and all of them are beyond her control. Working in such conditions is extremely difficult. MV Resolution is the largest ship of her kind – the giant jack-up ship with the legs that can lift her above the water. She has six of such legs and this fact makes her truly unique – most of her rivals may only boast four legs.

These gigantic legs are lowered hydraulically down to the seabed and then the whole structure of the vessel is lifted up to ten meters above the water surface. In less than one hour she can change from a classic ship into a stable offshore construction platform. MV Resolution is now ready to build a huge, twenty storey tall wind turbines…

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