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It goes without saying that the distress messages are considered the critically important function of any marine VHF; however, it shall be noted that they distress messaging is not the sole purpose of having the VHF on board ship. The VHFs are widely used for preventing distress situations - this is achieved by allowing ships to warn each other about various potential dangers.

Another function is receiving the safety info, including but not limited to the weather forecasts and navigation related warnings. Most of the radio messages are quite mundane and are send/received to cover different aspects of day-to-day operation, these would typically include planning, searching for fuel and berth etc. The present publication was prepared by RYA specialists. The list of topics covered in its pages opens with the description of types of messages, users and equipment.

The next chapter provides readers with the explanation of the working principle of any radio while the third chapter is dealing with the applicable regulations and rules including licensing and type approval. There are useful instruction on proper operation of the marine VHF radios, VHF channels and voice procedures as well as GMDSS and DSC. Of course, this is not a full list of what has been addressed in this book…

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This publication contains the officially released text of the International Convention on Wreck Removal adopted back in 2007. The convention was developed with the intention of the parties to provide the legal basis enabling them either to remove or to have removed from their coastal waters and coast lines the wrecks that normally pose a real hazard to the maritime shipping safety as well as to the marine environment.

In order to achieve the declared objectives, this new treaty was presented including the provisions relating to the reporting of vessels and wrecks together with their removal and the criteria for determination of the associated hazards. The measures that shall be undertaken to facilitate the wreck removal and owner liability for the costs for locating and marking of vessels and wrecks plus their subsequent removal are also regulated within this publication.

The registered owners of the vessels are required to maintain the mandatory insurance and/or any financial security covering the liability within the frame of the present Convention. The content of the publication shall be read and clearly understood by anyone who is involved in today’s shipping industry.

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The experienced ship deck officers and maritime attorneys truly consider both operational and organizational factors normally contributing to the maritime casualties. The results of the researches conducted by the well-recognized experts, and the knowledge that has been gained from more than forty years of working in the shipping industry, inform the present volume.

The publication will provide readers with an excellent and remarkably focused overview of the maritime shipping industry safety issues and will also suggest strategies for the risk management with their effectiveness proven from both the board room and wheelhouse.

The number of the topics covered in the book impresses - such important ones as bridge resource management and safety philosophy, decision making, situational awareness, electronic navigation and maritime risks have been addressed by the author. The readers say that the book offers a very well-researched approach to the maritime error management.

The author has compared the development of the ISM to the fact finding of maritime casualties. The content of the volume shows the huge experience of the author who has provided clearly understandable explanation of the materials.

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This is one of the best episodes of the Mighty Ships series. It is devoted to the famous passenger cruise mega-liner Quantum of the Seas. The name of the vessel contains the word Quantum which is the Latin for "Quantity". The vessel has sixteen passenger decks and nineteen restaurants on board. There are more toys and gadgets offered here that on any other cruise ship anywhere in the world.

Watch this part of the series and join the crew members and passengers of this remarkable mega-liner on their twelve-day adventure. Making her very first full-length ocean cruise, the Quantum of the Seas is heading to the South Caribbean. She is absolutely full of various technological advances and innovations making this ship one of the most sophisticated of today's passenger ships.

She may easily be treated as the huge floating amusement park featuring all types of entertainment facilities for her four thousand guests. However, there is no time and no opportunity to play for the crew and the Master of the Ship. We would like to remind our visitors that there is one more video available at our website - an excellent documentary demonstrating the technology process reveal. An excellent video recommended to everyone.

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This set of documents consists of three publications officially released by Wartsila, namely Maintenance Manual, Operating Manual and Spare Parts Catalogue for the Sulzer ZA40S diesel engine. The manuals are intended to be used by the operators of the engine and therefore shall be at their disposal at all times.

The operating manual covers such important aspects of engine operation as the general working principle and interrelation between the propeller and diesel engine, numbering of the parts including bearings and cylinders, fuels and lube oils, preparations that shall be made to start the engine after long period with no operation, starting and normal running of the engine, operation at overload and with HFO, i.e. heavy fuel oil, shutting the engine, overhauling and many others.

The maintenance manual provides the cross section of the engine, clearance and wear tables for the starting air distributor, governor and valve drive, war water pump, fuel injection and booster pump, and other components. The tightening instructions are also given together with the other valuable instructions – in fact everything is covered. Finally, the last volume shall be used when looking for technical characteristics of the spares.

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The marine insurance itself was first invented in Italy some five centuries ago and since then has always provided merchant shipping with the protection, facilitating the maritime commerce and trade. The content of the present book is mainly focused on the laws and customs as well as on the organizational structures, revealing the origins of the marine insurance and tracking the spread of the associated underwriting institutions and practices.

The work has been prepared on the basis of the valuable contributions made by the eleven world recognized researchers from seven different countries, sharing their knowledge and experience with the readers. The insurance is expected to provide a sort of contingent capital transformed into the money to allow shipping companies perform the trading with less conventional capital that would be required in their perilous commercial environment.

Opening with the introductory section which covers the study and nature of the marine insurance, the publication addresses different historical periods in different countries of the world, starting from the early development and up to the nineteenth century. This is a good book for anyone dealing with the insurance matters.

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As it is clear from the title of the volume, it contains the Rickmers Standard which is deservedly considered the major reference source for planning and handling of the project cargo handling, as well as stowage, securing and lashing of such cargoes. The main purpose of this Standard is to let all parties involved, including shippers and stevedores, to get informed about the established cargo handling and cargo securing practices that have proven effective.

Following these procedures will contribute in the improvement of the technical and commercial performance and this will be achieved by avoiding or at least minimizing the loss and damage of the cargoes transported on board ships. This all, in turn, will eventually result in the improved safety of the people and cargo at sea together with the improved environment protection.

The content of the Standard is arranged in three big sections, namely pre-shipment info for the shippers and ship agents, standards to be applied to lifting, bedding and securing cargoes, and assessing the shipboard securing and stowage arrangements for their compliance with the provisions of the standard. Four annexes provide some additional information and a glossary of terminology used throughout the Standard.

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The PSSA, standing for the Particularly Sensitive Sea Area, is an area requiring special environmental protection through the necessary actions by the IMO. The reason for such close attention to these areas is their importance for the ecological and scientific, as well as socio-economic attributes. The International Maritime organization is the only international entity assigned responsibility for the conducting the assessment of the proposals for the PSSA and designating such areas.

In addition, only IMO may develop and adopt measures to be implemented by the international maritime shipping industry. The content of this volume will provide readers with a good overview of the designated PSSAs. It includes all officially released documents, such as the revised guidelines and proposal review form. The text of the documents included in this volume was developed by the MEPC in order to assist members of the IMO with preparing, identifying and submitting PSSAs.

Another goal was to provide MEPC with the necessary updated information required for the review of the PSSA proposals and making sure that the applicable guidelines have been duly fulfilled. A must-have for the people involved in the marine protection activities.

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