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The intention of the author of this volume was to provide a good and extensive coverage of the essential offshore mechanics concepts with due attention paid to the newly introduced applications of the theory including, but not limited, to the different offshore installations, wind farms, bridges, and many others.

All critical areas of the design and analysis of the commonly used systems and structures have been addressed, providing the really fundamental information for the engineers engaged in the offshore industry. Note that both traditional and new methods have been covered, and different numerical techniques have been dealt with, such as the FEM and CFD. There are many examples and exercises included to track your progress.

The volume can be recommended to the offshore engineering students at higher levels, as well as the professional offshore engineers. All possible offshore environmental conditions have been examined, together with the foundation and mooring analysis, aerodynamic and hydrodynamic analysis, etc. in shore, the number of topics covered by the author makes this title definitely the best choice for the offshore engineering fellows who will benefit from its content.

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And this is the closing part of the Advance Marine Engineering Knowledge set, started with the Vol. 1 and continued with Vol. 2, both available here. Nowadays, the shipboard safety is directly connected with the seamen, the way they perform their duties, as well as with the working environment, and the ship procedures shall address the essential safety aspects as necessary.

Taking into account that the structure of any vessel is impacted by the corrosive environment from the very first day, and that the engines and other machinery items work highly loaded, the possibility of the hazardous conditions on board is high. That is why it is critically important for the safety of the ship and people on board to possess a sound technical knowledge coupled with a good practical experience.

Unlike the first two parts, the authors used the completely new format here, and presented the material in the Question-and-Answer format. The subject change was effected in response to the numerous feedback messages received after the release of the preceding parts.

This new approach developed and introduced by the authors was maybe that something so much needed by the engineers, and this made the complete set perfect, well met and popular. It is absolutely imperative that any marine engineering student and even practicing engineer has a full set of books readily available for training and reference purposes.

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Here is the opening part of the world popular three-volume set released specifically for the students of marine engineering related disciplines and practicing marine engineers. The today’s marine engineers have to solve the complex problems of the entire spectrum of technology, depending on the type and size of the vessel they work on.

The content of the present set of book is intended to provide all marine engineers with the necessary information enabling them to perform their duties in a professional manner. It is also a perfect training and reference source for those preparing to sit for the MEO Certificate of Competency exam. Featuring a thoroughly updated content, this release takes into consideration all latest technological advances in the field, presenting the material in a lucid and concise way, so highly appreciated by the students and engineers all around the world.

This first volume is made of eleven chapters, covering such the important aspects of marine engineering as the internal combustion engines and fuels used on board marine vessels, lube oil and fuel oil systems, problems normally arising when operating the engines and conducting their routine technical maintenance water treatment and other important areas. Note that the Vol. 2 and Vol. 3 are also available, so make sure you have your own full set of publications.

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Today, there are numerous titles available on the subject of the transport documents that are usually in use when arranging the marine transportation of the cargo, and this particularly relates to the bill of lading. However, the present publication was released to bring some absolutely fresh view combined with the comparative approach to the subject documents.

Note that different jurisdictions have been covered in addition to the traditionally dominating English law, and the comparison is provided of the civil and common law wherever same was considered appropriate. The volume will provide readers with a good historical background as well as the development perspective in connection with the above mentioned transport documents from the very first appearances and up to today.

This results in the good and professional insight into the development of the international shipping law over the decades and centuries, and application of its values and basic essential principles. The author analyzes the legal issues addressing the transport paperwork, supplementing the theory with the fresh ideas, making the title even more practically useful in today’s world. It is an excellent choice for the students of the maritime law entities as well as the lawyers, but will be equally valuable to the other parties involves in the transportation, such as the masters, officers, shore support offices etc.

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You are strongly encouraged to have a close look at this third release of the bestseller written by one of the most recognized and respected experts, explaining how the professional weather forecasts should actually be combined with the self-assessment of the observed condition of the sky in order to get to a proper local coming weather forecast.

The publication is intended to serve as a basic guidebook describing the fundamentals of the process of forming weather, and it provides the readers with the knowledge and understanding of the process required for correct interpretations of the signs of the sky. The volume has been in wide use for more than a twenty years, and the success of the previous two editions made the author prepare a third one, featuring the significantly improved and thoroughly revised content.

The text now is even more reader friendly, and supplemented with the numerous images. The explanatory part has also been improved to meet the requirements of the readers. Note that the volume also deals with the newly introduced sources of weather info, such as the internet websites and applications that provide seamen with the forecasts. It is a truly perfect intro book for those willing to understand weather better.

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Today, the problem of ocean turbulence experiences so many different challenges since it is still in the process of development, being a relatively new study. The author of the present title made an effort to provide readers with the detailed and easily understandable description of the fundamental dynamic processes controlling the turbulence distribution as well as the spread of the kinetic energy.

In addition, the major effects that the subject dissipation has on dispersion of the heat and salinity of the ocean water, and many other effects. All of the processes dealt with by the author have been supplemented with the experiments conducted in the lab environment, as well as by the field observations.

All of these eventually resulted in a perfect reference source to be used by the seniors and graduates; however, the information contained herein will be valuable to the researchers who can use the volume for the general overview of the subject. Considering the way in which the material is presented, we could recommend the publication even to the broad readership, i.e. one does not have to be the professional in this field to be able to understand the content clearly and benefit from reading.

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The title will for sure be greatly appreciated by all lovers of sea and sailing, as it tells the story of the brilliant travel of the author and his companions on board a sailboat with the intention to explore the new sea route. The voyage they were planning to take had a history of numerous incidents – more than a thousand, including the groundings and explosions, ship collisions and so many others, up to the sinking, and that statistics covers only the period from the year 1999 to 2009.

Note that the author himself did not have any seagoing experience at the time when their voyage started! The narrative is presented with the nice humor and will be read with pleasure. According to the numerous reviews, this one is a perfect sample of the good writing, and this is what gained this title worldwide popularity.

In addition to the voyage details, the author also described the people and communities they did meet, and all interesting facts and events. The readers will find this volume providing a good insight into a way of life of the people of the subject part of the world. This is something not discussed in due details in any of the titles available today so it definitely makes the book worth reading.

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Even there can still be some minor discrepancy in the numbers, depending on the information source used, more than seven hundred ocean-going vessels are scraped every year. In most cases, this process takes places somewhere on the seashore of the Indian area.

It should be noted, however, that the vessels normally have different hazardous materials contained in their structure; also, these substances can exist within the wastes generated by the vessel during the passages. Since the process of scraping is traditionally manual, this means that the people involved are in danger.

In fact, there was not too much of attention paid to the shipbreaking problem in the past, and only some ten years ago the relative international treaty was released and ratified to target the potential harm to the people as well as the marine environment, considering the pollution.

The efforts made by the industry professionals to regulate same through the Basel Convention have eventually led to the absolutely different opinions on the applicability of the subject document. The second big success was the presentation and adoption of the Hong Kong Convention to help implement the effective controls.

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