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This “History…” is a truly excellent book that will be found very interesting not only for the people living in London but of course to all those having deep interest both in the history of London, naval history, human development and so many other areas. The author of the volume has perfectly charted the foundation, further growth and development of the London port and provided good explanation of its importance to the prosperity of the Great Britain.

The readers from all around the planet have found this book really fascinating. The writing style of the author is amazing and it engages readers throughout the book; the photos chosen to accompany the text are brilliant. In addition to the text and photographs, there are so many of the navigation charts included in the book as the supplementary material. In short we can say that the publication is a solid and thoroughly researched story presented in a way accessible to any reader including the very beginners.

It contains the close view of maybe the most famous and historically important sea port in the history of mankind and international shipping and that is the reason why we say it will be interesting to anyone and not only to the Londoners.

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Theory of the marine compasses can be understood by applying some imagination and is not that complicated. However, the information contained in most of the books available today lack clarity and it makes the process of understanding a bit more difficult. The author of this volume has made every effort to present the information in a simple way so that it can be understood by all categories of readers, from newcomers to the professional mariners.

The book starts with the syllabus of the STCW 1995 convention, followed by the info on the free gyroscope. Then, there are two chapters dealing with the damped and undamped gravity controlled gyroscopes. The errors encountered in the gyro compasses have been dealt with in a separate chapter. Same applies to the follow-up systems, transmission systems and the associated performance tests.

The author has also included several real life examples of the application of the contemporary compasses. Numerous exercises have been included for better training process and they are all supplemented with the correct answers. We recommend this publication to anyone interested in the construction and working principles of the gyro compasses.

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The handling and piloting of vessel is something about the individual understandings of the people, based on their practical knowledge. This book written by professional Captain shall be used as a very useful addition to the other materials covering this subject. The text of the publication is remarkably easy to understand and in some cases has been delivered in a form of anecdotes, to make reading more pleasant.

However, the contents of the volume will be useful even for the professional mariners as going through it will let them refresh their knowledge and skills that they might have forgotten. Of course, no one can learn the experience from the book and it is mainly the outcome of the years of doing things either right or wrong – what you do is that you try to avoid repeating the mistakes and you do your best to remember what was done right.

There are many chapters in this book and the author will take the readers from the basic information of handling vessels, through all technical aspects, covering literally everything they should be aware of, up to and including the responsibilities of the pilot related to the vessel and to the port authorities. We recommend this publication to all mariners and students due to the comprehensiveness of coverage and reader-friendliness.

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The original edition of this publication was released in 1991 to describe how to make the very best of the training and education opportunities available on board. Since then, three more editions came and each time the content was revised and new information added. The introductory part of the document will give readers some necessary insight into the relevant regulatory framework including the ISM Code and MLC Convention.

The main part of the material is divided into nine chapters, the first chapter dealing with proper organization of the training on board any ship. The second chapter provides some valuable advice to the shipboard staff assigned the trainee roles. The third chapter is devoted to the resources including CBT, i.e. computer-based training, video training, planning of the training, assessment and other aspects, while the fourth chapter addresses the record keeping.

The competence assessment, opportunities for training and associated responsibilities are dealt with in the next two chapters. the remaining chapters deal with the senior officers and Masters, company training policies, and other information. Four appendixes supplement the main content of the booklet, giving necessary examples.



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During so many years of carrying out vetting to the recognized OCIMF guidelines, the questions covering the passage planning, acceptable formats and requirements as well as compliance with those requirements prompted the organization to develop a set of guidelines with the ultimate intention to get answers.

This compact but so informative and useful booklet was prepared by Captain David Salmon having a great practical experience in the field of marine navigation. Every effort was made by the author to keep the contents of the publication to simplified, understandable, and practical actions to ensure that the masters of the vessels and navigators have been given an opportunity to get all required knowledge.

All essential principles of passage planning have been covered and explained. The parallel indexing has been addressed within a separate chapter. Numerous examples for the coastal approach have been included together with the chartlet. The ocean voyages have been paid particular attention. Two closing chapters of the booklet provide supplementary information, such as the bridge checklists and format sample, that will be of practical use on the bridge of any vessel.

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The present training resource has been specifically published for the young officers who are aspiring to get to the position of the Chief Officer. It will also be useful to the people just promoted to this position. It is a very practical publication which is mainly dealing with the real world of the ocean and vessels rather than purely theoretical; the authors have discussed different important problems that are commonly encountered by the Chief Officers of the vessels in their day-to-day operations.

In fact, there are many publication available today, teaching the students the proper way to perform the numerous tasks that are making up their professional duties. All of them are very helpful when used for the professional training; however, the most important issue is to try to learn how to correctly blend the possible and proper in order to produce a desired feasible result getting us and the vessel through the unscathed days.

That is why we would highly recommend this training course for all people in the industry and definitely to all desiring to become Chief Officers. The content of the volume starts with the description of the position and main responsibilities and duties assigned, and then covering all aspects of Chief Officer's work on board.

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The content of this navigation textbook is primarily aimed at modern navigators working under significantly increased workload which demands very clear working methods as well as concise but comprehensive instructions. Note that the working methods that have been selected for inclusion in this volume are quite easy to understand for both students of maritime colleges and schools and for people working onboard vessels.

The text of the book is supplemented with numerous worked examples and informative plots, and there are also many exercises to allow navigators gain some fundamental and advanced marine navigation skills. The publication covers regulatory requirements and provides instructions on proper passage planning, ocean routeing and sailing, bridge procedures to be implemented and followed, celestial and radar navigation, extreme weather issues, e-navigation, tidal streams, marine communications including GMDSS, AIS and reporting systems, SAR activities and many other important aspects.

There is also a brief glossary of terminology used throughout the volume. As noted above, the book is highly recommended to the future navigators as well as for the professionals willing to improve their marine navigation skills.

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The crude oil is maybe the most important cargo of those transported by sea over the last century. It provides people with the energy necessary to drive virtually everything. The present book was written by Captain P. Armitage with the ultimate intention to serve as a mandatory training for the second officers willing to move up to the position of Chief Officer - in fact it will be useful to every single ship officer working on a tanker and standing a cargo watch.

The content of this volume is covering absolutely everything starting from the fundamentals of the crude oil chemistry and up to the economics of today's oil market. Loading and discharge operations are deservedly treated as the critically important activities. When carrying out loading and discharge of the shipboard cargo, the accidents may seriously compromise the safety of the crew members, the ship herself as well as the environment.

Well developed and carefully reviewed plans supplemented with the standing instructions and established emergency procedures will significantly contribute to the success of the cargo operations and provide additional flexibility to the commercial operators. This volume puts decades of the practical experience into a quite concise format which is technical but still reader friendly. A copy of this book shall be in the library of every tanker officer for easy and ready reference at all times.

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