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At any given time and throughout the whole world, in any weather there are many pilots transiting to or from ships they are engaged in order to provide safe navigation from one point to another. Each of them must be embarked and disembarked in a safe manner. The transfer operations can normally be completed in numerous ways and each of these ways includes some degree of risks.

It is absolutely critical that people involved in the transfer operations are duly aware of the dangers associated with the transfer. That is why they shall all receive a good and thorough training irrespective of the method of transfer that has been chosen. Embarkation and disembarkation of the pilots would normally take place with the ship being either underway or alongside; however, it may also occur at the anchorage. For the purpose of pilot transfer the accommodation ladder, crane basket, vehicle ramp or other methods can be used.

The present publication provides readers with all required information about the pilot ladders, covering the general responsibilities of all parties involves in the transfer operation, construction of the ladders, securing the pilot ladder and providing the safe access to the ship deck, supervision etc. Shipside doors and combination ladders have been addressed separately. The book closes with the chapters on the associated equipment and lighting.

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The main purpose of the present IMO Model Course 1.02 is to provide the Masters and officers of oil tankers with the required training to enable them get better understanding of the shipboard cargo operations. The content will be equally useful to any other person on board assigned same responsibility for loading the oil cargo and its discharge as well as taking care of such cargo while in transit.

The cleaning of cargo tanks and other operations relates to cargo handling have also been paid serious attention. The volume addresses all important topics related to their duties on board including the safety matters - it is needless to say that the proper safety culture shall be established and maintained on board any ship at all times.

This includes monitoring of all shipboard cargo handling operations at all stages, checking and maintaining properties of the transported cargo, taking necessary preventive measures to avoid hazards, and of course application of the health and safety precautions.

Fire safety and pollution prevention measures are among the top important ones to consider. the trainees who have satisfactorily completed the course will be considered meeting the relevant training requirements as per the Reg. A-V/1.1/paragraph 2.2.

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The oceans of the world are still very mysterious places. The life within the oceans is still a sort of mystery. However, the world is paying due attention to the serious and continually increasing environmental problems beneath their waves - this shall be treated seriously by every single human. For so many years people believed that nothing could affect the life of the sea creatures since they are well beneath the waves.

Now we all come to understand that this is not a case, and the main reason for that is the human activity, not only increase in the human population but also such activities and maritime shipping, offshore exploration and production of oil and gas, and so many other activities directly or indirectly affecting the oceans. Have a look into this Atlas telling you about the oceans and seas of our planet.

It opens with some brief introduction which is followed by the chapters on the ocean geology and ocean life zones, endangered marine species, coastal and temperate waters, tropical, polar and open waters, etc. each of the oceans has been addressed separately. The glossary with the basic terms has been included. Note that we have some other publications like this one, namely Atlas A-Z - A Pocket Guide to the World Today, Lloyd's Maritime Atlas of World Ports and Shipping Places, and Atlas of Maritime History.

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This is the IMO Model Course No. 1.01 covering the basic training for the cargo operations conducted on board chemical and oil tankers. The course materials were prepared on the basis of the information developed and presented by Anglo-Eastern Maritime Centre. Trainees who have satisfactory completed this course will be considered fulfilling the mandatory requirements outlines in the STCW 1978 Convention, reg. V/1-1.

The course covers widely all topics related to the cargo equipment on the aforementioned types of vessels including all important safety aspects and fire safety measures together with the protection of the environment, established operational practice s and all legal obligations imposed by the relevant international regulations and other laws.

In addition to that, the content of the present course is covering various operational and support matters including but not limited to the shipboard risk assessment, shipboard within the frame of the ISM Code provisions and SMS procedures. Five parts of the course cover its framework and outline, detailed training syllabus, instructor's manual and evaluation. Four annexes provide additional materials, lessons plan etc.

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This is the very latest official edition of the IMDG Code by IMO, incorporating the amendment no. 39-18. The set is made of two volumes. The general content and arrangement of the material is pretty standard and does not significantly differ from the previous edition of the Code.

The opening art of the first volume provides the provisional and definitions of the Code together with the training requirements, while the following part addresses the classification of the dangerous goods, giving necessary information about each of the nine classes, from explosives to the miscellaneous dangerous and environmentally hazardous substances.

The third and four parts of the document cover the provisions and exceptions, and tank and packing provisions, respectively. The remaining parts of the Volume 1 address the consignment procedures; construction and testing of the packaging used for the transportation and so many other important topics.

The content of the second volume supplements the one of the first document. In short, the Code is a must-have document on board any ship engaged in the marine transportation of the dangerous goods and its provisions shall be complied with at all times.

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This is the ninth release of the world popular yachtmaster's guidebook to the Black Sea and Mediterranean coasts of Turkey covering the Cyprus islands as well. For centuries, Turkey has been treated as the important geographical (and also cultural) bridge connecting Europe to Asia. The information contained in the pages of this guide is covering the Turkish coast starting from Bosporus and up to the Cyprus and Syrian border.

A separate chapter has been included by the authors, covering the Black Sea coast. Since the time of the first edition of the book back in 2009, serious changes have taken place affecting the coast of Turkey. The number of Turkish-owned cruising yachts steadily grew. This eventually led to the improvement of the facilities, extending harbors ad construction of new marinas.

This release of the guide reflects all changes mentioned above and provide all necessary information about such developments. The text of the publication is completely revised and now includes numerous informative plans and detailed photos and aerial shots. The book is a truly essential reading for the people planning to conduct a sailing in Turkey and Cyprus. Download it and have on board your yacht.

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The present book is devoted to the ships featuring hybrid hull construction. The publication was written to provide shipbuilders, ship designers and other categories of people engaged in the industry, with the latest technological developments in the field of constructing hulls from the hybrid materials.

The content of the book will tell readers about the most important differences in processing of construction materials and also about different structural behaviors - this information should be taken into consideration in order to maximize the performance of the ship.

The author has addressed the relevant engineering requirements that are normally specific to the hybrid structures fundamental to the optimization of the ship design. The content of the book is fully covering the basic aspects of methodology and techniques that are unavailable today fro any other sources; it provides the technical knowledge required to support the ship hull design and facilitate the reliability of manufacturing.

The MATLAB codes have also been dealt with to enable the engineers apply the methods that have been covered in the book easier and according to their engineering tasks. Particular focus has been made on heavy-duty applications including innovative ship design engineering solutions.

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Nowadays, the transportation is considered one of the most important components of the international supply chain, and it is definitely among the most complex ones. The preset publication was prepared jointly by several recognized industry experts to deliver quite extensive coverage of the ongoing transportation trends, both global and domestic.

The authors made every effort to perform a deep analysis and help readers get a good understanding of the role and critical importance of the transportation in society and in the companies at all levels. They will also get to know the environment where the fundamental transportation services are normally provided.

Both domestic and international transportation systems have been covered together with the associated legal issues in order to provide readers with the easy-to-follow overview. Upon completion of reading the material presented in the pages of this volume, the readers will be duly equipped with all instruments required to cope with this rapidly changing field.

The book is a must one for the MBA classes in transportation management. According to the students, the content is easy to read and gives a really good introduction to the supply chain studies.

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