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The contemporary maritime shipping industry is rich of stories of fortunes that have been made and lost, and in some cases this can take place several times – this does fascinate and make the whole subject of maritime economics important and interesting. Of course, sound knowledge of the essentials of the economics of shipping industry is of great importance for any person intending to make a successful career in this field.

This is a very capital intensive making the financial decisions be truly crucial as the proper choice of finance would eventually affect the result of any investment made through impacting the risk-and-reward balance between those who own the finance and those providing finance. The present volume is covering the basic sources of the finance and the authors pay due attention to the differences existing between the possible options.

Every shipowner, meaning the company, is free to choose the appropriate finance level sought together with the security level and other aspects; and these choices made by the owners do affect the returns. The vessels are deservedly considered very useful assets but they could also threaten even the existence of the owner, it all depends on the actions and choices, and this is why it is so important to go through this book very carefully…

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Despite numerous sophisticated technical innovations including those introduced recently, the work of any marine port is still connected with the many accidents, i.e. it is the occupation where the accident rate is considered very high. As a result, it is thought that there is a constant need for the properly developed and implemented working practices in every marine port, to ensure that the health and safety of the personnel working there is safeguarded as required.

The present code of practice book is a sort of essential reading on this and will provide industry with the valuable professional advice and help in all questions related to the safety and health of the port employees. It will be particularly helpful to the people assigned operational and managerial responsibilities. In addition, the publication will be appreciated by all employees involved in the routine maintenance and future development of the marine ports with the main emphasis done on the safety aspects.

The authors have given numerous informative illustrations and perfectly worked examples to make sure that the content is readable. All important aspects of marine port activities is covered including but not limited to the loading and discharge of cargoes, domestic and international trade, inland waterways, conventional and innovative methods, traffic, lighting provision, vehicular motion, ergonomics, handling dangerous cargo etc.

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This is a real must-have and must-read for any engineer. The world famous publication which has been considered a real “bible” for all engineers for the last half-century and it is still one of the most popular and useful volumes. Several generations of the practicing engineers as well as students of the engineering disciplines relied on this book due to the remarkable coverage provided by the authors.

According to the reviews by the industry professionals, the volume is a really ideal introductory reference for all engineers needing a bit more than just empirical data for evaluation and comparison between different types of rolling bearings manufactured by the different companies and used for different purposes. The content of the book will help engineers get better understanding of the essentials underlying the design of these bearings, their use and technical performance, i.e. literally everything they need to be aware of.

It may be used as a textbook for self-study or applied by the engineers performing their day to day duties. This fifth edition of the book features numerous improvements and completely re-written text. Fourteen chapters of the book cover such important aspects as types of bearings and their applications, macrogeometry of the bearings, speeds and loads, interference cleaning and others.

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The content of the publication is focusing on the most important areas of the preliminary ship structural design, presenting the relevant information in clear and easily understandable manner. The authors have covered the critical aspects of the design together with the general requirements as well as standard established formats.

In the meantime it shall be understood that the dimensions of the vessel and sizes of all structural members involved are directly affecting the decisions made during the design process. One of the advantages of the approach applied by the authors of the volume is that it may be used with different ship types.

In addition to that, subject approach will allow ship designers to get to the optimum structures in accordance with their practical measures of merit. There are three structural design levels and the present publication focuses on the second level which is considered a central one.

The concept design is linked to the geometrical characteristics of the structure while the preliminary design is applied to establish the structural dimensions, or so-called scantlings of the essential structural members. Finally, the detail design deals with the local matters including openings, welding joints, local reinforcements etc.

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This sixth edition of the popular Skipper’s Handbook is one of the bestsellers. Though the publication is quite compact, it still contains all necessary information. The volume is used everywhere in the world as the sort of reference about virtually every aspect important for the boaters. The book is full of useful and practical information presented in a readable and concise manner.

Note that it is one of the books recommended by the yachtmasters to be used when preparing for the exams for the relevant certificates. The current latest edition features the significantly expanded contents including the coverage of the new topics such as ones on the tides and proper handling of the boats, general seamanship techniques, rope work and so many others equally important for the boaters.

The readers have already greatly appreciated this volume and named it a truly brilliant guidebook for the newcomers and also a perfect refresher book for the professional skippers. The book will give you literally all knowledge necessary when you are starting your voyage on a boat of any size and type. It is worth noting that all previous editions of the Manual also became bestsellers and the best in class.

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A nice collection of the records that will be of great use for the students of the naval architecture. Even though there are so many modern technologies and calculation software available today, the good understanding of the essential naval architecture techniques is a must have for any future naval architect, ship designed and shipbuilder. The Simpson’s Rules are among the most fundamental ones in the naval architecture.

They are still popular due to their simplicity. They are still in wide use for calculating the area of the figure as well as the volume and geometric centers of the spaces confined within the curve and straight line. As we know, there are three basic Simpson’s Rules and the Trapezoidal Rule. When calculating an area, we first choose the equidistant points along that line and then measure the perpendicular distance from each of those points to the curve.

The straight line is called the axis and the measured distances are ordinates. What we do next is that we multiply the ordinates by the numbers chosen from the Simpson’s Multipliers and get the product – as simple as that! In short, this is one of the most effective and simple methods and any naval architect shall know how to apply it.

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This Model Course No. 1.07 consists of seven major learning topics. The first topic is the essential theory of the commonly used marine radar systems and gives the basic theoretical knowledge of the systems, which is obviously necessary for all radar operators. The second topic addresses the main operational skills of the systems, while the third one is dealing with the radar navigation and ship position fixing.

The manual plotting skills are dealt with in the fourth section, and the fifth section will cover the functions of the auto target tracking as well as the targets tracked by means of the AIS. The two last topics included in the course are devoted to the operational skills and, finally, the adherence to the provisions of the COLREG when the marine radar systems are used.

All trainees who manage to complete all sections of the present course and meet the applicable performance standards will be able to properly recognize when the marine radar systems shall be used and also perform correct selection of the modes and range settings. They will also get the understanding of the control settings for the best system performance and necessary awareness of the equipment limitations.

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The book was prepared specifically for the dory enthusiast. The readers will find lots of interesting information about the dory boats inside. The author of the publication made an excellent and successful effort to amplify and gather in a single volume all the scattered information on those boats. Those interested in this type of boats know how difficult it is to find the relevant data and technical info.

That is exactly the reason why this publication gained so much of popularity. In addition to the boat designers, boat builders and sailors, the book will be of practical use for the modelers who will definitely benefit from the detailed descriptions of the features of the dory boats and will be able to use that when preparing their own models. The materials contained in the book are arranged in three big parts.

The first part gives some introductory historical background. The second part depicts the laydown and construction as well as the materials used for construction of the boats. Finally, the third part provides the detailed plans for the boats, covering many different arrangements, types and sizes of the boats, from small to the relatively big boats.

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