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This book prepared by Patrick Donner in collaboration with Tafsir Johannson is examining the legal regime together with the associated geographical issues and stakeholder claims persisting in the Arctic region. The authors have closely dealt with the multifarious theories that are commonly relating to the conflicting interests and to the parties to whom the maritime industry shall be accountable.

One of the unique aspects of this volume is the provision of analysis corporate social responsibility and alternatives that pertain to the Arctic and strike a balance to be maintained between the ongoing commercialization of the industry and the concepts and laws of the ocean governance. The document puts forward subject ocean governance concept and checks to what extent the concept could be addressed in the region.

Another distinguishing feature of the book is the fact that the author has not limited it to examination of the climate change effects; they have created a transparent connection between commercial interests and claims, proceeding to scrutinize the Arctic Council's efforts and the inputs done by the individual littoral states. The authors are following subject equation using the original theories. The content is also reflecting the "hard law and soft law" concept and is proposing a new legal regime to be established in the Arctic region.

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It goes without saying that marine insurance is deservedly considered one of the oldest forms in which commercial protection is accomplished. It has been developed through the establishment of the famous institution of so-called "coffee-houses", wherein the first "underwriting" activities were being conducted; in fact, that is from where the evolution and industry dominance of the Lloyd's has actually stemmed as the most famous insurance market in the whole world. It should be noted that the marine insurance contracts are quite special because they all have some special characteristics; moreover, they are considered special because they are contracts of indemnity.

The present publication by Kyriaki Noussia is examining the principles of indemnity within the above mentioned contracts, as well as the most important legal problems relating to this principle, both in theory and in practice - they have all been thoroughly analyzed, evaluated and discussed, and so many informative case studies have been collected by the author and included in the present work.

The book starts with the historical overview of the marine insurance, followed by the chapters covering the indemnity contracts, types of losses. valuation and measure of indemnity, subrogation rights, and the discussion on this principle. The content of the book is supplemented with the tables of cases and statutes. A very good reference source for anyone involved in the marine insurance.​​

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The present book was specifically prepared for students, practitioners and researchers in the fields of control engineering and marine technology. Taking into account that the audience would be fairly mixed, so much effort has been made by the author to set the proper level of the topic presentation.

Nevertheless, the readers of this book are required to have at least some basic knowledge in linear systems/state space models, say within the limits of one provided at the standard undergraduate control courses. The publication contains four major sections; the first three of them are dealing with the key components of a successful vessel motion control system, namely appropriate math models, proper understanding of the performance assessment, and knowledge of the basic limitations that may possibly affect the desired performance in a negative way. The last part of the book addresses the design of control systems.

   Among the topics that have been included in the book there are ship dynamics, wave simulation and modeling, vessel motion performance, wave filtering, design of the control system for auto-pilots and for integrated rudder-fin stabilizer, roll stabilization devices, various models of actuators etc. The book will be useful to practicing marine engineers as well as the academic persons involved in the related research activities.

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The content of this publication prepared by the group of leading experts is intended to describe toe newly introduced methods applied to model the machine dynamics used in today’s offshore industry. Subject methods are normally based on the rigid FEM (i.e. finite element method) – this method is utilized when addressing the link deformations. In addition, they are also based on the homogeneous transformations – in turn, this one would be applicable to the dynamics of the multi-body system.

The authors of this book provide a good introduction to both methods so that the readers can have a clear idea of the associated principles. The models that are selected to model the above mentioned dynamics are subsequently verified through the special FEM-based software. Some of the additional calculation methods are also applied.

The math models of the offshore machines, for example the BOP gantry crane, or the machinery used for laying pipes, have been included by the authors to better illustrate the theory. Additionally, selected numerical operation simulations have also been provided. The publication will of particular interest to the designers of the various offshore facilities.

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This publication contains the proceedings of the Eighth International Practical Ship Design Symposium which was held some years back in China. The author has collected the most important and relevant materials presented in the course of the subject symposium. The main aim of that world experts meeting was to discuss the latest advances in the field of ship design as well as professional disciplines, to exchange the knowledge and experience and promote further discussions.

The materials are arranged in three sections. The first section covers the design synthesis for the ships and floating systems, including life cycle cost considerations, optimization tools, parametric ship hull form design, impact loads, CFD tools used for the wave cancellation optimization, probabilistic analysis tools, and many other issues. The second part deals with the production and covers the composite materials, newly introduced production systems, welding distortions, innovations etc.

The last chapter is devoted to the hydromechanics and deals with the viscous flow and associated calculations, wash and wave resistance, simulation techniques, flow behavior, parametric studies, experimental and numerical evaluations, ship model tests, continuous wavelet transform and many others interesting topics.

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This title is deservedly considered to be among the best ones in the famous Environmental Engineering series - the present volume is providing reader with all necessary information related to the hydrology itself, open-channel hydraulics, river ecology and restoration, transport of sediment, river morphology/engineering; GIS and remote sensing applications, plus making the decisions under uncertainty condition - a brand new paradigm for planning/management of water resources, upland erosion modeling, some of the very recent technical advances achieved in the field of water resources systems engineering, potential impact of climate changes on water resources, wetlands for waste water treatment and also re-use of water.

In addition, the Glossary has been provided, explaining the terminology used. The publication will definitely be considered practical and informative by the specialists with the need for ground-breaking and truly innovative technological advances in the subject fields.

The volume has been specifically worked out by a panel of recognized industry experts to serve as the supplemental textbook covering all important aspects of the water resource engineering. Lawrence and Chih Yang - the authors of the title - strongly hope its content of the volume will be useful for all people involved.

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The main content of this document book was prepared by the outstanding experts in the different important fields of marine engineering and fluid dynamics, applied maths, chemistry and physics, and compiled by Matthias Ehehardt; the contributions by the world-leading specialists included in this volume are providing readers with the thorough coverage of the remarkably broad range of relevant subjects, from the pure maths to the real life applications in the business directly connected with the oil spills engineering.

The publication offers a really inter-disciplinary approach and the authors are presenting both numerical methods and mathematical models to solve the associated partial differential equations; moreover, note that the book contains the descriptions of the several practical experiments involving the real pollution cases. This work is deservedly expected to present a great practical interest to the specialists and researchers in the subject field as well as to the graduate students in various environmental sciences, physics and maths, demonstrating a very wide range of established techniques that are required for these pollution problems to be adequately solved.







In addition, it should also be useful to the practitioners who are dealing with the prevention of the pollution by oil, offering such people a perfect reference tool to perform their professional duties.







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This book is covering a very wide range of the relevant topics giving so interesting in-depth discussions and analyses of the real failures commonly occurring in the governance practice. It may serve as an excellent reference source for the policy-makers as well as for the newcomers since it is discussing the existing maritime policies together with the political history of the shipping industry.

Michael Roe, who is also the author of another publication on the same topic and coming under "Maritime governance - speed, flow, form, process" title, is providing readers with the detailed professional analysis of the jurisdictional arrangements currently in place.

The book is addressing the basic questions of the jurisdiction, governance and policy-making, applying them to the maritime shipping field. Such approach makes the publication much more interesting to the wide audience including specialists, researchers, students and government officials - it will also be appreciated by all people having commercial or industrial interest in maritime sector.

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