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An excellent and classic book, one of the best available on the subject - it will provide readers with all information about living on board they would better get aware of prior to embarking. There are so many interesting and practical tips that the content will be interesting not only to the future seafarers but even to the general readers.

It has been already very well met by the readers who have found the content inspirational helping them to change their lives. Upon reading the publication, most of them have experimented with the solar power generation, growing food, sprouting using the information included by the author. Some practicing boaters use this volume as a sort of backup for their freshwater demands.

The book covers living on the sea and shipboard finances, making correct decisions when choosing a vessel, making money, such practical matters as purifying the water, galley aids, shipboard security, growing vegetables and sprouts, food preservation, selection and storage, popular and widely used seafarer's recipes. there are two appendices with the books suggested for further reading and resource guide. An excellent practical guidebook for every seafarer.

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This publication was released to continue the remarkable series including such titles as the first one - Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation, followed with the STCW Maritime Education and Training, Maritime Transport and Shipping, Navigation Problems, Miscellaneous Problems in Marine Navigation, International Recent Issues About ECDIS, E-Navigation and Safety at Sea, Methods and Algorithms and Navigation, Activities in Navigation, and Transport Systems and Processes.

The volume will give readers, deeply interested in the modern maritime industry, a truly professional insight and perfectly compiled knowledge about the information, communication and environment. The material is arranged in seven parts, starting with the maritime communications and decision support systems, followed with the chapters dealing with the geo-information systems and maritime spatial planning and providing coverage of the major hydrometeorological aspects.

The inland shipping is discussed in the separate chapter. The sixth part addresses the maritime pollution and protection of the environment while the closing part tells us about the VTS, standing for the vessel traffic service.

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This episode of the Mighty Ships series is devoted to one of the most interesting vessels of today – Happy Star. You will be invited to follow the second and very challenging voyage of the ship from China to Canada. This ship offers the operators truly unique lifting capabilities which have been already appreciated by the project and heavy lift cargo market. The Happy Star has two nine-hundred-ton cranes installed on board and making it the best option for handling any heavy cargoes anywhere in the world.

The beam of the crane reaches almost thirty meters in length and the anti-heel capacity and stability of the vessel are excellent so there is no need for adding stability pontoons when loading or discharging cargo. The hull of the vessel hull was specifically designed with application of the latest technological advances and with the particular attention paid by the designers to the optimization of the powering performance.

As a result, the vessel features a very good working speed. This video will be liked by any person with the interest in contemporary vessels, particularly those engaged in heavy lift cargo handling as this is maybe the most remarkable one of those available today.

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NP 033 Philippine Islands Pilot

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This Nautical Almanac presents compilation of information generated by the software developed by the author, Enno Rodegerdts. A great number of tables produced by the program will serve as valuable instrument for the navigator. The accuracy of the data contained in these tables has been numerously checked and confirmed; however, it cannot be fully guaranteed so you would better use them as a supplementary tool.

The information contained in the Almanac includes yearly calendar and useful links to time signals, Bowditch - The American Practical Navigator, The Terrestrial Almanac, individual latitudes, and sight reduction forms and methods. Then we have couple of pages of useful formulas for determining Hc and Z using calculator, for calculating latitude using the Sun and others. After that and before proceeding to the main content of the Almanac, several pages of the book are devoted to the explanation of the information, Moon phases and conversion of Arc to Time.

We strongly recommend students of marine navigation to download this Almanac and use it as a training tool. The information carefully arranged by the author will definitely help them in their activities and also will be useful on board ships and boats when used as the additional navigational publication.

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This is quite compact but very comprehensive and practically useful booklet prepared by the professional mariner. The original idea and intention of the author was to provide the newcomers to the maritime world with a sort of textbook covering the most important aspects of marine meteorology. The information included by him in the book will be of great use for the navigators when applied during their day to day work and operations at sea.

The main content of the publication has been arranged in six separate chapters. The first chapter is dealing with the stability of air while in the second chapter the author concentrates on the winds and the GCS, i.e. the global circulation system. The next three chapters address depressions and local winds, and provide introduction and useful notes on the ship’s weather reporting.

The closing chapter of the document deals with the weather routing. It is needless to say that this book will definitely help the mariners due to its compactness and clarity of the descriptions that made this volume very popular. Have a copy on your bookshelf or at your computer available at all times should there be any need to have a look and check something important.

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And here is one of the most interesting parts of the world famous and so popular Mighty Ships series. This video will tell the watchers about one of the most adventurous cruise vessels of today – MS Fram. This ship featuring a truly perfect design was delivered to fight across the fjords of Greenland chocked by ice. Watch this one and join the MS Fram in visiting an absolutely spectacular and remarkable collection of icebergs.

You are all invited to have an excellent trip through the narrow channels during the twelve-day journey spanning nearly two thousand miles, starting from the Reykjavik port of Iceland, passing through the southern Greenland, and then reaching Ilulissat which is deservedly referred to as the iceberg capital of the world. The vessel is capable of taking almost two hundred guests on board.

You will know about all the dangerous challenges that the ship’s crew members regularly face and get to much better understanding of the real work they do every day. This film is a must-watch one for every single person with the interest in contemporary marine adventures – watch it attentively and, who knows, maybe then you may wish to join MS Farm during her next trip across Antarctic.

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The present file is an integral part of the ECDIS Video Guides series which is devoted to the widely employed SAM Electronics ECDISPilot. It is made of eight training videos and a book giving all required technical information covering the ECDISPilot. All the guidance given in the pages of the booklet are based on the version of the SAM ECDISPilot which is considered basic.

Note that all other parts of the training set are also available here, for example the videos and booklets with the content addressing such popular systems as Furuno FMD 3X00, Furuno FEA2X07, Kongsberg K-Bridge, OSI ECPINS, Kelvin Hughes MantaDigital, eGlobe G2, JRN-JAN-701B-901B-2000, PC Maritime NavMaster, Maris ECDIS 900 and Raytheon Anschutz so feel free to download all of them and apply during your work to improve safety of the operations.

The structure of the training sets does not differ too much so it will not make any problem for the trainees to switch from one ECDIS system to another. In short, it is absolutely recommended to go through each of them and get better overall picture of the systems since the files provide excellent explanations that would be understandable even to the beginners.

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