This book is designed for everyone who wish to improve their vocabulary. Regardless of how good your vocabulary is, this book will be of great use for you. The authors of this vocabulary grouped the main content of the publication into sets of words that have been taken from GRE and SAT examinations over the past 10 years, in total more than 1500 words.

The book will be helpful even for the learners having very good vocabulary since it gives them a good opportunity to find out whether they really understand what the words they think they know mean and whether they can use them in a sentence in correct way. In fact, this book may be considered the only tool required for the learners to increase their vocabulary for communication or when preparing for tests, since it provides readers with the proper definitions of the terms, example sentences and other valuable information, for instance, some appendices are there dedicated to the foreign phrases, suffixes and prefixes.

Moreover, the author has also included some self-tests so that the users could evaluate their understanding of the words and get the progress measured. This valuable resource will give you everything you need to speak, read and write better.

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The initial declared purpose of the present publication was to bring together a whole range of nautical info. In fact, such amount of information would require a separate library. The book is a mixture of factual technical information and lexicology, together with wild superstition - it covers not only what seamen say, but also what they believe and think, and how seafarers describe their equipment; it shows what laws and traditions determine how the seamen do their job. We all know that navigable waters cover more than seventy of the Earth's surface and, until last century, world's oceans were the only possible option for any intercontinental travel.

Even today, when airlines are taking over passenger traffic, the vessels still carry almost whole world's trade, which is rapidly expanding trade. That is why it is not that surprising that a huge part of the history has been written on the oceans; you must have already noted that so many words used nowadays, have nautical origins. Though most of them are English words, centuries ago they might be French words.

This book is the compendium of nearly nine thousand terms taken from different sources of maritime terminology. Some of the entries are brief, but others have been supplemented with additional information.

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This book presents an explanation for the IVA system in Plural Nominal (umlaut) ("foot-feet", "mouse-mice") and Past Tense (umlaut) verbal formations ("give-gave", "take-took"') in English. The IVA forms, which share the morphophonemic process of IVA, are considered to be irregular in Modern English, since the IVA appears in a very limited number of forms: i.e. approximately seven Noun Plurals and, approximately seventy-six "irregular" Past Tense verb forms divided into fourteen subclasses.

The author of the publication uses the inductive methodology. The publication consists of seven parts. The first part is pretty introductory and provides the general overview of the concept and comparison of regular and irregular verbal and nominal forms in English language. The second part is named Background and, as it is implied by the title, it contains some historical background of different grammar systems, and also some overview of tenses. The next two parts have been dedicated to the non-irregular and phonological hypotheses. The fifth part addresses the semantic non-irregularity, while the last two parts of the book cover further evidence for both above mentioned hypotheses, and discussions/conclusions.

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Let us introduce a famous and classic book written by Admiral William Henry Smith. It will let landlubbers get easily familiarized with marine terminology. For example, many people may be surprised to find out that at sea a sheet is made of rope and not cloth. Even experienced mariners may discover some new meanings for everyday words in the present unique nautical reference book. It was first released so many years ago, in 1867.

This comprehensive dictionary includes more than 14000 sailing terms. This latest edition of the dictionary will be equally useful for yachting enthusiasts, fans of nautical fiction, naval history buffs and all people who like the sea. The book is a sort of alphabetical digest of the maritime terms. The author of the publication has defined the marine terms and nautical terms, including not-so-common terminology, and added some terms that, though appear now to be obsolete, are still there even in the contemporary books.

Without any doubt, we can recommend this book to anyone - it will enrich the vocabulary of marine industry professionals, and even will be interesting even to the general readers who may find there the descriptions of the terms that they may meet when reading nautical works or other related books.

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This interesting and attractive volume has been organized thematically in a number of separate segments; the content of the publication covers the whole history of the English language starting from Old English to the very Modern English. The text part of the book has been vividly illustrated with more than five hundred images. In fact, each of the segments in this book can be treated as a separate reference.

We would say that this publication is a truly tremendous compendium of information addressing nearly all aspects of English, and the approach used by the author has made the book very readable - all the information inside is very easily accessible for the readers. The book is very well-written and the style is not pedantic at all. The images reinforce the understanding of the materials and make the learning process interesting.

The book will be appropriate for all ages, maybe with the exception made for the kids. It shall be used to introduce the newcomers to the mysteries and wonders of the English language. It is highly recommended to any person willing to know a bit more about the English language itself. Such people will of course keep this book on their desks for ready reference.

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Mary Iorio and Charles Beyer, authors of this book, have made an excellent attempt to unlock the important rules of the English grammar in a very simple and clear manner. The logical format of presentation of the material allows easy use of the book.

All grammatical material included into this book has been presented in comprehensive and pretty direct terms. The authors have divided the book into eight part and included hundreds of exercises and informative examples plus notes making up the essence of this guidance.Here is a very brief contents of the booklet - Letters - alphabet, pronunciation, spelling, capitalization, shortcuts, exercises; Parts of a word and word analysis, syllables, exercises; Words - etymology, parts of speech, related words, exercises; Phrases, clauses, figures of speech, exercises; Elements of a sentence; Sentences - sentence classification, types of sentences, punctuation, exercises; More than a sentence; Essays, articles and books - theme, writing style, outlining, structure, proofreading/editing, exercises.

The publication is very useful and valuable when used at all levels of learning, and can be used by both beginning and advanced students. 

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Ronald Hanifan, who is the author of the present publication, made his best trying to provide as many as possible common words as well as terminology used throughout the engineering community together with their definitions. These words are commonly approved and recognized definitions extracted from appropriate sources such as specifications, standards, handbooks, and consolidated into single volume.

Please note that it is critically important to have a clear understanding of the definitions being in use use in engineering because often terms, words and their meanings get misapplied or intermixed. Many of them are used in various engineering documents, drawings, communications, contracts, technical orders, technical manuals, specifications and purchase orders, as well as all numerous documents relating to the engineering field. As these words form some kind of legal agreement, when there are used improperly, this may easily result in repercussions.

Notes on engineering documents, such as drawings, must be written in concise and short statements with shortest words and phrases to convey the intended meaning. When words or terms are used properly, the intended meaning will be fully and properly understood by the reader. But, should the words or terms be applied incorrectly, this may be disastrous.

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The grammar Big Book that you are now holding has been intended to provide more of the valuable information on the most important English verbs than any of the other books. It contains comprehensive usage patterns for one hundred fifty-two irregular verbs (all that you will probably encounter), plus four hundred and three of the most commonly used regular verbs: five hundred fifty-five English verbs in all, with more than fourteen thousand example sentences.

The authors have used a very adequate approach and, as a result, the contents of the publication are presented in a way which is very easy for the readers to understand. Every single verb included in the book is identified as regular/irregular. According to the numerous customer reviews, the book is an excellent reference source providing the proper tense forms for the verbs, and correct grammatical presentation of the expressions using those verbs.

The book is very comprehensive and may be used as the one-stop training resource. It also lists all complement types used by each of the verbs, together with the proper grammatical constructions of the phrasal verbs. The information provided in this book will definitely be very useful for any learner of English language.

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