This book is for everyone, taking into account the amount of useful explanations and other information it provides to the readers. Its author did his best to collect about eight thousand of marine terms and words in a single volume - note that, since some of the terms may have more than one (sometimes up to five) definition, the total number of entries reaches 8600.

The terminology contained in this dictionary refers to such important nautical aspects as seamanship techniques and navigation, marine engineering, astronomy and meteorology, naval architecture, marine science, maritime economics, insurance matters, cargo handling, and others. In addition to that, the author made every attempt to get the scope of the publication extended through various subjects that may not be directly fall under nautical works but shall still be considered helpful to the mariners.

The dictionary has immediately become very popular among maritime industry professionals because it covers the whole vessel from keel to truck and from stern walk to the bowsprit. We would definitely recommend this publication to everyone wishing to get more familiar with the terminology used in the various fields of marine industry. And, of course, it is the must-have to every professional.

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This well-written and very useful book is intended to help people who are experiencing general difficulties with writing English being non-native speakers. All dos and don'ts have been arranged in alphabetical order for easier navigation, coupled with a comprehensive index and functional cross-references -what this means is that the users will have no any difficulties when searching for the answers.

The book is also supplemented with some useful appendices like tips on writing and laying out a document, basic grammar notes etc. This entertaining guidance book packed with useful information was compiled based on the very long and brilliant experience of the author, Kay Sayce, in assisting people in producing documents in English. The publication addresses all awkward issues, such as the business English, acronyms, letter writing, American English language, clichés and jargon, quotations and hyphens, etc.

The book shows that though there are rules and conventions, they shall rather be used as the basis on which the confidence to explore the whole versatility and richness of the English language shall be built. We would definitely recommend this reference to be used as a tool for any person, whose work involves using good written English, for instance, writers of the reports and other professional papers.

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We are glad to offer you the scientific dictionary which has been specifically developed by the author, Simon Collin, and first published about 15 years back with the declared aim to provide all students of English, including people learning the language by their own, and people willing to get familiar with the English terminology related to various fields of technology as well as some fields of science, in order to be able to conduct their day-to-day work.

This is the 2nd edition of this publication, and this one has been completely revised - as a result, it is now fully updated with the very latest developments in so many areas of science and technology. This dictionary is really world recognized and so popular, offering people more than 17000 professional terms from such aspects of science and technology mechanical engineering, chemistry and physics, electricity and electronics, earth sciences, telecom and others. This updated and completely revised release contains hundreds of new terms, from computing to the environmental protection, each of them being provided with concise and very clear definitions.

We do recommend this dictionary be treated as the truly excellent reference book the professionals of today and of the future. A number of supplements provided there at the of the publication, contain some additional valuable technical info like math symbols, Mendeleev's periodic table, measurements etc.

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This excellent and informative book has been specifically aimed at the people whose writing lets them down, who are concerned about proper punctuation, who are experiencing difficulties with turning their thoughts into writing and in fact everyone having some problems with the English grammar.

The approach used by the author allows to provide users of the book with important details of various essential grammar aspects, proper usage of the language as well as punctuation issues; numerous exercises have also been provided there for tracking and control of the whole learning progress. In addition, a comprehensive glossary has been included in the publication, defining the terminology used in the texts.

Note that this is a completely revised edition with the structure and layout significantly update to cover standard and academic English, punctuation/construction of the sentences, reflective writing matters and other aspects of English grammar. The reader-friendly approach has made this book very popular and well-loved by learners of English all over the world. Of course, we do recommend this one to anyone studying English or even to the native speakers who need to clarify some grammar rules from time to time.

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Ship Repairing English
   A good reference developed by the specialists of the Dalian University. The document has been specifically prepared to provide some assistance to the people dealing with the shipbuilding and repair activities and experiencing serious difficulties with the English grammar and ship terminology. The content of the book is bi-lingual and presented in English and Chinese languages. The information has been arranged in seven major chapters, and each chapter consists of two parts - "sentences" and "reading materials". The book opens with the chapter dedicated to the repairs done to the ship's hull including repair lists, dry-docking of the vessels, derusting, painting, repair works, general conditions, typical specifications and associated costs. The second chapter covers the docking engineering, talking about the repair lists, chains, propellers, shafting arrangements, rudders, valves, hull coatings, CPP, shaft bearings, thrust blocks, steering gear, cavitation and many other aspects. The third chapter addresses the ship machinery repair, covering the machinery failures, relevant technical requirements, shipyards, inspection and repair of the diesel engines, operation of the ship's main engine, checks and acceptance, installation, operation and maintenance of the diesel engines, pumping arrangements, refrigeration machinery, propulsors, deck machinery etc. The last three chapters are covering the electrical equipment installed on board, safety of the ship repair works, and various real application examples.

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Oxford English for Careers - Oil and Gas 1 - Teachers Resource Book

   The present training course is primarily aimed at the students of English intending to get a job in the field of oil and gas exploration and production industry, presenting them with the language from a broad variety of the fields and possible situations in the subject industry. The content of the course will help them develop the communication skills and provide the students with the required general background in major industry concepts. The main topics included in the course are the international oil and gas industry, upstream and downstream, safety matters, exploration. drilling, piping and pipelines, working offshore, natural gas, oil and surrounding environment, various workshop operations, routine maintenance and repair works, the refinery process and equipment, emergency situations, and petrochemicals, i.e. hydrocarbons. The main content is followed with the instructions to be followed for communication activities, and a set of language tests provided with the keys. It is needless to say that a good technical English is a pre-requisite condition for all workers of the offshore industry; therefore we would definitely recommend this course to anyone with the plans to be a part of the offshore team working on the rigs or involved in the offshore supply or support operations. 

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Navigation Acronyms, Abbreviations and Definitions

   Have a glance in this glossary. It goes without saying that knowledge of marine terminology is critically important for all people working in the maritime industry, including people dealing with the designing the vessels and their construction, trials and further maintenance and operation. No one can perform the duties in any field of shipping industry without being fully aware of the terms used. This publication was prepared with the ultimate intention of its author, Captain David Broughton, to provide all participants of the maritime industry will an excellent collection of selected terms that they will have to use to perform their duties in a very professional manner. The publication was published by RINA, standing for the Royal Institute of Navigation, one of the most recognized and respected entities in the maritime world. All necessary definitions and abbreviations have been included in this volume, together with the acronyms used in most of the marine literature. When preparing this glossary, serious considerable research has been undertaken using different reference sources, literature and ships plans, plus all other types of books on the subject. It shall be noted that liberal use has been made of the sketches to informatively and clearly illustrate physical features of sailing vessels as well as nautical technology.

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The Handbook of English Pronunciation

   The present handbook is an excellent collection of twenty-eight chapters showing different approaches to the pronunciation. The authors of this volume have aimed it mainly for teachers of English language as well as for the linguists; however, this book can also be used for the self-study, i.e. by all people willing to improve their pronunciation and to understand the meanings and forms of it. Note that the book also includes some chapters considered important in understanding the whole role of correct pronunciation in the analysis and description of the language. The handbook is very timely and useful, taking into account that the pronunciation is something that will never go away and something that influences the spoken language directly. A proper knowledge of English pronunciation is critically important. Of course, getting to the native-like accent is next to impossible for most adult learners, but still the pronunciation is some sort of gateway to spoken intelligibility, as it is so closely tied to social meanings and helps distinguish the language dialects, informal and formal speech registers etc. Well, we cannot say that this book is an easy-reading, but would still recommend it to the learners of English who really need to significantly improve the pronunciation skills.

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