Grammar Express

   This book is exactly what all learners of English need. It is full of the useful and informative work sheets for better understanding of the training material. It will definitely be the best option for the ESL students; however, it can also be used by people willing to refresh the grammatical rules. The content of the book is very well-presented, covering all the most important grammar points. The chapters of the book are full of practical exercises. The readers of the book have already rated it as very good and useful. According to the numerous customer reviews provided by the learners worldwide, this is one of the best grammar reference books available today. The text part of the publication is very concise and the format used by the author is very easy-to-follow. There are fifteen tests offering some additional opportunities for practice; note that all exercises have been provided with correct answers contained in the Answer Key section of the book. The publication contains self-contained units that could be used in any desired order. This makes the book good for use in a classroom or for self-study. The explanations are very clear and supplemented with multiple examples, allowing learners to discover the target grammar.

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Chambers Dictionary of Science and Technology

   We are glad to introduce the latest edition of this popular and recognized Dictionary, which is mainly based on the 1999 release which, in turn, incorporated the panel entries providing some additional details of a very wide range of so important topics. This volume has its origins in 1940 under the first name Chamber's Technical Dictionary. As it is quite clearly implied by the title of this popular Dictionary, it has been fully dedicated to the technical terminology. The entries included into the dictionary are arranged in alphabetical order. The dictionary itself consists of more that thousand pages. In addition to the main part, there are numerous appendices providing some supplementary info, such as the SI prefixes, derived units/conversion factors, units of measurement, math symbols, Greek alphabet, planets together with their satellites, major physical constants, electromagnetic spectrum, the constellations, geo-time, amino acids, the Periodic Table, the list of Nobel Prize winners, chronology of the most significant inventions and discoveries, taxonomy of living organisms, radio frequencies, graphical electronic symbols etc. The book is covering various areas of technology and science and this is what makes it so popular among the professionals from mechanical engineering to medicine and from electrical engineering to environmental sciences.

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Maritime Acronyms and Abbreviations

   This nice collection of the most popular and frequently used maritime abbreviations and acronyms, prepared and released by the professionals of the Bangladesh IMA (International Maritime Academy), is perfect to be used together with this Maritime Glossary of Terms from the same team of pros. The publication has been recognized worldwide and is in wide use by all people whose day-to-day job activities involve communicating in English on technical topics or preparing letters or preparation of any other technical documentation. In addition, the booklet will be very useful to future professionals, i.e. students making their first steps. Needless to say that proper and thorough knowledge of the maritime acronyms is critically important to all participants of the maritime activities, i.e. ship builders, personnel of the shipping companies, crew members, port state control officials, classification society inspector. It is definitely recommended to anyone who is not necessary the shipping industry professional but intends to improve his or her knowledge of the marine terminology, including the most used abbreviations/acronyms to read the documents, papers or technical publications.   

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ABC of Common Grammatical Errors

   Here is another popular grammatical book released for both teachers and students of English learning it as the foreign/second language. The main declared intention of the author, Nigel Turton, was to provide the learners of intermediate/advanced levels of proficiency with an easy access to the required info in order to correct their grammatical mistakes and avoid them in the future. Talking specifically about teachers of English, this title gives a practical checklist of students' errors, provided with the explanations of the related grammar points. The textbook is covering both errors in system and word grammar, together with the so-called "common" errors. The author of the guide employed the standard (British) English, describing the differences between American and British English at the relevant entries. All the entries in the guide feature the good examples of correct vs. incorrect usage, followed by the clear and easily understandable explanations of the grammar rules which have been broken in the particular cases. This reference addresses the errors that students of English make regularly. The errors collected by the author have been gathered from a huge number of various written texts that have been produced by the students at different proficiency levels.

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Business English

   The latest tenth edition of the award-winning Business English by Mary Ellen Guffey and Carolyn Seefer. The publication will help learners of English refresh their knowledge of grammar to make them more confident today, where the communication skills are becoming more and more important. It has already helped so many students over past three decades to improve their written and oral communication skills and served as a leading source for all that time because it really works. The authors have applied the three-level approach making the grammar less intimidating and much easier for the students to grasp. Such approach allows to provide smaller learning blocks proceeding from simple items to complex, helping learners to understand and remember the material. The readers will find the useful learning tools and some completely new features included to ensure the improvement of their grammar and punctuation, as well as the language usage skills. Th authors bring a truly outstanding feature called "online reinforcement exercises" - the readers will now be available to complete their homework much faster. In addition, there are numerous pre- and post-tests included to keep learners informed about the progress; self-help exercises, in turn, provide more opportunities for the improvement through continuous practice.

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Technical English Student's Book and Workbook with Audio

   The present training set is made of two books supplemented with the audio CD. This "Technical English" training course was developed and released by Longman professionals and addresses not only the grammar itself, but also the pronunciation providing users with the numerous recorded examples. The course has four levels and is aimed specifically at the students in both technical and vocational educational entities; moreover, it will suit the employees of the companies for use during their internal training. The present course is covering the core English language and the important skills that all learners require to possess to be able to successfully communicate in all industrial and technical specializations. All technical concepts that have been dealt with in this course have been presented very clearly, using various motivating texts and supplementary clear and informative illustrations. The topics covered within the course are reflecting the very latest technological developments and are all relevant to learners' needs. The grammar is regularly practiced; note that there is a comprehensive grammar summary chapter included in the course. Just try this course and you will see how your grammar skills improve, or use the material provided in the course to refresh the knowledge of the grammar rules; note that in all cases you will get to much better pronunciation.

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Career Paths - Electrician

   The title of this publication is pretty self-explanatory - it is aimed to people involved in electrical engineering, whose everyday activities require proper knowledge of all involved terminology. This volume is an excellent educational resource for the professionals of electrical industry who wish to improve their English communication skills in their work environment. The book incorporates context and vocabulary specific to the electrical fields, while each unit offers step-by-step instructions immersing students in the following four key language components, i.e. reading, listening, speaking, and finally writing. The book was mainly intended to address the most important topics including electrical concepts, electrical service entrances, types of electrical wiring, installation of various appliances, and wire codes. The present series has been organized into 3 levels of difficulty; it offers a minimum of four hundred vocabulary terms and phrases to learn. The book will serve as an excellent reference source for professionals who have to work on preparation of the electrical inspection reports and other related technical documentation. Fifteen chapters of the volume deal with the general and specialized electrical tools, power tools, basic elements of electricity, electrical safety issues, provide all required information on the electric wires including their types, codes and electric wire connectors, materials used in electrical engineering, etc. The glossary is also there explaining the specific terms.

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Effortless English

   The book by A. J. Hoge, one of the leading and recognized experts, released it to teach readers the most effective methods for learning to speak this language fluently and with enough confidence. The book will tell you how to speak without any nervousness and shyness, experiencing no fear at all, how to achieve high scores when passing IELTS and TOEFL tests, how to build up the vocabulary in a short period of time; you will also feel much stronger and calmer when speaking English, if you follow all recommendations provided by the author. The book has been specifically designed and released for the people who have already been studying English for years but still don't speak well. The materials in the book are very interesting and authentic - they are not too difficult to use. It is really worth reading and is full of truly wonderful tips. Huge amount of useful information will help you learn English language effectively. You will see how fast your knowledge of English will be improving once you have started using this book every day. Your vocabulary will grow up, and grammar skills will improve, it will be much easier for you to communicate the other people, write letters, read texts and understand then properly.

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