Marine Renewable Energy Technology and Environmental Interactions

Author(s)                 Mark A. Shields, Andrew l. L. Payne
Publisher Springer
Date 2014
Pages 182
Format pdf
Size 8.1 Mb

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   It has been already recognized that a serious need exists there for the suitable and secure long-term sustainable forms of energy. One of such forms of energy that could help people to achieve the sustainable energy future, will be the energy obtained from marine environment, for example from tidal currents, wind and waves etc. The human understanding of possible environmental impacts and of the suitable methods of mitigation that are associated with the extraction of the energy is constantly improving; therefore it is considered essential to properly distinguish between the anthropocentric and natural impacts and drivers. The fossil sources of fuel are obviously finite and the it will definitely require suitable sustainable alternative forms of energy. In addition to that, there are concerns about the our reliance on the burning of the existing fossils plus the release of the greenhouse gases that are caused by thr burning of the fossil fuels, and this all is for sure contributing to the changes in climate of the Earth that is taking place so rapidly. The total usage of the energy has already grown significantly and the demand for the energy is expected to grow along with the needs of the  growing human population. In short, it is the high time to concentrate on the renewable sources of energy and have a look into possible impacts on the environment...

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