Modern Water Resources Engineering

Author(s) Lawrence K. Wang, Chih Ted Yang
Publisher Humana Press
Date 2014
Pages 866
Format pdf
Size 20 Mb







This title is deservedly considered to be among the best ones in the famous Environmental Engineering series - the present volume is providing reader with all necessary information related to the hydrology itself, open-channel hydraulics, river ecology and restoration, transport of sediment, river morphology/engineering; GIS and remote sensing applications, plus making the decisions under uncertainty condition - a brand new paradigm for planning/management of water resources, upland erosion modeling, some of the very recent technical advances achieved in the field of water resources systems engineering, potential impact of climate changes on water resources, wetlands for waste water treatment and also re-use of water.

In addition, the Glossary has been provided, explaining the terminology used. The publication will definitely be considered practical and informative by the specialists with the need for ground-breaking and truly innovative technological advances in the subject fields.

The volume has been specifically worked out by a panel of recognized industry experts to serve as the supplemental textbook covering all important aspects of the water resource engineering. Lawrence and Chih Yang - the authors of the title - strongly hope its content of the volume will be useful for all people involved.

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