Power Electronics - Converters, Applications, and Design

Author(s)                 Ned Mohan, Tore M. Undeland, William P. Robbins
Publisher Wiley
Date 2003
Pages 811
Format pdf
Size 39.5 Mb

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   The book presents a truly great survey of power electronics conducted by the authors, Ned Mohan, Tore Undeland, and William Robbins, and will be very useful for everyone with some basic electrical engineering background. It offers readers the in-depth coverage of the topics and provides a nice presentation of the fundamentals of power electronics for design and application of the equipment starting from the 500 kW. The main body of the book describes the power electronic converters that have been made feasible by the latest generation of semiconductor-based devices. The terminology, hardware, as well as electric circuits and analysis have been presented in a very approachable way. After reading this book, you will have a very clear sense of the converters, the devices available today, and the appropriate technological advances. Though the team of authors managed to cover a lot of material relating to the power electronics, they did not go too much into detail so the book is easy and interesting to read. The breakdown of the topics and explanation of the material is excellent. we would name this book the best power electronics publication in terms of fundamentals. It will give readers as much as they need to gain some knowledge on the design and application of the converters...

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