u-boat combat missions

Author(s) Lawrence Paterson
Publisher Gratham Publishing
Date 2007
Pages 160
Format pdf
Size 119 Mb







This is an interesting publication on submarines taking a completely new look at the German underwater boats of the WW Two. It is intended to answer literally all questions that the people interested in the underwater warfare may have about the interior arrangement of the German submarines.

In his book, the author has covered each compartment of the submarine providing the information with the numerous clear and detailed photos perfectly illustrating the text part. The book will tell you a full interesting and glorious story of the men who served on those submarines and their work.

The content includes all required details addressing every single aspect of the u-boat arrangement and life on board, and such approach has made this volume very popular. The text itself is very informative and easy to read so the book may be recommended to the wide audience not only to the naval historians or engineers. The images are covering all specific features of the submarines.

The most important feature of the volume is a successful combination of the first-person accounts with the nice photos and this is what gained so much popularity to this publication. Have a look if you are interested in submarines of the Second World War times.

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