The Guide presented to your attention today is among the very first all-embracing books on navigation written for the merchant fleet officers. The original release of the first edition took place quite a while ago, at the times where radars were not used at the mariners had to apply the sounding method in order to find the position of their vessels.

Many technological developments took place after that, and in general the crew members of the vessels become much more professional and efficient, and this fact allowed reducing the crews; the ships, in turn, have become much more powerful. There is a strong need for the knowledge and deep understanding of the navigation principles and techniques and of the correct sequence they should be applied in different conditions.

This latest tenth edition of the publication will feature extensive coverage of all important areas of the marine navigation and can therefore be recommended to both students in need for the good technical knowledge and for the professional navigators willing to refresh the essentials. The arrangement of the material in the book is exceptionally user-friendly being the reason why the volume was re-published so many times and become one of the most popular guides available today.

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The recent developments in the field of the offshore wind power engineering are one of the most important issues of today. It is driven mainly by the demand for the new efficient and eco-friendly sources of electrical power and the main idea is to avoid using fossil fuels. However, should the offshore generation of the electricity using wind turbine installations become a wide-spread reality; there will definitely be serious problems to overcome.

Among most critical aspects to considered there are reliability of such installations as well as their longevity and ready availability at the market. Then, we will need to pay close attention to the cost effectiveness that will be required in order to reach the above mentioned availability and longevity of the wind turbines forming an essential part of any wind energy installation, since it will play a critical role in improving the lifecycle costs of the turbine and eventually determine the future of this emerging sector of the energy industry. Due to the number of important areas covered in the pages of this publication it will be greatly appreciated by all people with the interest in the renewable energy, ecology and similar disciplines.

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Here is a very rare book, one of those perfectly written textbooks on marine navigation that were used in the past. The book was published more than a century ago, back in 1912. However, the material will still be considered useful to the people willing to understand the theoretical basics of the navigation.

Of course, considering the technological advances that took place since the time of the original release of the volume, it cannot cover most of the modern hi-tech means of navigation. However, as we all know, the essentials of navigation remained unchanged and to this effect the publication can still be used. Moreover, it will be a great one for the people collecting the marine books of the past times.

Note that the content of the publication was officially digitized by Google and the appearance is now next to perfect, making reading much more pleasant. In short, we do recommend this excellent textbook on marine navigation not only to the professional mariners but only to the students who can find useful materials presented in a very original and easy to read manner. This is a definitely must-have publication in the library of every single mariner and you are encouraged to get it.

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The main declared objective of the present training booklet released by Videotel is to motivate the ship officers including both senior and junior officers to get the energy efficiency of their ships maximized to the possible extent. The publication will also be of great practical interest to the technical superintendents as well as the operators, shore personnel and workers of the commercial department.

The training set consists of this workbook and a very good video training lesson and they should be used together for better results. However, the booklet itself can be used as a good reference source. The glossary of the main terminology is included in the booklet together with a separate reference chapter devoted to the relevant regulations. The trainees will also find a sample SEEMP as well as EEOI, standing for the Energy Efficiency Operational Indicator.

Numerous questions have been included for the assessment and control of the training. The training set is strongly recommended to anyone working on board marine ships, taking into account the latest changes to the provisions of the MARPOL convention and coming into force of the energy efficiency-related regulations.

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In this fourth edition of the publication its authors keep providing people engaged in handling the shipping related disputed in different jurisdictions with a professional overview of the most important issues that are related to each of the jurisdictions. The content of the book has been developed on the basis of the valuable contributions from the major flag state authorities and leading shipping companies.

There are several completely new chapters included in the book; they cover the law of the main centers of shipbuilding. The book opens with the cross-jurisdictional chapters where the authors look into the recent developments in the most critical areas of the maritime industry. Subject areas would typical include shipbuilding and operations, maritime piracy, maritime ports, major environmental issues, logistics, regulations and many others.

The marine insurance has been paid particular attention. Note that there is also a new chapter addressing the offshore industry – here the authors are making an effort to demystify the complicated contractual relationship in the offshore sector. The review of the safety regimes in different countries has been provided, together with the port state control, classification and registration…

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Shipping industry is permanently developing and now it is entering an absolutely new era. From now on, all ships will be obliged to sail not only safely but also with maximum energy efficiency. Energy efficiency has always been treated as a very important factor in shipping. Many shipping companies, certain ships and even individual crew members have all made significant efforts to reduce energy consumption on board their ships.

However, now energy efficiency must be considered a key factor of all shipping operations. The fundamental reason for this is cost saving. Reducing energy use saves money for the ship and the company. Obviously, should something go wrong with this, the costs will rise for the shipping company. That is why there is an increased competition for the cost saving though more efficient use of the fuel.

Another critically important factor is that increase of the energy efficiency will eventually lead to the reduced emission of the carbon dioxide considered one of the most serious environmental problems. The present video supplements the training booklet on the same problem and you are encouraged to use both of them as a set in order to achieve better training results.

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An excellent and one of the most useful programs available today. Developed and released by the Lloyd's Register. It presents a brilliant collection of the documents including Lloyd's Register Rules and Regulations, Common Structural Rules for Bulk Carriers and Oil Tankers, Lloyd's Register Provisional Rules, Lloyd's Register Guidance Information and a set of Statutory Documents.

The first section provides Rules and Regulations for the Classification of Offshore Units, Naval Ships, Special Service Craft. Inland Waterway Ships, LNG Ships, Floating Docks, Trimarans and other types of vessels and it also includes Code for Lifting Appliances. The Provisional Rules provide information about Existing Ships, Ergonomic Container Lashing, Methanol Fuelled Ships, Direct Current Distribution Systems, Sail-Assisted Ships, Winterization of Ships, Software used in Naval Vessels etc.

The Guidance Notes cover Ship Vibration and Noise Guidance Notes, Spare Gear, Masts, Spars, Standing Rigging, Wind Farms, Flettner Rotor Approval etc. The Statutory Documents section contains IMO Publications and Documents including Conventions and Codes, Resolutions and Circulars, Guidelines, Manuals and Specifications, and International Conferences, ILO Conventions Nos. 68, 92, 133, 147, 152. 178 and Maritime Labor Convention, and MCA Publications including The Large Commercial Yacht Codes LY2 and LY3 etc.

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The present official IMO publication was prepared by the MEPC. i.e. Maritime Environment Protection Committee, consists of three separate volumes. The first volume of the set covers the regulations related to the maritime transportation of the HNS, standing for the hazardous and noxious substances, various fates and hazards associated with the HNS release, emergency preparedness, and also describes the most effective methods and techniques of chemical response; numerous case studies supplement the main content of the first volume.

The second volume of the Manual is fully devoted to the search and recovery of the different packaged products that have been lost at sea; it also opens with the chapter about the regulations governing the transportation of the dangerous goods by sea, this chapter being followed by the one addressing the loss and fate of such packages, their location, hazard assessment and actions that shall be taken for their recovery. The explosive materials have been dealt with in a separate chapter. The third volume is solely dealing with the administrative and legal aspects of the incidents involving HNS – subject volume was released in 2015 and concludes the manual.

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