In the present publication released by the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, the port agency is defined as looking after the demands of ta vessel together with its crew members not only before and during calling at port but after that as well. Subject work is normally entrusted to the agents since it is quite rare for the vessels to regularly call at ports where the ship owner is based.

The agents are seen by all other parties involved as people representing the vessel - this is their role. The content of this volume is mainly concentrating on agency for the chartered vessels rather than the liner traders. It should be noted, however, that the liner ships are in same need for the port agency as tankers, tramp ships and any others.

The author starts the book with explaining the most popular types of the ships, then proceeding to the registration and classification related matters. The safety certificates are covered in the third chapter along with the associated surveys, while the fourth chapter addresses the charter parties.

The remaining chapters of the publication deal with the port operations and time count, ship trade geography, cargo paperwork, practical duties and obligations of the port agents, relationships with the principals including reporting events and office organization, and many other important aspects.

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Another piece of classics here offered to the attention of pour visitors. This is one of the most popular books on marine navigation and nautical astronomy of the past times. The theoretical information and knowledge provided in the pages of this brilliant publication remains useful and easy to understand even though the volume was published in the nineteenth century. Moreover, this is a must have one for any collector of the marine books.

There are ten chapters in this book. The first three chapters cover the general topics related to the sailings, traverse, parallel, refraction and time, including equation of time, sea time, astronomical time, civil time, standard time etc. Then, the three chapters come there dealing with the Nautical Almanac, the Astronomical Triangle and conversion of the several kinds of time including with the due attention paid by the author to all important aspects.

The remaining chapters of the publication address the chronometers, finding a line of position, and latitude from the Meridian latitude. Finally, the closing chapter of the book is devoted to the azimuth of a terrestrial object. We recommend you to download it and have it in your collection.

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The material presented in this book was prepared by the specialists of two world recognized and authoritative entities. The authors of the volume provided readers with the clear and understandable explanations of the different types of marine ship hull insurance claims that would normally arise under the standard conditions of maritime insurance.

They have also addressed the steps that shall be taken by the owner of the vessel to anticipate and respond to the casualties. In addition to that, one real life case study has been included in the content of this nice and informative booklet to demonstrate the actions and responsibilities of all parties involved in any serious casualty at sea. The authors tried to give a sort of general guidance while avoiding any complex and academic issues.

The book covers such important topics as the maritime claims in general including covered claims, proximate clause, burden of proof, recoveries and other risks, general average together with all aspects, practical aspects of particular average including drydock and removal expenses, overtime cost, riding repairs and many other topics. The procedures and info required to support the claims are dealt with in the fourth chapter, while the fifth part addresses the average adjuster. As you can see, literally everything is covered and explained in detail.

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A very useful publication released by the Korea P&I Club. The document is intended to provide necessary guidance to handling fuels on board ships and will be of great practical interest to all crew members. The content of this booklet was composed by the recognized experts of the shipping industry willing to pass their knowledge and experience, contributing to the prevention of the accidents that frequently occur during the shipboard operations; it also addresses the most important and effective measures that shall be taken to ensure that the extent of the damage in case of the accident is minimized.

In the meantime, every effort was made by the authors to reduce the theoretical information and concentrate on real life practical issues. The book opens with the introductory part followed by the real case study of the bunkering accident which is offered to the readers to analyze.

The next two chapters of the document deals with the bunker characteristics and established bunkering procedures that shall be explained to and followed by all parties involved at any time. The bunker supply contract is covered in a separate chapter. The booklet closes with the chapter on handling bunker claims.

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All people working on board ships have a valid right to perform their working duties without suffering any bullying or harassment. However, the sad truth is that many seafarers become victims of these two. The shipping companies are responsible for handling all relevant policies covering the elimination of the bullying and harassment in any form on board their vessels. In addition to that, seafarers themselves should ensure that none of these take place on the ships they work.

They should be committed to produce the materials drawing attention to the issues in this regard and highlighting the potential actions to be taken. Needless to say that both bullying and harassment and acceptable and must not be tolerated on board any ship; that is why two world recognized organizations ICS and IWTF have released this booklet. The intention of the authors of the document was to provide the general guidance on this problem and on the measures that shall be taken in order to eliminate shipboard harassment and bullying.

The authors cover the identification and proper reporting of the incidents that have been noticed, for their further investigation and resolution. The communication and awareness are also considered important and therefore addressed in a separate chapter.

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An excellent booklet released by BOC to provide general introduction to the cutting and welding. The content of this compact but very informative volume starts with the recommended safety precautions, taking into account the importance of safety measures; this chapter includes coverage of the clothing and fire protection aspects. The next chapter deals with the gases used for cutting and welding including their storage and handling at the workplace.

The fuel gases processes are addressed within the next chapter - here the authors also touch the flame properties and output. Then, we proceed to the gas welding and oxygen-acetylene welding procedures from beginning to the shutting down stages. the rest of the chapters are covering various welding techniques, joining processes and welding information including tips for improving the quality of the weld seams, silver brazing and gas cutting, mild steel cutting and flame heating.

There is a separate chapter devoted to the typical designs where the different joint designs are compared. Notes on proper care of the welding and cutting equipment are also included in the volume. The document will be of great practical interest in the cutting and welding, including shipbuilding industry.

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This is a very popular textbook on piping systems providing readers with the valuable information on every single aspect. The text of the volume is full of the live examples that were drawn from decades of practical experience in the field. The content of the publication offers all necessary info on the installation and repair of the piping systems as well as their rehabilitations. The author included all latest industry standards, codes, and specifications.

The book will give you a ready engineering and design resource explaining all reasons commonly standing behind the piping system designs. The coverage of the materials and components of the piping systems, applicable specifications, all calculations involves and safety matters are impressive. The style of writing chosen by the author is even a bit entertaining making understanding of the content much easier even to the people without deep theoretical knowledge or field experience.

The piping system designers will be provided with the insight into practical aspects; moreover, it covers such topics as general arrangements and pipe supporting, plus many others. In short, this book shall be treated as a true must-have one for the people willing to improve their technical knowledge of piping systems and particularly their design.

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The present publication is devoted to the celestial navigation and its use in the modern marine navigation. The content of the publication will tell readers about the concepts of celestial navigation - the author tried to convey them in clear and understandable manner. Most of the activities explained in the pages of this nice volume would only require a scientific calculator – and there will be no need for any other equipment and appliances.

The book will move readers towards better understanding of all principles of celestial navigation including different ways of plotting lines of positions, checking the sextant and many other things. According to the reviews, this is one of the best books on celestial navigation but our visitors may wish to compare it with such titles as the Celestial Navigation for Sailors, Celestial Navigation for Yachtsmen or A Short Guide to Celestial Navigation.

The main advantage that this book offers is an excellent balance between theory and practice maintained by the author. In fact the author of the book succeeded where the most of his predecessors failed - he provided clear explanations of why exactly the practical steps described in the book, work.

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