Another package of the officially released technical documentation, this one being related to the Single Phase Power Controllers manufactured by Autonics company, namely ones that belong to the  SPC1 Series. Caution for your safety - Ordering info - Tech Specifications - Factory default - Parts description - Dimensions - Connection - Application - Control input specification and function for each mode - Temperature derating curve - Caution for using - Major Autonics products. The Manual which has also been included in the released pack will definitely be very helpful when operating and maintaining subject equipment.

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This set contains the technical documentation related to the several series of the multimeters, tachospeed meters, voltmeters and wattmeters produced by Autonics. It will of course be useful to anyone involved in purchase, use and repair of such equipment since in provides readers with proper instructions developed by the manufacturer.

Among the products addressed in this set there are digital panel meters of various sizes, small multi panel meters, loop powered digital scaling meters, digital graphic panel meters for mosaic panel, etc. It also includes some software developed and released by Autonics.

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This set consists of three big parts containing documentation on the drivers, programmable motion controllers and stepper motors produced by Autonics. The first folder addresses the two-phase intelligent stepping motor drivers and microstepping drivers, five-stepper motor drivers, multi-axis drivers.

The second part provides technical information on the programmable motion controllers - 1-2-axis high speed stand-alone series and four-axis motion controllers.

The last part concentrates on the stepper motors, such as five-phase hollow shaft type stepping motors, rotary actuator type five-phase stepper motors etc. In addition to the text files, there is some officially released software included in the archive - MotionStudio, PMC-2HSP USB Driver and others.

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The package of papers provides the information relating to the graphic panels and PLC function logic panels of LP-S044 and LP-S070 series produced by Autonics. In addition to the regular documents advising readers on the ordering information, functional description of the panels, dimensions, manuals, guidance on proper installation and input-output wiring, serial interface, GP/LP communication cables, the archive contains some original firmware which will be useful for people dealing with the purchase, installation, maintenance and repair of the Autonics graphic and logic panels.

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The recommended official User Manual for the Isolated Converters of the CN-6000 series produced by Autonics. The layout of this document is quite similar to the one that was applied by the author in the other Autonics publications. This informative booklet opens with the description of the important technical features of the products - the multi-output, improved visibility, display of the input type and various outputs, different functions plus built-in supply of power.

The paper provides readers with the information to be used when ordering, dimensions, default factory settings, description of parts, factory default settings, technical specifications plus connections, input type selection switch, program mode, functions, major products, caution for using, monitoring mode etc.

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The set of technical documentation relating to the multi indicators KN-2000W series and bar graph digital indicators of KN-1000B series. The files that are contained in this pack cover all required information, such as the main product features and ordering information, different connections, dimensions, unit technical specifications and description of the parts, input type and range, functions, communications, monitoring and program modes, factory default settings, together with the valuable and informative guidelines on the proper usage of the indicators manufactured by Autonics.

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Three series of graphic panels produced by Autonics have been covered within this package, namely GP-S044/S057/S070. All necessary information is contained in the documents gathered within the set, including specifications and dimensions, battery replacement issues, user manuals, caution for using, parts description, installation manuals, serial interface, power wiring, communication cable wiring and dimensions, connection with GP/LP and by connectable devices, multi communication program sources etc. In addition, some official software firmware is included in the pack.

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Here is an excellent and useful well-thought compilation of the technical documents relating to the D1AA, D1SA, D1SC, D5Y-D5W, and DS-SA models of the display modules that are produced by Autonics company and covering both seven- and sixteen-segment modules with bright characters and also providing users of these modules with all necessary technical information on the product features, common applications, specifications, terminal layout and function, dimensions and data input method, input circuit, plus all other important technical details for proper installation and maintenance.

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