Circular Cylinders and Pressure Vessels

Author(s)                 Vincenzo Vullo
Publisher Springer
Date 2013
Pages 388
Format pdf
Size 4.6 Mb

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   The volume is providing a truly comprehensive coverage of both strain and stress analysis of the circular cylinders as well as of pressure vessels, and this is one of the most important classic topics of the theory and methodology of machine design. Most of the other books available today, are offering only a partial coverage of this subject and in the majority of cases they only consider the stress analysis in the elastic field; in the meantime, this book enlarges the design area and analyzes the processes occurring at pressures stressing the materials beyond their yield points and at thermal loads giving rise to creep. This work by Vincenzo Vullo, who is professor at the University of Rome, teaching the mechanical design discipline, considers not only traditional but also advanced topics, ensuring that it will be useful to the machine design engineers and researches in this field. The relations that have been provided by the author, re intended to serve as a sound foundation for the design of those products that are considered safe and sophisticated from the technological point of view, and also complying with the requirements of the recognized technical codes and standards, plus for the developments of various innovative applications.

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