Design, Modeling and Evaluation of Protective Relays for Power Systems

Author(s)                 Mladen Kezunovic, Jinfeng Ren, Saeed Lotfifard
Publisher Springer
Date 2015
Pages 297
Format pdf
Size 10.9 Mb

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   The present title was specificity prepared and released for the today's and future professionals  in the field of protective relaying as well as for any interested people possessing some minimal engineering skills. The publication has been written in a bit unconventional way - it uses the MERIT 2000, the MATLAB-based simulation tool, to offer readers the experience in understanding and subsequent implementing of various protective relaying designs. There are many books dedicated to the protective relaying - most of them provide very good background on the principles of power relaying and faults occurring in power systems; however, almost all of them assume that the readers are mostly interested in learning how exactly the protective relaying approaches can be used in power systems. The authors of this book took a bit different approach assuming that readers are in learning how the protective relays work and understand their basic working principles. Taking this goal in consideration, this book tries to turn the learning into the design experience with the readers using MATLAB from the very beginning. Note that we would not consider this book a substitute for any textbook on the fundamentals of protective relaying; this is more a complementary source of information.

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