Farthing on International Shipping


Proshanto K. Mukherjee, Mark Brownrigg
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   It was rightly said of the third edition of Farthing on International Shipping that it represented a general introduction to shipping which did not only explain the maze of regulations on shipping but also analyze the main issues facing shipping. The fourth edition goes even further. In addition to offering what is still a first rate introduction to shipping in all its aspects, it is a mine of information for students of traditional maritime law as well as for many others who seek to understand the workings of the world's maritime services in general and shipping services, in particular. As with previous editions, the fourth edition retains the original purpose of elucidating and providing information on national and international policies and practices on shipping, including the age-old dichotomy between the concept of freedom of the seas and the persistent demands of States to control specific maritime areas, and the tension between, on the one hand, the claims of States to regulate and protect their shipping interests and, on the other hand, the abiding concern and unquestioned right of the international community to regulate the global shipping industry in order to ensure maritime safety, protection of the environment, and fair competition. But it also gives due attention to the many important changes that have occurred in international shipping since the publication first appeared in 1987. Particular mention may be made in this regard to, among others, the sections that describe the elaborate system of national and international technical rules and regulations designed to secure the safety of ships and lives at sea; the parts dealing with the interface of shipping and protection of the environment, including rules and mechanisms regarding liability for damage to the environment caused by the operation of ships; and the sections on emerging issues of maritime security, including measures to prevent and suppress unlawful acts that threaten the integrity of international shipping.

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