Modern Engineering Mathematics

Author(s) Glyn James
Publisher Pearson
Date 2015
Pages 1152
Format pdf
Size 13 Mb







This perfectly compiled and really useful volume is actually intended to provide people with a course of engineering mathematics. No matter what field of engineering readers are actually studying, all of them will for sure require proper knowledge of math that is covered in this volume. The authors have applied a remarkably thorough approach putting the concepts into the engineering context to help readers get correct understanding of the relevance of math techniques shown in this book and also get full appreciation of drawing upon them throughout their studies.

The main content of the volume has been arranged in thirteen chapters covering the general intro to both geometry and algebra, functions and complex numbers, vector and matrix algebra, discrete mathematics, sequences, limits and series, integration and differentiation, further calculus, ordinary differential equations as well as Fourier series and Laplace transforms, theory of probability plus data handling.

All chapters have been supplemented with the practical review exercises for easier understanding of the subject. Some of the additional valuable info is there the appendices to the main part, covering the trigonometric identities and derivatives/integrals, and some useful results and standard integrals. 

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