submarines - fontenoy

Author(s) Paul E. Fontenoy
Publisher ABC-CLIO
Date 2007
Pages 447
Format pdf
Size 47 Mb







From the very first steam-powered submarine models originally introduced in the course of the First World War top the nuclear-powered technological marvels of today, they have revolutionized the warfare on the seas. The content of the present document is following a truly extraordinary developments of this major component of the navy fleets of the world.

The book features about eighty vivid photographs supplemented by the informative technical illustrations of the most sophisticated and significant models of submarines. A reference section is there providing a concise yet comprehensive summary of the designs. the volume is best suited for the specialized collections and highly recommended for the people with deep interest in naval history, wars and weapons as well as the construction, warfare and service life of the submarines.

The information contained in the book has been presented in a narrative text format. In addition, the readers noted that the illustration included to supplement the text are originating from good and recognized sources. have a look in this publication and you will improve your knowledge of the submarines and their impact on the naval history.

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