Abrasive Erosion and Corrosion of Hydraulic Machinery

Author(s)                 C. G. Duan, V. Y. Karelin
Publisher Imperial College Press
Date 2003
Pages 424
Format pdf
Size 5.7 Mb

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   The present exceptionally useful and practical volume will be providing readers with a good systematic exposition of both the abrasive erosion and corrosion that would commonly occur in the different types of hydraulic machinery, and in this volume the authors have been mainly dealing with theory plus with the established engineering practice proven effective. In fact this book could for sure be treated as a very first so comprehensive book addressing subject area deep enough. The author have covered all critically important subjects related to the abrasive erosion/corrosion - among the topics there are theoretical fundamentals of these processes, associated calculations, analysis, numerical simulations of the "liquid-solid" flow design, interaction between abrasive erosion/corrosion and cavitation, different popular construction materials that are resistant to erosion etc. This publication is arranged in seven chapters, and the first one is describing the theoretical basics of abrasive erosion and how the subject process usually takes place in pumps and turbines, while the second chapter is mainly dedicated to the analysis of the various factors that are influencing silt erosion. The other chapters of the book address the particle laden flow analysis together with the important technical aspects of the design of the hydraulic machinery expected to work in such conditions, anti-abrasive-erosion materials, corrosion etc.

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