Advanced Strength of Materials

Author(s)                 J. P. Den Hartog
Publisher Dover Publications, Inc.
Date 1952
Pages 401
Format djvu
Size 5 Mb

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   Torsion - Non-circular prisms, Saint-Venant theory, Kelvin's fluid-flow analogy, Jacobsen's electrical analogy, Prandtl's membrane analogy, Hollow sections, Warping of the cross sections, Round shafts of variable diameter; Rotating Disks - Flat disks, Disks of variable thickness and Disks of uniform stress; Membrane Stresses in Shells - General theory, Applications, Shells of uniform strength, Non-symmetrical loading; Bending of Flat Plates - Simple solutions, Circular plates, Catalogue of results, Large deflections; Beams on Elastic Foundation - The infinite, semi-infinite and finite beams, Applications; Two-Dimensional Theory of Elasticity - The Airy stress function, Applications to polynomials in rectangular coordinates, Polar coordinates, Kirch, Boussinesq, and Michell, Plasticity; The Energy Method - The three energy theoremes and their proofs, Examples on least work, Bending of thin-walled curved tubes, Flat plates in bending; Buckling - Rayleigh's method, Coil springs, Beams on elastic foundation, Proof of Rayleigh's theorem, Vianello's/Stodola's method, Rings, boiler tubes, and arches, Twist-bend buckling of beams and twist buckling of columns, Buckling of shafts by torsion, Twin flat plates; Miscellaneous Topics - Mohr's circle for three dimensions, Torsion of pretwisted thin-walled sections, The theorems of Spielvogel and Biezeno - Answers to Problems.

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