Annual Report on the Development of the Indian Ocean Region (2015)

Author(s)                 Rong Wang, Cuiping Zhu
Publisher Springer
Date 2015
Pages 214
Format pdf
Size 2.7 Mb

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   Currently, the basis of the revival of world economy is still unsteady with the risks of economic downturn. The developed economies of USA, Europe, and Japan and the emerging market economies represented by China and India are both faced with the pressure to seek the momentum mechanism for economic growth to resuscitate or stabilize economy. From the perspective of maintaining economic growth rate, the divergence among the economies is quite salient. The impetus to promote the real economy through international trade and OFDI is quite insufficient. For both the developed economies and the developing economies, they are faced with the challenge to adjust the industrial structure and further economic reform to prevent the economy from declining. To a certain extent, this is both the "cause" brought by the globalization and also the "effect" of the globalization of economy. Faced with the globalization, some are happy and some are worried. The globalization against the background of the entire world not only enables an unstoppable multipolar trend in the world, but also makes the Golden Age of sea right gone forever. As a matter of fact, this world has never lacked in the impetus to progress, and what the world lacks is only the new cooperation concepts and mechanisms to promote economic growth in different eras and at different stages of development...

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