Autonics Motor Drivers

Author(s)                  Autonics
Publisher Autonics
Date 2015
Pages var.
Format pdf
Size 247 Mb

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   This set consists of three big parts containing documentation on the drivers, programmable motion controllers and stepper motors produced by Autonics. The first folder addresses the two-phase intelligent stepping motor drivers and microstepping drivers, five-stepper motor drivers, multi-axis drivers. The second part provides technical information on the programmable motion controllers - 1-2-axis high speed stand-alone series and four-axis motion controllers. The last part concentrates on the stepper motors, such as five-phase hollow shaft type stepping motors, rotary actuator type five-phase stepper motors etc. In addition to the text files, there is some officially released software included in the archive - MotionStudio, PMC-2HSP USB Driver and others.

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