Autonics Sensors

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Date 2015
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   This paper set consists of seven folders containing necessary information relating to the Autonics area sensors of series BW, BWPK, BWC and BWP, auto door sensors - ADS-A and ADS-SE series, encoders - E20S, E20HB, E40, E50S, E50S-C, E58, E60H, E68S, E100H, ENA, ENC, ENH, ENHP, ENP, EP50S, EP58, EPM50, ERB series, fiber optic sensors - BF3R, BF4R, BF5, BFC series, photoelectric sensors - BA2M, BJ, BL, BPS, BMS and BM, BR and BS5, BTF, BTS, BUP, BY, BYD series, pressure sensors - PSA, PSAN, PSB series, and proximity sensors - AS, CR, PET18-5, PRA, PFI, PR, PRCM, PRDWT, PRD, PRDAT, PRDAWT, PRDCM and PRDT, PRW, PS, PSN series.

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