Basic Maintenance and Programming Using S7-400 PLC

Author(s)                 Pio Capablanca Jr.
Publisher Wartsila
Date 2008
Pages 77
Format pdf
Size 1.9 Mb

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   Nice and quite rare publication, very useful for people dealing with the PLC programming. Students who manage to satisfactorily complete the course material will be able to duly understand the system of numbering that is applicable to the programmable logic controllers, identify the most important parts of such controllers and explain how they function, identify all typical discrete inputs/outputs, configure the applicable hardware using the S7 Simatic Manager program, assemble the controller hardware as per the hardware configuration completed in the above mentioned software, understand how to properly wire the distributed input/output of this controller, read the basic ladder logic diagrams, know how to convert the electrical ladder to programmable logic controller ladder logic diagram and how to prepare the controller program using the ladder logic and same S7 Simatic Manager, know how to download the controller program to the S7 400 CPU and how to test and simulate the controller program with the above stated software. The guide starts with the brief overview describing the very basics of the operation of the programmable logic controllers, the sensors and actuators, and all other equipment; this knowledge is considered pre-requisite for proper understanding of the rest of material...

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