Behavior and Handling of Ship

Author(s)                 Henry H. Hooyer
Publisher Cornell Maritime Press
Date 2009
Pages 62
Format pdf
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   In order to know the possibilities and limitations of the big tankers, one should have an opportunity to try (hem out without a risk. Such an opportunity does, in fact, exist at the Shiphandling Training Center at Port Revel near Grenoble. France, where a fleet of model tankers in scale one to twenty-five is operated on a lake. Not only do ship models offer a unique opportunity to handle scale replicas of big tankers under different conditions, but they also offer an instructive overall view on the manoeuvre in a protracted time. As a consequence of working in scale, there is a lot of shiphandling in this miniature world in a comparatively short time, as the action—in the one to twenty-five scale—is five times faster than in real life. While I was observing and analyzing the manoeuvres on the lake, it became clear to me that the position of the pivot point plays a crucial role in explaining the ship's behaviour. When the actual pivot point is taken into account, every movement of the ship can be seen as a logical result of the effect offerees acting on the ship. Scale model and prototype are affected in the same way insofar as forces under control, the natural element water and the capriciousness of wind-force and wind direction are concerned. There is. of course, the difference in size and time scale, but the outcome of the manoeuvre is the same, in performance as well as in sensation. Sidon, Lebanon, offered me an opportunity to come back to the real ships. And, I experienced again the similarity of the real ship to the model as I had before experienced the similarity of the model to the real sliip when I came from the busy oil-handling port of Aruba to the Ship-handling Training Center. Although I had never handled a ship in a conventional sea berth, the operation was familiar to me because of practice on the lake at Port Revel...

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